The Joy of Cheese - A trip to the Wensleydale Cheese Factory

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Who doesn't love cheese... well I know of at least one person who doesn't. Strange that. There's not much to say on the matter of cheese apart from it's probably the most amazing foodstuff known to man. We recently took a trip to the Wensleydale cheese factory in Yorkshire, UK. We heard through the grapevine they gave away free cheese for tasting. It was no myth. Oh, how we gorged ourselves on free Coverdale and many other varieties. Not only was it a cheese-fest of epic proportions, we even learned some stuff.

Here are some heavily overprocessed images taken on the day. I've tried to make them look old fashioned but probably just succeeded in making them look a bit crap. They were taken with a phone. Oh, the shame....


The entrance portal to an experience that every cheese lover should partake in


This contraption used to be used either for sucking the juice out of cows or capturing flying spaghetti monsters. I think it's the former.


Another old-fashioned moo juice sucker. This one for a cow with only two udders. Or maybe it's something Austin Powers used once.


In the days when maids used to carry milk, this is what they would throw over their shoulders. That's gonna weigh a shitload when full of milk.


These glass receptacles were delivered by the milkman. Full of milk they were. Then the supermarkets moved in and all of the milkmen disappeared. For some reason, this milk was not used to make cheese. What a waste.


This is a milk churn. Fill it with milk and whizz that handle round. You are on the way to cheese heaven


Look at all these churns. A veritable churn-fest


Hot milk goes in at the top, cold milk comes out of the bottom. It's the one and only milk cooler


Not a clue what this was. Looks a bit like a meat grinder.


This big rock was used for squashing the liquid out of cheese. That's where cheese slices were invented.


This has nothing to do with cheese either, it's for curing bacon. Not a scooby doo what this was doing in a cheese factory. Although cheese and bacon are maybe even better than cheese alone. I think they did this to make you hungry and spend money in the cafe.


The Uber of cheese delivery. That rear needs a bit of air.


Wallace and Grommit, the most famous of cheese consumers.

So there you go. That's a little post on what I saw at the cheese factory. It was just minutes after this that we hit the tasting area and got the cheese sweats from eating too much.

Thanks for reading


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Cheeeeeese, Grommit! So cool you got to go to the Wensleydale Creamery! Legendary!

Yes! Good old Yorkshire! Can't beat a visit to the sex museu- uh, I mean 'cheese factory'.....

You had me at cheese.


How sweet. :)


Is that a quote from Jerry McGruyère?

Lol! I enjoyed this. And was I the one person?


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I've done that, nothing shows in my post. I suspect that's correct though.

Thanks for the ode to cheese and pics of all the cool cheese contraptions. I have to admit I was a little disappointed there were no shots of the tastings in the tasting room. After all that talk of cheese I thought for sure there would be some cheese porn :P I understand would've been the last thing on my mind as well.


Precisely. It's hard to take photos when you are concentrating on not throwing up due to overeating.

All I see is textures. I can touch all of that ornaments from my super warm study here in Nigeria. Amazing photographs. And, add a footnote that someone somewhere hasn't tasted real cheese, ever. I don't mean those fake cotton candies that get brandished as cheese. From the tales of cheese's heroics, I always knew those were NOT "cheeseballs." There's nothing cheesy about them.


Thanks for the kind comments Akpan.

Hi Mark. The shame of phone photos is completely mitigated by the overwhelming cheesy-ness of this post 😉 I love cheese, I mean who doesn't... well vegans but I am gonna shut up now in case I end up offending any vegans who may happen along this post. Check this out that a friend got me for Christmas. I made mozzarella the other week and despite it taking about an hour to make it was totally worth it:



That is just awesome. I quite fancy making some cheese myself.


I was given a halloumi making kit last christmas - it took a whole afternoon and you need 4 litres of gold top milk to do it! The cheese was, suffice to say, very creamy.

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Thanks Mark,

That was truly a tasty and enjoyable post to consume through and through. My one gripe is, Now I have unquenchable desire for fancy cheese. Thanks to you, I may have to go spend a bit of coin to satiate that desire. :^P


Try Wensleydale if you can get it. They do a version called Coverdale which is absolutely delicious.

Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable mentions list in today's #TravelDigest!

@markangeltrueman groovy baby!! free samples of cheese just awesome pics, Cheers Bro

Hi Mark, I used to work in a artisan cheese shop, so this brings back a lot of memories, we stocked wensleydale too, so great to know where it comes from! gone are those cheese days tho for health reasons i'm vegan now but that does not mean you can't have fun. If you like cheese maybe you like chocolate?, i'd love it if you check my post out for healthy vegan chockies There's a good reason not have diary in your chocs you absorb all the good nutrients and antioxidants that RAW chocolate has to offer, its better than coffee too :)

Here are so many theme museums in Korea which I haven't had the chance to visit yet. There's so much nostalgia in these photos it's given me the urge to make a mission to one nearby - maybe this summer. Admittedly, what drew me to read this post was my love for Monty Python ;-)