Charity Need Not Be Expensive (Part 2)


Two years ago I posted an article I titled: "Charity Need Not Be Expensive." In this article I discussed 8 simple acts of charity which do not involve spending money at all, but can mean more than all the money in the world to someone. Here are the 8 acts:

  • Bringing Laughter to Others
  • Lending An Ear to Someone
  • Allowing Someone To Cut In On Your Line
  • Respecting Privacy of Others
  • Giving Praise and Recognition
  • Praying For Others
  • Offering Your Company
  • Doing A Favor or A Service For Someone

If you missed this or would like to read it again just click on the link here.

Recently, the photo caption below was shared in my FB page and it reminded me of this post because it's all about simple acts of charity that do not cost a cent but could mean everything to the recipients of the acts. In addition, all the charitable deeds mentioned in the caption are not found in my previous post. Thus, I decided a sequel is called for.


Walk Beside Someone Falling Behind

By "Falling Behind" I do not mean those who get passed over in a foot race or those whose neighbors seem to have more than they - more cars, bigger homes, better appliances. What I mean are those who are struggling to keep up with ordinary day to day activities such as work and studies. When someone falls behind it means that person is not moving or progressing as fast as he should or is expected to. So in work, if an officemate is falling behind in his paperwork, walking beside him could mean helping him out in meeting his deadline. Or in school, when a classmate is falling behind others, walking beside him could mean helping out with his assignments or book reports. Of course when a friend falls behind in his mortgage payments that's a different thing. Walking beside him can mean lending him some money to make ends meet or if you are equally challenged financially you can help him find sources of funds like lending institutions, or rich but generous friends. All of us have fallen behind before and it did feel good when a friend slowed down and helped us catch up. **************************************************

Give Attention to the Ignored

There's a saying I heard a long time ago which goes: "It's better to be hated than to be ignored." When someone hates you at least you know that someone is thinking of you. It may not be in the nicest of terms but at least you're still being thought of. But when someone is ignored, it literally means he's non-existent which can be downright frustrating and heart-breaking. It's quite easy to spot people who are ignored. In school usually the student who sits alone while having lunch is the most ignored. It doesn't really cost someone anything if he sits alongside the student eating alone and strikes up a conversation. Or in work, the nerdiest looking person may be the one least invited to outings and parties or office gigs. Asking that person if he would like to come and join the group can be a life changing act to him or her. Or in nursing care homes usually the residents are retired and aged people who most likely are seldom visited by their families. A short visit to these places to offer your company or talent (singing, dancing, comedy skit) can help fill up the void in this stage of their lives. *************************************************

Lifting Up the Fallen

What does it mean to have fallen? Perhaps when a person goes bankrupt and loses everything he owns he can be described as a fallen person. Or when someone loses his job and is finding a hard time looking for one he is said to have fallen. Or when a family loses the breadwinner they can be classified as having fallen in hard times. Whatever the circumstances are, I believe anyone who is down and out in life is called a fallen person. He/she may be down because of a break up of a relationship; or someone who just failed his final examinations and is refused graduation; or when someone failed to close a very important deal or sale that would have meant a promotion or a substantial commission to pay for his family's needs. We just need to be sensitive to the feelings and moods of the people around us. Always try to cheer up the lonely, the sad and the downcast. Help them up by offering your time and attention and your hand to help them get back up. ************************************************

Remind People They Are Worthy

You know what's worse than being ignored and considered a non-entity? It's the feeling of being useless and worthless. I really do not know how a person ends up feeling this way but it does happen **A LOT!** Perhaps someone whose parents never appreciate him no matter how hard he tries. Parents who always have no time for him. Or someone who is bullied and laughed at by everyone while he is being bullied. These things can create a very serious feeling of unworthiness, helplessness and desperation. If you know anyone who is in this situation, do take the time to be friendly with them, to make them feel important by asking their opinions or hanging out with them by inviting them to see a movie or a ball game. This does not cost much but can change entirely the outlook of these persons in life. Who knows, you may even save them from taking their own lives as they begin to see the value of living. ***********************************************

Love your neighbors as yourself. What better way to manifest such love than by helping others through your charitable deeds and actions. You may be but a mere speck in this world but you can mean the whole world to those you care for and love.

(Note: All photos courtesy of Pixabay unless specified.)


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