📣Missing Steemit.Chat While It's Down? Come Onto Discord!📣

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I just wanted to go on to Steemit.Chat to talk to a friend but the site is down.

Well it's actually more than down, it's totes out.

There is a message on the page which reads this :



the pieces of the puzzle have been put together.

@riverhead has dropped in the witness list because major stakeholders decided to un-vote him which means that he will earn less therefore unable to keep up the expensive steemit.chat.

This is definitely a shame because there were so many communities on steemit.chat that really created friendships and helped eachother out!

It also made me think about what are the top 20 witnesses actually bringing to the Steemit table.

I am going to go on a little investigation! :)

But have no fear!

Steemit.chat will be back up soon as @followbtcnews will be heading a team of peeps to maintain the chat.

When that will be EXACTLY will be, it's unsure!

But for now, hop onto Discord!

There are loads of communities on there that you can join!

Or maybe even start your own Discord server and get your Steemie friends to join!

The options are ENDLESS!

And if you are looking for a community but don't know what to join, send me a private message.

My username is : ashleykalila#9551

Looking forward to seeing you on Discord!

Hope Steemit.chat is up and running asap!

Art by @Juliakponsford who'll be getting a slice of the SBD from this post

BIG love,



Made by the wonderful @overkillcoin who is TOTALLY amazing and you should follow RIGHT now!


My LoveProject is @humansofsteemit! Featuring the humans behind the Steemit usernames!


Oh I love this! I just sent you an invitation on Discord!

I personally never used the Steemit.Chat and have always been on Discord...

That's what I love about Steem and the blockchain, it's so peculiar and fascinating and interesting communities don't just pop up "on the blockchain", they pop up in and around it too!

I find that Steemit would be woefully inadequate for us to make the most of the Steem blockchain, but with other tools and the ability for us to all come together, wherever it may be! Damn!

That's what I'm talking about! This is a real Network!!!

Tots love it and tots love this post! Everybody should be on Discord!

Hope to have fun little chat some time :))

Peace @ashleykalila xx


Let's chat soon :) :) :)

Oh and BTW


First we had regular seeds... Then we had Starseeds...

And now we have Steemseeds!

Steem on haha :))

Aaaah man, if you loe this art then I've got a ton of good people for you to check out!

But firstly, check out @elohprojects

His shit is TOO good!!


I did what you said to do and experienced a stroke and ascended to the 7th dimension never to return to my body again... I'm currently typing this having taken over a schizophrenic man's mind who's graciously allowed me to come back and write you a thank you note from the etheric realm before I depart into the great cosmos to become one with the Godhead.

Thank you for setting me from my mortal coil xx

Thank you! There is a post on my blog with 12 variations that are free to use under the creative commons license, you can edit/remix etc :)

I have not been that active in Steem.chat but I made an account and did join a few of Firepower's contest.

It's a great service especially for the when asking help from timcliff and drakos on a lot of people unable to create their accounts.

Yet most of the great groups are in Discord. It just offers so much options.

Oh how have you been? It's been forever!


Discord is my main thang too but I used Steemit.chat to talk to a few of my Steemit friends! hehe

I've been a bit absent off of Steem due to being a busy bee and life swallowing up my time! :)

But I am back :) hahaha

What's steemit.chat?

Just kidding, but not really kidding. I spent a tiny bit of time on there, but it didn't feel right - way less appealing than discord - so I haven't returned and I'm not missing it at all.

That witness story is very interesting. I learned something new here. Thank you!

P.S. I love that rocketfish as well as that artwork by Julia :>)



Yeaa I learned a ton through doing all the digging and researching.
Was a good experience.

Coming up with a new series now too! On other witnesses and what they are doing :)

Excited for Berlin?

Great article.
What do you think about the Dan-Ned split with new EOS competitor to Steemit?

I am unsure really.

But I understand the reasoning why Dan is 'unhappy' with the Steem blockchain.

I just think this is a natural way of things happening.

You create something.
You evaluate.
You evolve.
And create something new which in your opinion is better than the one before.

Makes sense but whether or not this is going to be a true competitor for the Steem blockchain, that remains to be seen.

I have VERY little knowledge of how this all works but I guess time will tell.


Thankyou for the very informative article.
Hope they fix it soon. I'll message you sometime on discord.

get in touch :)

Yeah, bummer on the hiatus of Steemit Chat That was my MAIN place for post promotion. Perhaps you can do a write-up of ADDITIONAL platforms where we can all promote our posts while Steemit Chat is down (that is, Discord, Facebook, etc.) I like Steemit Chat the best for promotion because the posting proceed seems to flow better (post, react, etc.) I don't get the same on Discord, and on Facebook I get spammed and accused of spam by Suckarberg, CIA & Friends... Perhaps it is ALSO good time to focus more on COMMENTING. Just some ideas as we all go through Steemit Chat withdrawal...

Aaha yea

Don't think I am the woman for this job seen as I do all of my post promoting on Discord and Twitter :)


Steemit.chat will be up and running soon.

@followbtcnews who is taking it over sent me a tweet saying it'll be up soon! :)

Great post @ashleykalila. Keep going :)

sometimes the little things will become a feeling that is stored in the heart. let alone about friendship.
hopefully healthy @ashleykalila. hopefully keep in touch with the people closest to you.

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