Verse of the Day - Sep 24th 2019

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“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” - 惟 有 基 督 在 我 們 還 作 罪 人 的 時 候 為 我 們 死 、   神 的 愛 就 在 此 向 我 們 顯 明 了 。
Romans 5:8

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@jdbry, Almighty Father showed grace and he will guide us towards the right destination at the end of the day. Stay blessed.

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In deed he will, thank you my friend :-)


Welcome and thank you.

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Thank you for these verses @jdbry........appreciate it!

Cheers! from b/b.....

Principle.....The truth....The word of God....never returns void. People will either gravitate toward it or hate it. Interesting it not?

Christ said ....paraphrased....They hated me before they hated you.

All the best to you!

Thanks for that :-)

I guess we always knew some would not appreciate it, and we were recently warned our time here was likely limited. I really appreciate your support @bleujay , means a lot.


noticed your getting downvotes. read comment i made here, it may help (setting beneficiaries)

Thanks for that, I do doubt that has anything to do with the downvotes I've received though.

The thing is, with the new reward curve, those of us that have held and staked steem for 3 years has suddenly seen our votes become worthless.

I have never sold one single steem, I have staked everything until the last few months when I started a slight powerdown in order to use promotion services, which by the way are not profitable to me personally, but reward the curators a bit more than the nothing they would get without it...

It appears the "NewSteem" has made it pointless to hold steem, and of course the current price makes it pointless to try and sell it as well lol...

So basically we're seeing the "great experiment" part two, and this time I got caught in it. No worries, we been through much worser things.

Thanks for your concerns and your past support. Very much appreciated :-)


Also, just to clarify my comment @michealb

I would be all for killing the bidbot market if that is your goal, but with the baby whale flags I'm getting it's having the opposite affect, it's forcing me to use the service else the post would be completely hidden.

And the foul comments originally left said nothing about any bidbot promotion service.

Of course if you, or other whales decide to support that flagging endeavor we'll simply be forced to stop posting. Which I suspect is the goal any way as we were already informed of that plan weeks ago.

Either way, as with the first experiment; it will be interesting to watch :-)

@jdbry Set beneficiaries to null or sps or stop buying votes, and i will look at countering bad actors. Keep doing what you are doing and i will down vote also.

Fair enough, last promo this post.

Thanks for your help :-)

I'm flagging you because you're literally taking 1-2 sentences from a book, copying it, pasting it, and then paying yourself enormously for it. It's absolutely absurd. You're like a televangelist, it isn't cool. If anything, you should be denying payouts for doing what you're doing, which is essentially nothing at all.

@matt-a i agree and disagree, people use quotes from the bible all the time and even make other books (bible quote books etc) out of it. What is it worth to me? - not much.

I will counter your down votes for now.- I prefer not to, as have better things to do with my votes. If post starts sitting on top of trending daily again or gets carried away in $ value - i will re think

As a actifitter currently on leave , I feel a few $ in steem for this post is better then a few $ in most actifit posts

edit: If others start to honestly downvote - then i will need to rethink. Wisdom of the crowd?

@jdbry it says even if you pay for the verses it doesn't apply to monetized social media accounts.

copy and paste extract from
Product Details
20 inspirational KJV Bible verses with beautiful images of God's creation. This purchase grants you non-exclusive permission to post the images to non-commercial and non-monetized social media accounts, including to your personal or church Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and to your own website. Resolution is 720x720 pixels @ 72dpi JPG RGB format, which is ideal for posting to social media.

Please note that the images may not be distributed and may not be sold or used on any commercial social media account or website.

Yes, we've been through this ages ago. monetized in the TOS refers to pay walls. Steemit is not a monetized web site, it is free to view by all. Same as all the other social platforms we post to.

Just because you put a $ at the bottom of the post doesn't make it so. You may find this article interesting concerning this matter.

It is also important to note that even if case law is established that Steem is in deed a currency as defined by law. "Current legal tender". Posting here still would not violate TOS as no one is forced to pay to view.

Honestly, while I know many enjoy seeing these here, I do think the drama being stirred up around this is doing more harm than good. The Christian Community here at Steemit doesn't deserve this non-sense and frankly neither does Steemit.

These post general get around 100 upvotes, so they do have support here, but if one large enough account makes a stink about it then the other 100 likes are simply voided.

What are we to do Micheal ? Just give up and walk away ? Who's next ? We see where this is going, and we think you do too.

You are not the only 100,000 plus account that normally supports Christian content here. Yet you are the only one stepping up to at least force a discussion on the matter. But it appears you're looking for a way out as fast as possible as well.

In the end, flag wars part two is not something we care to stick around and witness.

Thanks for your support my friend.

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