Trump3t: The No-Self Voter Promoter Update! Christmas Edition! 🎅🎺

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Tiny Tim isn't a self voter and was hoping for good post payouts for his high effort content.
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BONUS MEME! Tis the season for giving
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Remember, the premium featured post service is intended to counterbalance self-voting by incentivizing non-self voted posts (with our minnow share of SP and following). We hope to give recognition to authors that stand by the actual quality of their work.
There are many great non-self voting authors with outstanding content and they should be rewarded because they choose to curate for the good of the platform. That's what this is about. Thank you all for your continued support.

Join the Trump3t curation trail. Earn Rewards and be a no-self voter promoter
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Today, we are supporting trending and new NON-SELF VOTED Christmas posts!


Community Support Initiative
Daily Update 12-25-2017

I am here to reward the community that uses their voting power for curation of the posts of others. Hope you enjoy the memes and the posts!

What a way to wake up on christmas day!


Videographer for a Rockabilly group called The Bandoliers Part 1 of 3


The Premium Post Feature is by far the best service Trump3t has to offer which comes with an upvote, resteem and feature at the top of our list! Non-Self Voted Posts ONLY!

New Guidelines for Submission:

  1. No NSFW material.
  2. Keep it Classy! Minimize profanity
  3. No spam or scams
  4. Original Content Only!
  5. Posts that add value to Steem!

Send 0.01 SBD with your post in the memo today!


Quality non-self voted posts are (in no particular order):

New Christmast Posts

An end to my Christmas day and Mika helping herself.


A beautifull walk at the park of wishes


Merry Christmas All!


Merry Christmas For EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

The Seven Day B&W 📷 Challenge - Day #3 - The Cracker and the Whale


Most common Christmas present for me


Merry Christmas Steemians! ~ A Year In Review


Trending Christmas Posts

Our Merry Christmas Day 2017!


Bulb's Eye View

Image Error!

Merry Xmas!


Puppy Christmas! Meet Fiona - New family member starring on her first DTube video.


Merry Christmas Steemit


Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten / Crăciun Fericit


The Christmas Gift! - An Original Poem for Children's Protection - Enjoy with Troy!


Of demons and men


Merry Christmas! Animation & Gift Inside! (Win Steem!)


Dear Santa: This year all I want is some Steem!


A Christmas Story?


A Poem to The New Born King!


All I want for Christmas is....


Snooks Christmas Eve


~ 61 ~ Walk With Me on Christmas Eve


Colorchallenge sunday purple - lights


Happy holidays, traders! Litecoin big year, hypnotherapy for lost wallet passwords and a few words about Long Blockchain




Criteria for SBD payout

  1. Greater than 18 reputation score
  2. Upvoted twice in the last 2 days
  3. Have voted on at least 3 of the last 10 of Trump3t updates or resteems. (New!)
    This will promote good behavior, reward active curation and give something back to supporters! We appreciate each and every one of you!
    | Trump3t Service | SBD Cost | SBD Payout | Notes |
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    | |
    | SBD Payout | n/a | 0.001 | Follow Trump3t, have > 18 reputation, actively voted in last 2 days, and voted on at least 3 out of last 20 Trump3t posts/resteems |
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Thanks for mentioning my content!


No, thank you for standing by your content without self-voting! Glad to be of service!

OMG thanks SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is the best gift i could have from you guys!!!! <3
Merry Christmas!!!


Glad you liked it! Keep up the good work!


Yes I will , is nice to have you arround :D

And, I decided to upvote and resteem you as a late Christmas gift.
This post has been deemed resteem & upvote worthy by your friendly @eastcoaststeem ran by @chelsea88 (not a bot)

All post excellent

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

Hello@trump3t.Do resteemed your post. 0.350 SBD/STEEM + memo your post and will see my followers