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I was sitting at the airport waiting for a flight to take me to the next destination of my experience when I noticed on the TV screen a colorful yet dull commercial of sports shoes. The commentator exclaimed: "with us you can always make your own choices" and the image showed myriad of shoes that differ from each other only by shape and color, and I asked myself, was that really a genuine choice? After all, if we were really given a real chance to choose what we want to consume, we would not need any such commercial to convince us what we need to consume, wouldn't we?

That principle can be applied to any system or a structure that addresses us which tries to sell or provide us with a tangible product or an artificial idea. I will not go into the discussion about our contemporary educational system but suffice to say that if the youngsters were treated in an honorable way as the creators they are, the system would surely not need any tests.


Credit: Fernando Livschitz of Black Sheep Films, the Argentina-based director, transforms a typical intersection into an absurdly choreographed dance of cloned cars, bicyclists and pedestrians who at almost every moment appear destined to collide.. The video is at the end of the post

Constantly testing

However, any dualistic system needs tests to measure the efficiency of its products. When we live in such a world that is a dual one, everything we do is tested, mostly by us. We constantly check if we do the right thing, if we express the right opinion, if we get the right job, if we date the right person and as long as we are on the "right/good" side we feel happy, content and satisfied. If we are not, or if we failed one of the tests we have put to ourselves, we immediately feel the fear of the "dark side" and we act accordingly. Some harness all their resources to escape the bad thing that has happened to them. Others just give in to the dark forces and succumb to their new status. This is the nature of any dualistic system. Constantly testing.

Once we train ourselves to move away from a dual perspective of life the tests are over. To think that they are replaced by something else exemplifies dualistic thinking, but something else indeed surrounds and governs the new reality we experience. That thing is our choice.



You may say now that there is a very subtle difference between test and choice because when we make a choice we experience a certain outcome, and if we made a different choice we would experience a different outcome and surely one outcome is preferred than its peer. Therefore, one outcome is better/right for us than the other, and that means that we still constantly test our selves "what would be the right choice"!

But no, not necessarily.

You see, to live a life of tests is easier than to live a life of choices. When you constantly place yourself to be tested, you can always know and feel where you are and accordingly correct the course you are taking to match your initial desires. The universe, then, becomes your checker, your guide, your usher. By that, you immanently put yourself in a lower stance than the world which surrounds you and you give that world the power to control your path in life. You test yourself, and then the world reflects that situation. In every test, there must be a tester and a testee.

However, when you step out of that system and choose your life you become the sole element to decide how your path goes. The universe, naturally, will respond to your new stance. It will still reflect back to you different outcomes to different choices but at the same time, it will no longer tell you if you did right or wrong.


Let’s take an example to clear up this notion:

In a dualistic world, when one, as a conscious person, has sex with someone, one usually asks oneself, if they did the right thing by going to bed with them. If the answer was negative one probably would not meet that person again. One's thought might be: "I did wrong sleeping with that person. I deserve a better lover. Next time I will make sure I will go to bed only with the right person". The universe listens to one's personal tests and answers by giving them bad feelings, remorse feelings, guilt feelings and those, in turn, (may) also lead to some physical illnesses or sexual diseases. By that, the universe serves as one's loving guide and protector so next time one will know better before having sex with the wrong partner.

In a non-dualistic world, in which you do not test yourself but only choose who you are and what you want to experience, the universe still serves as a loving correspondent, but this time it reflects rather than guides. When you make sex with a person you don't ask yourself if that was the right thing to do, but rather, if the person you were throughout the experience is the person you choose to be from now on. No guilt is involved; No remorse and no self-scolding.

Choosing value fulfillment

If you are not fully aware of yourself you may lose touch with your reality and falsely think that any choice could be appropriate. In a way, that is true. Any choice is possible. But in a world of choice, you are always pushed to choose your highest potential and therefore there are always choices that are more appropriate for you than others. The difficulty arises because you no longer have the universe as a feedback system to guide and monitor your way (because any choice is appropriate) and it is YOU who has to be aware of the place you are at and of the world you are creating every moment.

Many say they want to escape the box of duality, to be fully creators who can choose their lives and carve the shape of their realities. Much fewer, though, realize that with choice comes responsibility.



Are you the one? 🙋‍♀

I am initiating a social/wellness tech enterprise and am looking for an enthusiastic partner to join me, in this global adventure, hand in hand to create something impactful for the people in this world.

Specifically, I am looking for someone with at least one of the following qualities (order of importance decreases):

  • A values-driven person with the passion to build a social-technological enterprise;
  • Self-aware, with some background in psychology (self-learned or official);
  • Dedication – the ability to brainstorm, explore, work, build, draft, design a product. At first, for a few hours a week.
  • Knowledge and experience in UX/UI design and/or product marketing and/or programming native apps (Android/IOS);
  • Ability (if needed) to co-invest some money in the project (10-30K$).

If, when you read this, a string in your heart makes a sound, drop me a line, telling me about yourself and why you are interested. We'll take it from there 🚀


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Is this a test? :)
Some ways of thinking/being are very difficult to get out from behind. Thinking if I was fully able to grasp the concept and put into practice, I wouldn't be here carefully reading and considering each one of your wisdom-filled lines :)

You know, it's kind of irony. Trying to use our mind (thinking) to get out of the mind. It's doomed to fail of course. What would work? Not thinking and going to the knowing, the inner "gut feeling" that there's something broader than the sensed reality.
I'm trying to convey that message while writing between the words in my posts.
Most of the time it works for my readers. 🙂

Yes, what you write resonates with me too :) Was just funny to feel my mind in the concentrated thinking of how it ought to relax! Just as you mention ;)

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