Righteousness is a key to serving God

in #christianity5 years ago

TOPIC: Righteousness
TEXT: 1John 3:1-10
AIM: To enlighten Christians that righteousness is a key to serving God with


Righteousness: Means ability to stand upright or doing rightly. But according to the bible is obedient of the law, Deut 6:25 Rom 10:5, 1kg 1:6, Psalm1:2. We can also defined it as conformity to God's will by walking in the God's ordinances and commands. God is a righteous God, and loves righteousness and God is looking up upon his children to be righteous in his likeness. Isaiah 5:7, 59:17.
A commendation was made about Christ in the bible as a man who knew no sin, as follower's of Christ we're expected to be renewed in spirit by the art of righteousness and time holiness, Eph 4:23-25.Though from birth (adamic nature) knew no righteousness because inwardly and outwardly nothing dwell but sin. Through Christ the sinless man atonement had been made for our sin whereby the Lord become our righteousness since the father and die son are one. Jer 23:6


Since God is a righteous God and not partial,
Christian will be justified and judge according to our righteousness ^.
John 16:8, Psalm 9:8,72:2
We should therefore make every effort to be a citizen of heven and doing his righteousness


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