Teaching My Son a Good Work Ethic

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I'm blessed with two boys. One is nearing 5 years old and the other is a few years behind him. As my eldest son grows, he and I spend more time together working.

He is old enough to be aware of danger, or at least heed my words to steer clear. And of the age that getting to do "outside stuff with Daddy" is fun.

Now is the time to instill a Good Work Ethic

At least that's what I'm trying to do. I want him to learn the value to hard work, perseverance, and doing something himself early in life. I feel these are traits my father passed to me around the same age and they have done me well throughout life. Knowing how to do something is empowering and builds confidence in oneself.

Here's a photo of a recent example of such a time to include and teach my son:

We're finishing up fencing our property for our new sheep to arrive in two weeks. In the above photo, we're using a DIY fence stretcher that he and I built to tension the fence and attach it to the posts.

It's been crazy hot and (even worse) humid the past week or two. Despite that, we've been outside nearly every evening and on weekends working on our land. Sure, it's be easier to let him stay inside or go play all the time, but he would miss out on learning opportunities!

Just in the above scenario and during this week, he's learned:

  • How to tighten bolts with two wrenches (fence stretcher assembly)
  • What a come-along or winch is
  • How long bars help make work easier (levers, power multipliers)
  • How to attach fence clips
  • Proper safety around tools and equipment on this job (minding the tight winch lines and pinching pliers)
  • And about the importance of a bandanna, hat, and plenty of water!

The Coolest Part

Probably the coolest part about all of this is how proud he feels of the work he's done! He was thrilled to share his work with family who came by and is excited about doing his "farm chores" when the sheep arrive. This to me, is priceless. Especially in what seems to be a modern society of fewer doers.

But All Work and No Play...

Don't get me wrong.. he plays... WE PLAY!
Exploring the creek at our garden, looking for fish, salamanders, and crawdads (crayfish).

When the work is done, or we're tired, we watch TV shows together, go on exploring trips, or just pillow fight on the bed. I try to give my boys equal time of fun and work. I use the motto "Work Hard, Play Hard" a lot.


Tomorrow is Saturday, and to reward his hard work, he's picking what we'll do! So far, he's narrowed it to:

  • Go swimming in a mountain stream
  • Go to an arcade and play games (with quarters he's saved for a while)

Tell ya what... Come back tomorrow night to see what we did!!! :-)

Guess that's all for now... just had these thoughts on my mind and wanted to put them out there to share.

Until next time,
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This is a valuable piece of advice that, in my opinion, is growing more and more uncommon in our society today. As a father, I commend your choice to become an 'active' parent and share values that you were introduced to in your youth.

Passing on work ethic to our future - quite literally our future - is a great investment for all. Especially in a world that wants everything yesterday and for nothing - the time you spend preparing a child for reality ('ain't nothin free & nothin fast is worth a crock' IS reality) the better equipped they will be to lead. No sense in raising future-followers.

Kudos to you for raising future-leaders, sir. I'm a stay-home father of two (boy and girl) and there is no greater reward in life than seeing your children benefit from simple values and ethics that many of us were raised upon.

This article is priceless, but I hope this community sees the incredible value. Resteemed because it just seems like the right thing to do. Best to you and yours.

Hey... my hat's off to YOU for being a SAHD (stay at home dad)!!! My wife is a stay at home mother This Post from about a month ago, goes into details on how we came to that decision. She has a much harder job than me, by far! And I don't know the half of it probably. Just what I get to experience on the rare days she is sick or has something come up that I am "the one" for a spell. Boy.. talk about appreciating my wife then! So yes, you get my honor for being able to do that one. High Five! And thank you for the resteem. :)

Well said buddy! Glad to have stumbled upon your post. Have a great weekend! from your northern up here in Maryland. Don't work harder than you need to for what you really need (and it ain't paper currency my friend 😉). A happy family is wealth that no currency can buy. Keep hustlin man, you could be a SAHD with your attitude any day of the week. Never thought I'd be, but that's a long story, maybe for another chat. Haha. It's the hardest non-paying job that I've ever had, but I see it as a long term investment.

Really cool to see u building the fence. Ur son looked like he was doing a great job :0)
Thx for sharing. Upvoted

It was cool how much he wanted to do it, too! I started to step in to help and he said to let him try harder and a little more. :'-)

That is so amazing he doesnt give up he want to try him self :-0)
Thats how he will get success. Im sure he wants to inpress his father too :0)
Really great thing to share

Maybe he can teach me when I finally get some land?????

Ooo.. now we're talking! Mini-consultant for hire. :-)

That's great! I have three boys and I think that's an awesome philosophy , work hard, play hard. True satisfaction

Yes, indeed! :-) I'm blessed that he (and it appears his younger brother, too) loves to learn and has a natural curiosity for the world and its workings. Thank you for taking the time to read and for commenting, too.

I think this is wonderful! I have a stepson who refuses to go outside and do anything so I'm envious of parents who have children who actually do things 👍🏻

I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe he'll come around? Thank you for the kind words!

Awesome! That boy's gettin' it!

He sure is! Thanks for commenting @lazyprepper Love the name, by the way! :-)

Seems like you have a really good relation with your son. Best of luck from Slovenia. Keep up the good work! Following.

I try every day to cultivate and improve our relationship. I think of this time as a foundation to his upbringing. Lay down good, solid values and the results should be better later when times may get rough for him. Thanks for commenting and following, much appreciated!

I love seeing parenting posts on Steemit and enjoyed yours. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!!!

That's awesome man! You're rich!

Thank you, when I stop to think (as I did earlier today when this hit me), I truly am. Thanks for the comment and reading the post.

You are teaching your son some good things and sound values about hard work, that's so cool.
My hat's off to you :)

Thank you, @cryptodan (and fellow SteemitBC member) :-)

Way to go Dad. More parents need to instill the hard work ethic yes but you seem to have a fairness and demonstrate balance. Thanks for sharing

Thank you! I do try to be fun for them and not just make them work all the time. :-)

In my opinion you're absolutely right, knowing how to do something is empowering and builds confidence in oneself!

I like your opinion. ;-) I know it's come in handy for me in my lifetime!

What a fun way to teach him life's lessons. Be well together. 🐓🐓

I try to be as creative as I can be... when I can. :) Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Thanks back at you. Keep up the fine work with the little man. You are blessed to have him. 🐓🐓

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