Join the Steemychess chess team, play against other Steemians, and earn Steem!

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In cooperation with @stranger27 @steemsports, and @chessmasters, I proudly present Steemychess, the chess team where you can play against other Steemians, and earn rewards if you win! I'm also planning to make this upcoming account into a multisig account, that will be turned into a chesswhale! How cool is that??

There will be betting on the winners of these matches, as well as more high-level chess events, run by @chessmasters, which will also post chess content that will go into a rewards pool for players. Chessmasters is supported by @smooth and @nextgencrypto. If you think the name of the team is too corny, I'm open for suggestions! Welcome on board, this is going to be awesome!
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I wanna play!


Nice, you are welcome! Start by joining steemychess on!

I'm in! When can we start? Do you have an Elo rating?


Great! We can start as soon as both the teams have a certain number of players, enough to have a match.
My elo rating is just established, and is right now 1810.
Start of by going to lichess, make an account, and join the team!
The Steemit account is coming up soon, I need to learn the procedure first.

I forgot to mention that steemychess is to be found on, the amazing free and open source chess site, with an excellent user interface. And also that you also can join the team Chess Dragons, initiated by @stranger 27.
Read his post here:

I haven't played chess for decades (I turned into go a couple of years ago, although I am not barely playing anything at all since my children were born...).

Good luck with this project!


Thank you! I have played a bit of Go as well, it's a lovely game!

Fascinating concept. Will it be possible to watch the games via streaming?


I want us to have streaming , both on chessmasters, and on steemychess , but this will be done by individual users. A good idea would be to have a crowfunding campaign for streaming equipment, like webcams and microphones. I would need a new webcam and an mic converter , to do a stream in proper quality. And streaming in bad quality is not much appreciated.


Definitely and I think that could be arranged via some posts and some whale support. I also think that perhaps Steemit themselves could be asked if they would be interested in sponsoring it? It think if you have any chess lovers on the main team it would not be so hard.


Cool idea! I will look into that!

this is a great idea. I wanna be apart of this. How can I play?


You already asked to join the team and got accepted. Here is the link anyway,for
the others:


Make sure you follow @chessmasters. I think that the next tournament is on Sunday.