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You're outside on a clear-blue sunny day. Hours later, it’s not. Weather naturally changes all the time, and these last years, more and more people worldwide are noticing it changing unnaturally. One need only be attuned to what to look for, and then observe on your own. If you’re old enough like Bob, you remember the way skies and clouds were decades back, and that they nonny donny look the same no more.

We're talking Chemtrails or Geoengineering. Other terms (and somewhat related topic ones) bandied about include:

  • Solar Radiation Management( SRM)
  • Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI)
  • Climate Engineering
  • Cloud Seeding
  • Weather Modification
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)
  • Ocean Fertilization
  • Climate Intervention (or Disruption)
  • HAARP (ionospheric heaters)

It's a hotly guarded and contested area, with a ton of mis- and dis-informaton, in a world of controlled opposition gatekeepers, shills, trolls and we confused (m)asses. Bob's waded in everywhere, and it takes time.

Here’s an initial, non-exhaustive set of resources to consider:

  1. Geoengineering Watch
  2. Global Skywatch
  3. Carnicom Institute
  4. ClimateViewer
  5. AirCrap
  6. Weather War 101 (one personal fave even though not Chemtrail focused)
  7. StopSprayingUs
  8. Strange Days Strange Skies (via Image Event)
  9. HAARP.net
  10. Chemtrails Planet
  11. Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects (via YMLP)

There's mis- and dis-info mixed in above (not by Bob's hand). It's unlikely to find 100% truth and accuracy in any single source. Real info is constantly denigrated, attacked, and labeled as BS, or sometimes, ignored. Sources also attack each other as well, directly, or via their minions. YOU are the only one that can take the care, analysis and critical thinking required to find truth.

This “killer” new documentary, FrankenSkies, brilliantly shows that this practice has been around for several decades, with multiple objectives and an expanding agenda. Watch in full (1h 21m) below.

Here are a few short, stray, demonstrative aerial "encounters" for those not yet open to or having ever considered this topic.

From a few days ago, another vivid one, even if mislabeled a contrail, as our pilot camerman, LouB747, likely enjoys keeping his flying gig.

THE primary, classic disinformation ploy pushed on any maverick mofos noticing “sky stuff” was to summarily dismiss such claims as merely being condensation trails (aka contrails), as opposed to any “fictional” chemtrails (chemical trails). That worked for a loooooong while in keeping the waters muddied.

Many folks are now hip to the difference—so much so, that the official denial narrative has had to evolve:

#1) “Soon, we are going to consider doing this.”

Per this excellent post Are "Chemtrails" Real? CIA Director John O. Brennan Seems To Think So by @tuck-fheman, the veil is being lifted. This post further stands out in its perspective of including a patent progression timeline of the commercialized intellectual property over several decades. It fits hand in glove with the FrankenSkies time scale above.

Here's the key relevant snippet from Brennan's 2016 address to the Council on Foreign Relations.

#2) “We are going to start doing this, and it will be good.”

Cue some sell-out domain experts, attach some intellectual gravitas credentials like Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program, and presto majesto, we get this.

#3) “We are now doing it.”

NASA Performs Chemtrails Experiment Above Maryland

Nighttime Rocket Launch To Create Colorful Clouds in Space
N.B. Bob deeply appreciates NASA’s planned chemtrail test launch on June 29 to celebrate his birthday. It's another “coink-e-dink” on the same date ex CIA Head, John Brennan, spoke at the CFR last year on this very topic.

Another recent complementary cover(t) ploy is clouds have now “evolved” magically with New Cloud Types Added For the First Time in 30 Years.

Burrowing ever deeper on everything generally going on in our realm, the more one unearths, the more one needs a sense of humor.

There’s deffo “truth in humor” going on with this catchy ditty.

Despite digging the dark deliciousness, musically, Bob’s feeling more exotic today so it won’t count as the closing musical bonus. Twofer Tuesday!

Like all cloaked, nefarious activities, such operations rely on people doing their job and being hierarchically knowledge compartmentalized. Some do get suspicious, and question. Others just take more money and look away.

Those who awaken AND have the courage to speak out are rare, like Kristen Meghan, ex US Air Force.

This German mechanical ground crewman lost his job (and career).

So the BIG question is … WHY is this being done?

It’s a multi-pronged thrust not only tied to purposeful climate change / weather control, but also affecting the environment and human health (increasing dementia and Alzheimer's, Morgellons, depopulation, nanobots, the transhumanism agenda and more).

Dig on your own there as the rabbithole descends. A few of those offshoots may well be discussed down the road separately.

QSTN (aka Question) – Osanha
Bossa Nova / Acid Jazz / Instrumental Hip Hop / Cut-Up
employs various song samples incl. Baden Powell &
Vinícius de Moraes (ft. Quarto Em Cy) – Canto de Ossanha (1966)

Release: Favela EP (2014)

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One of the video links up there got taken down re Kristen Meghan (ex USAF). Always a good sign that truth be told there. Here is a parallel link to same.

Another good piece on this same topic recently stumbled upon with some additional insights. This a good podcast on the topic. Just over an hour via @LightOnConspiracies

Cody Snodgres – Operation Indigo Skyfall

There is some misinfo / disinfo in there I found in the odd tangential places, plus a little science mumbo jumbo, but the VAST majority is good, easy to follow, on point, and with some new aspects not heard before.

Overall, it is part of a three-pronged attack on humanity -- the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat, for a hopped up trifecta on steroids. There is some background also on the reasoning behind the name used in Indigo Skyfall. Essentially, our pineal gland (all-seeing eye) chakra color is indigo and hence the name, as their aim is to disable that gland (and a whole lot more too).