I remember you. You found me on social media. Then you posted my picture and mocked me. Jesus said blessed are you when people mock you for my sake.

I didn't find you on social media I found you right here on steemit. You claimed I somehow found your Facebook and took that picture from your Facebook and then I posted a link to your own post here on steemit where you posted that picture proving that you have no idea what you're talking about.

You're not being mocked for Christ's sake, you're being mocked because you're a extremely bitter and negative self-righteous know it all, just like the Pharisees, and just like Jesus mocked the Pharisees for perverting God's word so you also get mocked for perverting God's word.

Liar. I never posted a picture of myself here. I always make accurate comments. I call them as I see them. When I answered one of your posts you called on people to make false accusations against me. I told you then that I would never again cast my pearls before swine where you are concerned. I stand by that.

So, as usual, you're hear to harass me while I post passages from the Bible. You're a godless man. I said that before and I stand by it.

You were outraged because I continued to point out all the inaccurate things that papa prepper used to write. He doesn't know how to interpret scripture. He draws conclusions that would be impossible to find in any Bible commentary.

Jesus said that by their fruit you will know them. Your hatred is obvious. You have absolutely nothing to offer anyone.

I'm not outraged by you. You're a sad pathetic hate-filled old man and you are doing damage to the kingdom of God by all your negative comments where you troll in the Christian threads.

One example of your error is you tell people that Jesus doesn't heal anymore. How weak and pathetic is the Jesus you believe in if he can heal people 2,000 years ago but he can't heal them now?

Another example is you tell people the Torah or as you call it the "613 Jewish laws" (get a clue the nation of Israel is made up of more than just the tribe of Judah where the Jews come from, the Torah was given to the nation of Israel, not just the tribe of Judah), you tell them that the Torah is done away with yet in Matthew chapter 5 Jesus says not a single letter would pass from the law until heaven and Earth pass away. Obviously heaven and Earth are still here which means the Torah is still here which means it's not done away with as you claim.

You call me a liar yet I proved you wrong once before and now I'm going to prove you wrong again and I'm going to link to your own post where you posted the picture that I posted above.

And once again to prove you know nothing about Bible interpretation, because you know nothing about what you have posted here on steemit, here is the link to your own post where I got the image from for the above meme.

Also you claim I called people to make false accusations against you, that's incorrect. I called people to downvote your negativity I called people to downvote your hatred. here is the link to the post where I did that and you will find in the comments I also linked to your previous post where I got the picture from that you are now call me a liar about for a second time.