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RE: Monthly Ministry Newsletter! :)

For some reason, I posted on prayer this morning.

prayer doesn’t prepare us for the greater work. Prayer is the greater work.”
Gotta love Oswald Chambers! I love this love in action. About 7 years ago, I was also blessed with the experience to lead my barber to the Lord. My barber was a Colombian woman, who spoke almost no English. Her and her husband both gave their lives to Jesus at that time. Wish she was still cutting my hair. She really did a great job making me more handsome than I really am. Lol!
I love your fellowship here on Steemit. One of the best things is this fellowship of the brethren.
God bless!
Daddy William


I just finished reading your post on prayer! Excellent job! All your posts are so very well done! You are one of the few who actually post really good quality stuff!

LOL! :P Thats awesome! Getting ones hair cut can be a great ministry! :D LOL!

Yes! How good and pleasing it is when brethren dwell together in unity! I so enjoy our fellowship too brother!

I love meeting other believers who are actually really passionate for God and know Him intimately!

Blessings on you too my brother!

Should I call you Daddy William? Id be happy to if thats what you like! :) I feel slightly awkward calling another man "daddy!" :P LOL!

I use the Daddy William here in the Philippines as that is what they affectionately call me. Some it is just Daddy! My friends in the states call me Bill. Brother is great for me also. Thanks for reading my blog and for your comments!
God bless brother!

LOL! :D Okay! :) Is there a name you like to be called the best? If you could pick any one of the names, which is your favorite to go by? (I'll call you that)! :)

Is your first name Bill?

I really enjoy reading your blog and talking with you! Thank you for reading and replying to what I write too! :D

Blessings on you too my brother! :D

Brother or Bill just don’t call me late for dinner. I even answer to hey you!