SE Charts: UFM

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This project got started because Steem Engine is missing a charting functionality.

Today we are looking at another reader request: UFM - the native token of the UpFundMe network.

This tribe is focused on crowd funding, Steem projects and services, contests and giveaways.

You can find it at The main account is @upfundme.

Unstake cooldown: 31 days.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself


Left Y-Axis: Token Volume; Right Y-Axis: Steem/UFM

Time frame: 10.07.2019 until 12.10.2019

Price data is represented by daily lows in order to be conservative. Some tokens display a huge spread or sometimes don't trade at all. The daily low represents a bid where a transaction could happen.

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If you want to make some charts on your own:

Charting Ressources for SE Tokens

Disclaimer 1: Author owns no UFM at the time of writing.

Disclaimer 2: These charts do not constitute investment advice. Especially not for @trumpman.

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