Celebrating the new year in Yueyang

in china •  15 days ago

We went for a little walk today and were surprised at how busy it was. People in China head back to their hometowns in the new year so the bigger cities tend to quiet down and the smaller cities and towns tend to get crowded. There are families everywhere, it's hard to not get bumped every few steps you take. As a foreigner I'm used to getting stared, pointed at and constant pictures being taking of me but today was even more crazy!

WeChat Image_20190207003239.jpg

We went for a stroll down be the lake where there are the usual middle aged men flying their kites but today the sky was littered with kites! There was also an unbelievable amount of bubbles been blown by children as well as awfully loud toy horns been blown by little kids. It was a funny and busy day and we had fun! I wish I'd taken more pictures but I didn't think!

WeChat Image_20190207003333.jpg

Happy New Year all! =]

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