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RE: Testing Kazi 84031, a 16 in 1 Lego Super Tank

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to what is often known as "fake Lego".

There are the products like these, where the same style of brick is used, but the company produces and releases their own unique designs, and in some cases, like Mega Bloks, they even get their own licenced products such as Halo. I think there is room in the marketplace for things like that.

Then there are the other side of the industry there are companies such as Lepin who blatantly steal other people's intellectual property and release it themselves. Those types are actually detrimental because they drive prices of genuine licenced products up (companies like Disney, Marvel, DC etc charge more for the licensing fees to cover the loss of royalties to the counterfeit products)


You describe the industry in a very good way, and I agree with you, and I also agree with the fact that it is a pity that companies like Lepin copy the original bricks. It would be much funnier if they created other great content itself, and it would everything better! In the end, true Lego fans will suffer if the "piracy-lego" from China takes over the industry...

Lego had a landmark victory in the intellectual rights space over Lepin last year, so hopefully that becomes a stepping stone for making sure counterfeit products find their way out of the market to be replaced by original design ideas from these companies.

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