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Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery. 1 Timothy 4:14

The ark constructed in the Book of Genesis altered the course of creation history. This history redefining feat was possible because the ark was at the time the most unsinkable structure on the face of the earth. The ark saved the world from watery extinction, by saving reproductive seeds. The hands of Noah built that unsinkable ark!

This story is an enduring heroic epic, a timeless example where creative potential in an ordinary man attained an overreaching public ministry of mass deliverance! It is simply amazing!

Genesis 6:11- 12 gives the full account.

Noah made the critical choice to OBEY God, and discovered skills to construct an unsinkable ark that would save a bewildering varieties of species. The Noah archetype provides sturdy proof to the notion that our creative potential, is not endowed for self-aggrandisement. The aptitudes, gifts and potentialities the Lord deposited in the Body of Christ are not meant for different local assemblies to be “doing their own thing” within the restrictions of introverted congregations. In truth, there is a dying world, out on a dangerous limb, grasping at straws, seeking sweet surrender to salvation, thirsting after righteousness. The gifts and creative potential laden in the household of faith are to construct more ‘arks’ to deliver souls to safety!


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Often, I have wondered why the same God who had created all these things in the first place would ever need the help of puny Noah to save them from destruction. After several sessions of profound reflections, I realized the Father was continuing along the line of precedence He set with Adam in the Garden of Eden. The Lord God would never condescend to tackle what assignments He had designated to Adam. He set in the tapestry of creation the principle of separation of powers!

Noah could easily have gone his way, minded his business and pretended he did not receive any word from the Lord. Or he could simply have thrown up his hands in helpless exasperation and muttered, ‘Lord, it beats my imagination hollow you would pick a fellow who has never built even a canoe for this ark building. I have not got the experience for this job!’ Or he could have asked in bemused puzzlement, ‘Why me?’ Noah did none of the above. Rather he obeyed a deep incredible calling.

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Now the chronicle of Noah’s undertaking and its successful outcome is tucked away in the bowels of human history, but not the dire need for ‘arks of refuge’ for the lost and dying. Can the Lord trust you to deploy your creative vitality to build an ‘ark’ to rescue perishing souls from the miry sea of annihilation?

Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God. Genesis 6:9 (NIV)

Noah walked with God. Faithfully. Fervently. Fruitfully. As he walked in obedient, intimate fellowship with his Maker, he made himself a receptacle of a divinely inspired idea that, in turn, stirred in him quiescent inventiveness. Cherished fellowship fostered a creative interface between Noah’s spirit and God’s Creative Spirit, which invariably caused Noah to receive a revelation and alter the course of creation. Both Noah and the Lord had something to do with the final outcome of salvaging creation. Noah made the choice to walk with God; the Lord favored and blessed Noah. In the end,
Noah obtained the key to surpass his own aspirations; he became “The Man who saved the World”.

Imagine that ONE man, Noah, believed God, walked with Him, and obeyed His Instructions, and the outcome was an unsinkable ark built to save the man and animals species from extinction. What would happen if ONE THOUSAND faithful men should believe the Lord’s revelation, walk with Him, obey His every Instruction? The aim of Noah’s walk with God – as well as ours – was, and still is, to salvage culpable and perishing humanity! This is the kernel of the Great Commission!

Man of God, what is the state of health of your walk with the Lord? Or has it degenerated to a grudging trek of disillusionment and waning hope? Has what should otherwise be a pulsating partnership become an encumbering inconvenience and drudgery? Is the invigorating spark of fervency and ardent fellowship gone from a once lively liaison? Or has your spiritual walk-muscles atrophied by spiritual polio? No matter the answer, you can make a turn-around now!

And what do we have at the moment in the larger body? It would appear the household of faith is temperamentally inclement to fostering conducive environment for the expected manifestation of the sons of God. Right now, the Church is perceived as curiously self absorbed as regards its creative potential and gifts. Of course, the preachers are out there belting out inspired messages as ‘oracles of the Living God’ with ceaseless perspiration. But are preachers and inspired sermons the only offerings possible from the Church?

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The Church is laden with spectacular gifting and enormous potential and astonishing creative vitality. So I know it is capable of much more! The Church was established for much greater height! Oh, the Church is lamentably self-absorbed, concentrating instead upon what can best be described as ‘empire building’ and self-advertisement. While some are drawing flocks to fleece, others are congregating to achieve social advancement in place of spiritual surrender and effectual discipleship.

Music, for example, represents one of the most powerful emotive forces on the face of the earth. The Church should not be hoarding its angelic-voiced minstrels by saving their pedigree for its numerous choirs across thousands upon thousands of local assemblies all over. Meanwhile, the enemy steals hope and morals from a dying world through raunchy and violent lyrics. And the case of music is not solitary though.

There are several other undeveloped and underdeveloped ministries like helps, church administration, children’s evangelistic and dramatic ministries, Christian vocational skills ministry and many more. The world needs the church impact in all these areas in order to turn to God’s grace and come to the light of eternal truth.

Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2:5

Brethren, it is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to build up spiritual edifices to our Most High God rather than proliferate what could best be described as gilded cages!

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