Struck down, but not Destroyed...

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Greetings my dear friends

On this occasion I want to share with you all, a bible verse with which God has treated my life and has allowed me to see the circumstances that at one time surrounded my life, in a very different way than most people think or believe. It is a hopeful and optimistic perspective that does not come from an illusion but rather from a solid conviction.


This year has been a difficult year in many aspects of my life. The political, economic and social situation in my country is really critical and confusing and, like the rest of my countrymen, it has affected me and my family. On the other hand, we suffer in my family the loss of two loved ones due to a traffic accident; and to complete the picture, I got a long time sick from my digestive system and I had to go to the hospital to have the gallbladder operated on

All of this reads very tragic and not very encouraging, right? However, let me tell you that despite how dismal and tragic this may seem, we move forward. We overcome pain and tragedy. God never looked away from us and his love and mercy were always present, and still present.

I have seen God's provision in my home. In times of economic recession, food has not been lacking in our table and needs have been met. I currently have two large architectural projects and they have offered me a third one that has allowed me to even give work to other people, so the blessing has been extended to others.

When I had to have surgery, I had no medical insurance and the clinic costs were very high; so I resigned myself to going to a public hospital and that here in Venezuela is a calamity, but God had other plans.

God touched the hearts of some people who in solidarity helped me to pay for medical expenses, so I operated in a private clinic and everything was good ...

But my time at the public hospital was not in vain, I could feel in my own flesh the need and suffering of many Venezuelans with limited financial resources and that has changed me internally. I have a dream and I pray that God will allow me to carry it out, and that is to form a group of volunteers to go to the hospital and do cleaning and maintenance work, bring donations and preach the Word of God. I discovered that there is much thirst for God in the people and it is my duty to help. So pray for this project and for me to have wisdom and perseverance, and pray for the people who will join this volunteer.

As you can see, my life is not sad or empty, nor do I go around complaining ... I am active and grateful to God for all that I have lived, for good and bad because God, even in adversity is always with me, and although I go through problems and not everything is joy, his love never leaves me and his grace is with me.


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Very encouraging @arquiatra. Thank you. You inspire me.

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Thanks @reonlouw for reading and commenting. I am happy that you liked this post and I hope it has been a blessing.

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Thank you very much. God bless you

God is faithful

Hi @arquiatra

God touched the hearts of some people who in solidarity helped me to pay for medical expenses, so I operated in a private clinic and everything was good ...

You're so blessed to come across people willing to help. Wow.

I'm not much into bible @arquiatra but I've learned that most people who do follow and read bible - they tend to share their emotions through different quotes.

I hope you're okey there?

Yours, Piotr

Hello my dear friend...

I am really very well ... and I think I understand that you don't like the Bible very much, sometimes people like me seem naive and maybe even a little ignorant in some aspects of life, but believe me, we are happy. I have learned to enjoy the simple things in life and I am absolutely convinced that God is real, but I also know that it is a personal and individual experience.
However, I am very grateful for your words and support for my work. I wish you a happy weekend. God bless you!!

Very well said my friend :)

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