Chibera - New Crowdfunding and Funding Options!

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Chibera is now offering more investment and crowdfunding options for the people in the community have been asking for them. We here at Chibera are now proud to announce PayPal and Bank funding options.

You can now contribute with Paypal just find your package and send the required amount and a note with your Steem username. These funds will then find there way into Steem. We will then use donate as you to reflect your donation made via PayPal.

Because of the huge price movements, crypto crowdfunding has been really slow. To ensure funding we looked into other funding options to ensure project completion.

Chibera Steem Crowdfunding Perks

Current Deals going on

This special offering ends on September 10th.

This offer is only for liquid Steem and sbd contributions!

Currently Delegation is not eligible for this offer!

Level 6 and Level 7 Perk contributors get one extra friend alongside them.
Level 8 and Level 9 Perk contributors get two extra friends alongside them.
Level 10 Perk contributors get three extra friends alongside them.

Now if this isn’t the perfect deal for couples, parties and starting guilds, I don’t know what is!

Investment options

Investments into Chibera inc will now be in Steem, Paypal and Bank transactions half of all these transactions will be put into Steem Power, allowing us to reward our users and show how committed we are to the community.

Chibera Inc Looking For Investors


Resteem and Upvote To Help Us Out

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