A Personal prayer guide (You can make the difference)

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For unclean spirits, crying with loud voice, came out of many that were possessed
with them: and many taken with palsies, and that were lame, were healed. And there was great joy in that city.
Acts. 8:7-8 (KJV)


Since the devil had seized control of Samaria, evil must have been rife, creating the right
environment for sin, immorality, corruption, decadence, chaos and all associated evil to
thrive. This would have possibly resulted in the advent of many broken marriages, drug
addiction associated with children, rape, gang wars, etc; all of these would have led to
deaths, depression, despondency, and dejection just to mention a few, but once Phillip
arrived and the demons were cast out, the bible states that there was great joy in the city.
Are you currently living in a city where evil and everything associated with it has become
the order of the day? This means that the devil has seized control of the city. Our text is
silent on whether Phillip went alone to Samaria or not. If he went alone it means that God
doesn't require many people to enforce HIS Kingdom, HIS agenda and HIS will to rule and
reign.All God needs is one man.There are cities that have a large population of Christians
yet we don't feel their impact because corruption and evil have become the order of the day; This is a reflection of the lack of God's power in the church, and I believe this stems
from laziness; a lack of fasting, prayer and the study of God's word. Unfortunately, the
average modern-day Christian is lazy, living a life of prayerlessness; meanwhile there are
certain religions where both the affluent and the commoner fast and pray a minimum of 2
days a week. How can we make a difference when we do not fast and pray? How can we
seize control back from the devil in our cities when we do not fast and pray? We need to
wake up to the fact that we are in God's army and part of our mandate is to influence our
environment, bringing the kingdom of God to rule and reign in our cities.You don't need a
thousand people to stand in the gap, all you need is one person carrying the glory of God
to make the difference. If every Christian rises up to live a life of consistent fasting and
prayer, we will all make a difference individually and collectively and change our cities and
countries, establishing God's kingdom. We need to ask God for the grace to develop a life
of consistent fasting and prayer so that we can be carriers of His glory and make a
difference in our families, our companies, cities and countries in Jesus name


Father, I ask for the grace to develop a life of consistent fasting and prayer so that I can
become a carrier of YOUR glory in order to make a difference in my family, company, city
and country in Jesus name. I seize control of my family from the devil and I enforce the
kingdom of God to rule and reign in Jesus name. I seize control of my business from the
devil and I enforce the kingdom of God to rule and reign in Jesus name


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