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RE: Verse of the Day - Sep 24th 2019

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I'm flagging you because you're literally taking 1-2 sentences from a book, copying it, pasting it, and then paying yourself enormously for it. It's absolutely absurd. You're like a televangelist, it isn't cool. If anything, you should be denying payouts for doing what you're doing, which is essentially nothing at all.


@matt-a i agree and disagree, people use quotes from the bible all the time and even make other books (bible quote books etc) out of it. What is it worth to me? - not much.

I will counter your down votes for now.- I prefer not to, as have better things to do with my votes. If post starts sitting on top of trending daily again or gets carried away in $ value - i will re think

As a actifitter currently on leave , I feel a few $ in steem for this post is better then a few $ in most actifit posts

edit: If others start to honestly downvote - then i will need to rethink. Wisdom of the crowd?

Sure, people might make bible quote books, but they usually do that and then write about it. This guy is literally copying, pasting, and that's all. He's adding absolutely no substance. Might as well just copy and paste the bible. To me, this is just a clear cut scheme to reap rewards.

Feel free to counteract my downvote, I think your upvote could be used in much, much better ways, though. As long as these barebones 1 and 2 liners that he copies and pastes gets over like $0.50 each, I'm going to downvote it. Downvoting it puts that potential payout back into the pool for better allocation to, in my opinion, more worthy and valuable bloggers.