"What's the Coolest Gift You Got for Christmas" Challenge

I came across a post by @ruth-girl that invited us to describe our favorite Christmas presents. This is not a post I would ordinarily write, because I don't think anyone besides my family cares what I got. They're the only ones who gave me presents. But in the spirit of cooperation, here I go--


My Christmas gifts are always wonderful, but this year especially.

I got an art kit, which included an easel. I have no talent, but love to create digital art, so my son encourages me to branch out. Here's a picture of the kit he gave me.

artist kit for ruth.jpg

My daughter knows I don't really want anything she could buy me, so she didn't buy much. Instead she spent hours organizing pictures from her trip to Europe (with my granddaughter) and made an album out of it. Here's a picture of the album.

album pic for ruth.jpg

My husband knows also, there's not much in the way of presents that I need. What to do with a such a person? He always finds a way. So this year, among other things, I got fuzzy socks and a book about my childhood community.

Here are pictures of the socks and the book.

fuzzy socks for ruth.jpg

book for ruth.jpg

That's it. Presents any mother would love!

I nominate @momzillanc and @brisby to share their Christmas gifts.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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Beautiful presents all of them!! They are filled with much love! I can't wait to see what drawings you'll be making!

I wish you many happy moments with your new gifts and the people who gave them to you!!

Love and snowy kisses from the other side of the Atlantic 😝



Thank you! What a bright spot you always are in my day. I loved your snowy blog. And this picture is perfect.
You sound happy, and that makes me happy.
Love from a not-snowy (where's the snow this year?) New York.


It's still holiday time, I got the rest I needed, I got some snow to brighten up the scenery so I feel cheered up and full of energy 🤗

where's the snow this year?

I'm guessing it landed over Greece this year 😂


Hey @ruth-girl, is that real? I mean do you have this much snow in Greece? ... I agree with @agmoore. What is missing here, went over to you:) It's a strange winter, fur sure.
Warm greetings to you and a happy new year!

What is your childhood community? I can't make out from the pic :(


A farm community in upstate New York...tiny hamlet called Middlehope...book was actually about a neighboring town.

Aww! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and those are beautifully heartfelt gifts. 🤗 Have you had the opportunity to try out your easel yet? The photo album from your daughter was a creative and thoughtful idea and who doesn't love comfy socks and some history? (Did you go down a rabbit hole comparing what was in the book to what you remembered and the differences that you saw?)

I hope that you're having a great 2019 so far and thanks for nominating me. Happy Friday to you, Agmoore! 😁


Thanks, @brisby. The book was more evocative for me...some of the names were familiar, not so much the places. I was young when we moved away.
Looking forward to reading your post :)
Happy New Year!

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