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in china •  5 months ago

When the singer for the band invites you to the show… You go!

It’s been half a decade since we last met and at that time it was quite brief and work related but we recently got to chatting online again. She invited me to watch her band perform and I had no idea what I was getting into, which is quite normal for me in China. I have two rules as a traveler in China. First, when offered food always accept it and try, it doesn’t mean you have to like it or eat all of it but simply trying it is key to enhancing your life. Secondly, When someone you trust invites you somewhere and you have the time and funds, just go, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This was a particularly enlightening event. I had no idea, after 6 years here, that such underground rock clubs like this existed. The club was incredibly Punk Rock themed. From the entrance to the walls to the atmosphere. The crowd was well educated and everyone I spoke with had an excellent grasp of the English language so I was able to chat with anyone. Graffiti on the walls and posters of Nirvana and Joy Division hanging around the room.

Two bands played. The first band sang only Chinese songs and my friend’s band sang only English songs even an original. I was quite impressed with her voice and range of talent. From jazzy to folk and even hard rock bordering heavy metal. Yes, heavy metal in China exists. The owner of the club introduced himself as Slash like from Guns and Roses and they club he built is pretty much the type of place I would expect to hear them play at back in the day.

This is pretty cool conversion of a drum into a kick ass entrance light.

So happy I was invited or I would never have stumbled upon this place as it is rather far from my home or the types of places I venture to. Next Friday I might go back, lots of cool single girls who like the same music as me and speak English. ^^ It’s also Chinese Valentine’s Day on Friday and the club is having a party called *Black, how classic is that for punk-themed bar?

Can't wait for the next show. I am now connected to Dalian's underground rock scene.

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I'm glad you had an awesome night out with your friend. Seems a really cool pub to do a gig. Her band must be famous in China. I love watching live bands too. I love most music, even though sometimes music don't like me lol, all music that goes with the guitar are always soul uplifting to me, especially acoustic and slow rock. She must be very talented, I believe her talent will bless her so much more in life much more than what she has right now. She reminds me so of Jane Zhang, seems they look alike too. She's very beautiful. Jane is the only chinese singer that I know by far. Her life story is really inspiring. Oh I think her band can join the Got Talent show too. I really wish her best and her band. Wishing you both a lovely Advance Valentines Day! =)

Fascinating to see how something as common in the rest of the world as rock genre is underground in China.

Now you can call yourself the bohemian type. Hahaha!


Bohemiam... that's the word i was i was looking for and missed. Thank you.


You're welcome!

Sure sounds like a place you are not going to reject going back more often.


Heck no!


you will go on 7th of 7th lunar month, right?


oh man, that's next year and I truly hope, as much as I love being in China, that I am in Canada well on to the next step of my life. BUT should I be here, I will probably go.