If I'm hosting and running this match, why do I suddenly feel like a passenger?

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I only just realised the seriousness of my Queen's circumstances. For this move at least, my game is on rails.
I can't see any way I'm going to keep her, but I'm hoping she takes some company to Valhalla.

The steemit changes are certainly interesting. I'm getting plenty of upvotes, but the little eye shows only a handful of views.
Perhaps I'm being auto-upvoted by followers, or bots have started relying on these healthy payouts. Either way, I really like the changes. They make the site look much more polished

There's been some talk about spreading the reward around a little, dividing it up based on total upvotes.
I'm completely open to this, and will probably do so if I run another match.
I'll stick to the current winner-takes-all approach for this game, to remain consistent; but I would encourage those who likes the idea, to publicly commit themselves to it.
If, at the end of the match, black wins, and the player at the top of the board has previously undertaken to spread the wealth, then I'm happy to do so on his behalf.

Again, this will be all of the steem in my wallet at the time, from all sources.

Follow me to see what happens next. Previous posts are all under the #chessmatch tag.

Join in, have fun, and be excellent to each other


I'm on holiday so away from my board to suggest a move (been playing with lego instead), but as the current third place holder, I'm also fine with spreading the winning love around.

I was going to be cheeky and plug a link to my post on my lego adventures here, but I don't think I can on the eSteem mobile app. If anyone is interested, check out my blog.

I'm not precious about it, feel free if you can.

You're on the list. Enjoy your trip :)

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