The funniest guy of all time

God has the best sense of humor! Think of all the goofy-looking animals He created! Can someone without a sense of humor create some of these hilarious-looking animals?

God is so funny!

A few days ago I read this post by @theonlyway.

He wrote a great post that encouraged us to consider the humor in the Bible. His post then inspired me to write this post where I just expand on that idea that God has a sense of humor.

I think God must have laughed when He created this guy:

Image Source

Haha! LOL! He's like, "hey guys! :D God created me with a smile—to make you guys laugh!" 😄

"But my sister neglected brushing her teeth and now has some next-level plaque going on!" 😂

Image Source

I know God must have had a lot of fun creating this guy too:

Image Source

And you thought you had a bad nose? 😝

God laughs a lot more than most people think

I hope to challenge and break religious mindsets with the truths about God’s sense of humor! I think that most of the time God has a smile on His face! 😃

Many have incorrectly depicted God as overly solemn. As so serious that He rarely laughs. But God is the very source of joy. He invented humor. Jesus was anointed with the oil of joy more than his other companions (Psalm 45:7).

I think that most of the time Jesus walked around with a huge smile on His face and really enjoyed being goofy and laughing lots! 😀

God's sense of humor revealed in creation

Think about all the goofy-looking animals God created!

Why did He make the T-rex with ridiculously small arms?

Image Source

I think He thought it would be funny to make such a terrifying animal, but with a limitation of puny looking arms. Just because it would be funny! :D


Why did God create the baboon with a colorful butt? And why did God create this particular baboon with such a big butt? the other monkey going to give him a prostate exam? 😝

Image Source

What about this guy? Why did God put lipstick on her?...Or...him?...(It has a beard too?) 😆 Maybe just because it was funny?

Image Source

..."And thats why God created me! To make this face in response to you!"

Image Source

"God made me with a really small head! He said He thought it would be funny!"

Image Source

"God said I am fearfully and wonderfully made!" 😁

Image Source

..."Keep em' coming bro! I got room for a couple more!"

Image Source

I often find myself looking just like this lemur here in this picture below—absolutely fascinated with God's creation!

Image Source

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones" (Proverbs 17:22). I hope this has provided some comic relief to you! :)

I hope that this truth that God is funny will challenge religious spirits and cause many to re-evaluate the way they see God.

Because...He really is good, you know! 😃 As Bill Johnson says, "He's better than you think!" 😊


God's creation is amazing. Men have no excused. Eden must have been an amazing place. We now live in a fallen world, however we see the wonders of his creation, I can't imagine how it could have been there.

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