San Pedro Mescaline Extraction C11H17NO3 - Cactus/H2O/Vinegar/Lime/Xylene/HLC

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This yield was 400mg

DSC_0087 2.JPG

Just one 12"x 4" cutting of San Pedro will yield roughly one dose of Mescaline.


Nature is great at doing its job. New pups will rise from the healed cutting.


Slice the cutting into serval smaller pieces.


Liquify it in a blender. eye'm sure you've made fruit juice before...


Add 1/4 cup a distilled white vinegar. This will drop the pH to 2.5 and help remove the natural alkaloids from their organic state into their salt state, which is water soluble.


Bring to a simmer over low heat.
Be aware that the blender will create SO MUCH foam.
We need to reduce this vinegar saturated cacti foam to mush.
It is ok to add more water to the blender and get it all out.
Now is time to reduce the mix to something workable by simmered heat.



Continue to reduce until the organic material begins to surface from the liquid. We have removed enough water.
Let this cool down and then put in a container for an overnight freeze.
The freeze expansion will destroy any plant cell wall remaining to expose all of the goodies.

DSC_0059 2.JPG

Now use a saucepan to thaw our cacti-ice-cube.

DSC_0060 2.JPG

Put the thawed cacti mush in a mixing bowl.

DSC_0061 2.JPG

Add Lime. This is Calcium Hydroxide and is used to pickle cucumbers.
It is much safer than other basic catalysts like Sodium Hydroxide (Lye).
This will raise our pH to 13.

DSC_0062 2.JPG

Add a 50:50 ratio Lime:Cacti and mix. This will create a mild reaction. You will hear the snap, crackle and pops.

Mix Well

DSC_0063 2.JPG

This next step should be done outside or in a very well ventilated area.
Use a mask.

Xylene is a non-polar solvent meaning it does not mix with water. What we have done to the cactus through a vinegar acid wash to a basification with lime has made the Mescaline alkaloids able to transfer from the mush into the Xylene. Add a little and mix. Xylene is CLEAR, and it will take on a yellow color as is draws in the mescaline alkaloid profile. Use a measuring cup for better pouring capabilities.

DSC_0064 2.JPG

Use wood or glass to stir the mix. Never metal or plastic when playing with chemicals unless you've checked that there will be no reactions with the chemicals. When using Sodium Hydroxide as a base, metal should never be used.. however, that technique is slightly different and meant for larger extractions. Sodium Hydroxide liquid techniques are preferred when creating psychedelics for the masses.

DSC_0065 2.JPG

Repeat this step several times. probably 6 times. Mash your much down and pour the Mescaline filled Xylene into a collection jar.

DSC_0068 2.JPG

Now that we've isolated the Mescaline, how are we going to get it out of this AWFUL smelling toxic chemical fuel? Well, our Mescaline's chemical compound state can be changed. We changed it into a Salt with the vinegar, and then a base or into its 'free base' state with the Lime.
We will make a very small highly acid aqueous solution with Hydrochloric acid (HLC) and water to mix with this non-polar solvent to further concentrate and isolate it.

We will use 25ml of water and 1 drop of HLC. There are about 25 liquid drops in 1ml.. so we are reducing the strength of our acid by 500x.. still retaining a pH 2.5.

DSC_0071 2.JPG

A separatory funnel works great for this step, get one or don't do this extraction.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.55.53 PM.png

Mix the Xylene with our newly created acidic solution. Let the emulsion settle and separate. The Xylene will still remain Yellow but it is now void of Mescaline, as it is living in the water. We must separate the water and let it dry by fan.

DSC_0076 2.JPG

DSC_0082 2.JPG

Dried needlelike Mescaline crystals on glass.


DSC_0252 2.JPG

DSC_0094 2.JPG

San Pedro (St. Peter) ~ The Saint who holds the keys to heaven.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.13.42 PM.png

"Avoid Gurus, Follow Plants" ~Terence Mckenna

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Very interesting. There is San Pedro everywhere where I live and I've drunk quite a few times. I was wondering if a smokeable form could be made.


Wow that is an intense process. You can also just stop after boiling (skip all the chemistry) and use cheese cloth to strain out the plant matter. Just drink the cactus juice. Its foul but if you drink it with some chasers of your favorite fruit juice beverage its not so bad, and it does the trick just as well with way less prep.

Appreciate breaking it down though, this would be worth it to me if you were making a lot at once.


@solar yes of course,

Psy have slurped the thick green slime and that is extremely effective, however with an even more primitive approach like eating a foot of cactus for breakfast (hopefully de barbbed) Eye'd assume it would be just as effective..

This technique is designed for one(personal) dose.

This crystal can also be smoked or dosed intravenously - Psy have never attempted these although have read about smoked experiences. Nevertheless -- dissolving a salt in water and injecting it is highly effective. The crystal can be packed into capsules too.

It is also an added bonus to understand the taste of Mescaline, opposed to cactus - yuck.

This is certainly a much longer and more meditative process - that is the point. It is more of a hobbyist's activity. The DryTek with Calcium Hydroxide.

To scale up the extraction we would do what you were saying, make tea and filter out the solids. This we would reduce to our liking - for example.. Lets say we put 50 doses in this glass jug.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 8.11.33 PM.png

We make juice with 50 cuttings, simmer - reduce and get this jug full. We then use Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)to Base

We still need to 'Pull" with Xylene.. The hands-on process is slightly different but the core alchemical fundamentals remain true.

That's certainly your best post yet. I haven't seen San Pedro here yet. Does this also work with Peyote?



Peyote is endangered and takes ~20 or 30 years to grow a small plant. Just stick to san pedro, way cheaper, easier to grow and you aren't killing off a sacred and really beautiful succulent.


Great advice!


Thank you for the advice. I wasn't aware that it takes that long to grow. I just heard that Peyote shamans cut only the top 2/3 of the cactus to allow it to regrow. But if San Pedro is more common than it is probably also easier to get anyway.


Yes. Peyote is also highly concentrated with Mescaline. Both San Pedro and Peyote are simply containers for this wonderful alkaloid called Mesclaine.

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How many cacti do you keep at a time to keep harvesting? I saw the pic of the one you cut then also the little ones in pots indoors. Do you keep them on perpetual harvest? And how many times have you extracted Mescaline?