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The topic we will examine is "My daily bread"- Matt 6:11

There are 3 things i want us to look at:

  1. Bread
  2. Daily bread
  3. When should the bread be given?

Let's look at the bible again. He said Give us this day, our daily bread....he didn't say give us this day our bread

  1. Bread
    Bread is a symbol of provision meant for an individual......whether provision of food, of money, of materials, of power, of anointing, of favour......any provision whatsoever.

  2. Daily bread

That is we should ask for provisions meant for us. But it is not enough for us to just ask for provisions, the bible says it should be daily. Our daily bread!
It is not our weekly bread
It is not our monthly bread
It is not our yearly bread
It is our daily bread

Whenever we pray, we are to ask for our daily provision.....our daily bread. But it doesn't stop there

For Matt 6:11
Kjv says "Give us this day our daily bread" which day is this day? The word "this" means something you can see, that is closest to you. We may say it is today because we can see today. We cannot see tomorrow presently, so we can point to today and call it this day. Therefore we can substitute the word this day with today.....meaning Give us today our daily bread

We can now see that although it is our daily bread, we must get it everyday

We can now see that although it is our daily bread, we must get it everyday.

If you don't get the one for today, then you have wasted it.

Therefore, you must get your daily provision every day.

You cannot say "i travel daily" whereas you travel once a week. No!

You cannot say the "Lord blesses me every day" whereas the last time you received his blessings was 14 weeks ago. No!

"He anoints me daily" you said, whereas he last anointed you 2 years ago.

Do not rely on yesterday's provision for today's survival. No, don't do that. Get it daily!

Give us today our daily bread.

KJV tells us to tell him to give us day by day our daily bread.

I.e I have received for yesterday, let me receive today, let me receive for tomorrow.

It is ours, but we won't receive it automatically. No, you claim it day by day

Then NIV says "give us each day our daily bread"

No wonder the Lord told the Israelites, during the era of manna, to gather what they could eat per day. They were not permitted to gather for the next day.
For people who gathered for the next day, the excesses were breeding worm the following day.

The scenario means, it expired ....and that is to tell you that your yesterday provision will expire today. Therefore endeavour to get your daily provisions.

It should be your responsibility to claim your packages everyday.

Kudos to B.S Pinnacle for this insight.

Thanks for reading

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