Children in the House

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The children "woke up" one morning and found themselves in a house.

They played around "the house" and found all sorts of things.

Some got stones, some metals and still some made thin wood. Being children they loved what they found, played with them and treasured them.

Then they asked one another: "Where are we?", "Who brought us here?" and "Why?".

"We're nowhere!" said some, "No one brought us here!" retort another bunch and "Just because" came the reply to the last question.

Eventually they got bored and bicker with one another, some lit fires, some filled their space with garbage and sadly some even hurt the other children just to be able to stand on their place.

They think they are quite "intelligent" because they can now make so many kind of "toys".

The children does not even understand how they got in the "house" they cannot build. Eat the food they cannot make, drink the water that they did not provide and breath the air that they cannot even see.

If you were the one that provided all these things for these children, how would you feel? When they don't even believe you're there in the first place, and even if they believe you are there, the children are instead cursing you for whatever hardship they are having because of the way they themselves behave and the way the other children treat them. You left a note on the wall on how to use the house and how to behave, yet they don't pay any attention to that. How would you feel?

The children may never grow up and they continue collecting metals, stones and wood...while they slowly destroy the house.

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