Chess problem 65 / Schachaufgabe 65

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Hi chess fans! :)

Yes, I have kept you waiting for quite a while for my now finally finished new chess puzzle, but I hope it was worth it and this quiz meets both the aesthetic demands of the chess connoisseur and those to offer the highest possible degree of difficulty.

Black has to check mate in no more than six moves against the best possible white defense!
Are you able to find the solution? :)


Hallo Schachfreunde! :)

Ja, ich habe euch mal wieder eine ganze Weile auf mein nun endlich fertiges Schachrätsel warten lassen, aber ich hoffe, es hat sich gelohnt und dieses Quiz erfüllt sowohl die ästhetischen Ansprüche des Schachgenießers als auch diejenigen, einen möglichst hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad zu bieten.

Schwarz soll gegen die bestmögliche weiße Verteidigung in nicht mehr als maximal sechs Zügen schachmatt setzen!
Findet ihr die Lösung? :)

Black to move:
Schwarz am Zug:

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Hi @jaki01. Here my solution:

When I saw the position for the first time, I realized that if I could place a queen in the f6 square it would be checkmate. I tried to think about how to eliminate the white bishop from square f3 but I did not see any good moves. Then I realized that if I placed the bishop of c4 in e6 and the pawn in f6, the only square for the white king was the square f4. That's when I realized that if the black queen or the bishop of g1 controlled the diagonal c1-h6, the mate would be unstoppable:

  1. ... Qe3
  2. dxe3 Bxe3
  3. Qb3 Be6
  4. Qxe6+ fxe6
  5. Bg4 Nf7#
  1. Bg4 and then?

Btw. your last move should be 5. ... Nf7#.


After 3. Bg4:
3.. ... Be6 (with the same idea)
4.. Bxe6 fxe6
5.. Rf1 c5! White can't stop the mate on c6 with the Knight!


Sorry to test you so thoroughly, haha, but what will you play after:

  1. ... Qe3
  2. Rxg1 ? :-)
  1. ... Qe3
  2. Rxg1 Qh6 (This was my first idea when I saw the position ^^)
  3. Kd4 (this move only delays the checkmate) Ne6+
  4. Ke5 Qf6#

Finally I have to declare you as winner! :)

I hope you enjoyed solving this quiz!


Thanks my friend :)

That's good to see your chess contest and hope you can find a winner this time too!


Schon kompliziert. Dann steht es noch Kopf rum^^.
Da7 oder c5 oder Springer sind so meine ersten Ideen. Am Springer hängt es irgendwie. Vielleicht schaue ich später nochmal rein.
Ich glaube c5 wird doch schonmal nix Sxd3 Sc6+

c5 Qa2 oder Sxd3
Sc6+ Kf5 oder Kf4
Le6+ Kf4 oder Kg5; Dd2+ okay Kxg3 Lf2 funktioniert nicht, weil Springer auf d3 steht.
wie gesagt, später nochmal überlegen^^


Ich habe inzwischen eine 'Musterlösung' herausgegeben, siehe oberster Kommentar. :)

(Ja, das Brett sieht man aus schwarzer Sicht, weil Schwarz gewinnen soll.)


schau es mir an :).
dann doch nicht mehr weiter drüber gegrübelt^^

Hello jaki01! I was recommended to your page through bleujay, but now I remember you from my old account. Glad you are still doing well! I am starting my own business and bleujay recommended that I post daily or weekly problems for adults like you do. Seems like a good idea and fun! Best wishes to you!

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As I understand it, a Steem(it?) community feature is in the works. Surely, we plan on creating a chess community when that gets implemented in the future?

If so, is there a chess community SMT(s) in the works? It would be cool to have our own currency for chess tournament prize pools and what-have-you. I'm curious what kind of funds the Steemit community would invest into such an ICO. My guess is nothing like Steemmonsters, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if it rivaled it.

@jaki01 - Sir now it's rare to see people who can solve your chess problems... You are genius in this game Sir...


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Thanks for sharing
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Great game. thanks for sharing

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Congrats to the winner of this contest .

Another good chess problem to the Steem community.

Your game is fantastic.

a good chess problem & nice contest @jaki01

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This is a special treat for chess fans.

After a long time you have posted puzzle related to chess which is nice to see.

This is really cool idea to share this game with us.

Looking for the answer of that genius mind

Isn't the Queen is either alone or with a small contingent of "Elite Bodyguard"? I don't think a lone woman or 20-30 elite soldiers will be able to take on even 1000 peasants with pitchforks (the size of a regiment) I highly doubt anyone will go to war with. You can just attack them from the side with your Infantry Regiment (at least Men-at-arms) at G4 that are covered by F4 and while the Queen's guard are distracted you can rush and potentially capture her with the Infantry at H2 or send in the Cavalry at G1 if the Elite Guard aren't equipped with spears. Having no troops close by Black can only hope to counter F4 with the Infantry on E6 and rush the Infantry at H7 to H4 and hope they are fast enough to assist the Queen's guard and escort the Queen back. Anything more would expose the flank too much and make it vulnerable to a counter attack. In other words this tactic is a complete failure as it leaves White at a great advantage and potentially destroys a third of Black's infantry. But the bigger question is what is the Queen of all people doing on the battlefield.


What exactly is your solution now? :)
Please use any standard chess notation ...

I love this game, but I cannot provide the solution, hopefully steemian comrades there who can answer him.


The solution is already out (check my comment on top of the site).

Nicely poised game challenging one.


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By the way, it's not forbidden to upvote "perfect" posts. :)


Thanks for the upvote! :)


your welcome my friend😘

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chess play is not idea and Excellent article.
thanks for sharing
100% like and resteem

Great concept as moves from here are difficult.

WAITING for the champ move ;)

Pretty tough moves as i am still beginer.

Solution has been come out . Best wishes to winner .

Again good mind refreshing gaming post .

i am trying much. bt i do not understanding the online gamig and coading system .. .. bt i know to play chase very well ..
well i am waiting for the comenta. and try to understandin ..

Thanks for your chess article. It is a good work
Thanks @jaki01
have a great day

Hallo ich bin Mikrobi,

dein Beitrag hat mir sehr gut gefallen und du bekommst von mir Upvote.
Ich bin ein Testbot, wenn ich alles richtig gemacht habe, findest du deinen Beitrag in meinem Report wieder.



Nice quiz sir.. @jaki01

Wow.. I like the chose game. It make me happy.

this is really very challenging and clearly troublesome white defense. @jaki, you made us think very hard about this. thank you for the challenge.

Great publication Greetings to you

my father's favor game chess

i am also trying to play it!!!