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OK!!!! i've had enough of this.
This absolutely evil and simply wicked.

I was reading @sirknight's post and my heart bled.

How can we combat the problem of our babies being exposed to wicked men and women?

Here is the link to his Post.

I was so upset in my spirit.
How can men who were given the responsibility of protecting this fragile souls be the one to birth horror and terror into their lives?

I thought it was something that religion could combat until @valued-customer pointed out to me that these atrocities even exist in our so-called religious bodies.

And i keep wondering, don't they have daughters? don't they have sons? don't they have wives and mothers?

Why subject this already crushed souls On a journey where they desire to die rather than to live?

As i write this, the only song on my mind hallelujah

She tied you to a kitchen chair She broke your throne, she cut your hair And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

Why take away her pride? Why take away his dignity? Why make the mother have to sacrifice her dignity for her children?
it saddens my heart.

Many today are living with broken dreams, shattered trust and heart from abuses.
Even those whom we entrust their guidance, defile our children and the question is;
Where do we turn to?

Look around you, the man drowning in bitterness, the girl living with low-self esteem and self-worth, the always angry adult,
most are carrying burdens they can't share with anyone.

Do you know what it feels like when your wife or husband, that you truly love, or your girlfriend or boyfriend goes to have sex with another person?
Do you know the feeling of the lump in your throat you can't swallow?
Do you know the tears that just won't drop?
Do you feel the burning in your chest like your heart is going to pull out? It feels worse than torture sometimes.
And all these, you can feel just from thinking about it.
Try think for a moment what these mothers, sons, and daughters are passing through. How do you feel?

Maybe there's a god above And all I ever learned from love Was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you
And it's not a cry you can hear at night, It's not somebody who's seen the light It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

But now, you have innocence raped, you have that angel's heart broken, you defile and heap burden on that tender soul.
You have their trust shattered, their hopes fed to dogs.

This is evil and wicked.

Enough, I should stop here to keep the tears from falling.

Some of you have been victims of this menace at one point or the other in your life. I have been, and it took God to pull me through.

Don't be ignorant and think your male children are not at risk of Pedophiles.

Today, This scenario is centered on the theme PEDOPHILE:
Should you chose to participate in this contest, you will have to resteem, and comment below. An upvote from you will be taken as a support for the contest.

Scenario #3

As a parent, your kid reports his teacher of abusing him sexually, or a family member(could be as intimate as your spouse), how would you react to:
*protect your child
*remove the stigma from him or her
*Handle the offended(as an outsider or as a family member)

Also, comment, signs to notice in your child they her or she is being abused. How to get them to open up to you.

Resteem this post, comment your answer below, the most creative answer wins.

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From last week BULLY episode, the response was low, only three people replied @tinnytony, @seunnla and @Citimillz.

I enjoyed @seunnla's response. But since its just three of you, i will be sharing the 2SBD among you three.

Thanks for your time. love you all. Lets keep our children safe.


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If you're familiar with the concept of interlocking directorates, you will quickly understand the relevance to seeking to involve government in protecting children from pedophiles. Criminals seek power to get away with their crimes, and nothing better protects them than being the enforcement agency of government.

This is why criminals ceaselessly endeavor to capture government, and in many agencies have succeeded long past.

There simply is no alternative to pre-empting the ability of institutions to be used by criminals against your children. Schools, churches, government agencies are all under inexorable attack by criminals, and it is unknowable how successful such attacks have been.

You do know your personal dedication to the welfare of your children, and need assume nothing regarding your care of them. Therefore, what is safe is to tend your children yourself, and never trust them to an institution that could be compromised.

I did this as a single father working full-time. It isn't easy to do what is best for children, as corrupt and criminal entities seek to prevent it, so they can profit by what is easy.

I am not magical, or some kind of angel. What I can, and did, do, everyone can.

If everyone does, the kinds of crimes committed against children in churches, schools, and government agencies will no longer occur.


Wow. @valued-customer, thanks for this insight. I strongly believe that it's the duty of every parent to tend their kids.

Those who we entrusted with their security are demons hiding as sheep and angels.

It's high time every parent take full responsibility for their wards.

Please could you share a few of what you did raising your kids as a single father?

You're a super mAn.

I am no super man. I am just a carpenter.

As soon as I was awarded sole custody of my children, I began taking them to work with me. As they grew bored, and more competent, I gave them things to do, like sweep. Soon I was arranging for the folks I worked for to pay them minimum wage, and then $10/hour, to do work.

My kids saw how things got done, and learned how to do them, while they got paid to learn. I was always with them, day and night. When they were older (puberty), as we lived in the woods and all the girls in the county were in school, I enrolled them in public school, so they could learn about all those things I couldn't teach them, but that they were old enough and competent enough to handle without my constant presence.

While I was homeschooling them, they also were enrolled in private martial arts lessons, and by the time they entered high school, my eldest particularly, were more than capable of defending themselves physically.

Overall, it worked better than I expected, despite some run-ins with government agencies and the schools themselves. None of them were profiting from my children, and the schools were out tens of thousands of dollars a year because my kids weren't enrolled in school.

While they were young, they chafed at the inability to go to school with their peers. After they graduated and became men, they realized why, and were grateful that they weren't allowed to be taught to hate learning, to obey random authority and institutional administrators, and had a far more developed understanding of economics (from earning, managing, and spending their own wages) and politics.

Only some demons hide amongst the sheep.

It only takes one to hurt the whole flock. Most teachers, bureaucrats, and meter readers aren't corrupt thugs bent on profitable evil. Most aren't as motivated as are parents to take care of their children either, and those few that are bent on evil poison the whole well.

You can't drink only the pure water from a poisoned well. Every drink you draw will have the poison mixed in.

Oh my God. Am. Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. Had issues with my device. Wow. This is amazing. @valued-customer. This is amazing. This is the best comment on this show so far.. Am really grateful for you sharing this light and also telling us about you.

This a very sensitive matter and it's so hurtful.
I had to go read @sirknight's post to fully understand.


  1. I'll get my child away from that surrounding immediately. This may mean moving out of my house for a few days.
  2. I'll get a Lawyer and a private Detective involved
  3. I'll get my child medical attention. Physical and psychological treatment.
  4. I'll get the police involved.
    I don't care if it's my spouse that's involved or my mother sef. The investigation will be taken care of by detectives.
    *I'll make sure the offender is treated for the crimes as the criminal that he/she is.

Lastly, how to know these stuff.
Well, for starters, I'll be plain with my kids.
Penis is penis, not bumbum
Vagina is vagina not bumbum.
I'll let them know about what sex is and how it's inappropriate for anyone to touch them on places in certain ways.
I'll be very free and open with my kids, it's much better than the closeup method used in the past.
I'll also be attentive and sensitive to notice any foreign recline. Once any of my kids gets more into his/herself, my red light will come on.

So Help Me God

Amazing mother. I love your mother instincts.

Sex education is truly important.

Wonder why parents are scared of telling their kids what they need to know.

The reason is simple
Myopic thinking.
They think that if they tell their kids about sexual options, their kids will become promiscuous.

If only they knew

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Thank you @crystalpacheco30 for checking my blog and also upvoting. Am grateful.

Wow, this is so brave to share. Thank you for sharing during our show and speaking out about this tough topic.

Thank you @kubbyelizabeth. You're the most amazing and liveliest host I've met on the show. Thanks for the love and for checking out my blog. Thanks for the upvote too. Thanks.

Powerful post you got here, we just have to watch and pray against evil happenings like this.

Yes brother. Thanks big bro. But people keep quiet too much about it, that's why I decided to bring it to light a bit.

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