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Good things happen to those "Hustle" harder than the average person ~ Charles Fuchs.

What up STACKERS (AKA Crypto Lovers) .... Another Day, Another Grind! 😎

Today I decided to talk about the word "Hustle", it's a word that gets thrown around lately of how hard a person works on his goals. 👨🏼‍💻

I found out a long time ago that people tend to say they "Hustle" hard but most of the time it's usually just talk without any action. Sometimes I fall into this kind of behavior but it's not a way to get things done.

So the topic for today is.... "Why Your Steemit Account Sucks"? 😳

There are people here on Steemit that want instant gratification and success in a short period of time, I'm going to tell you right now... you are setting yourself up for failure. ☹

I see the typical posts on here about people that they are hustlin.... then complaining that they don't get upvotes, that their content is way better than most, that this person don't deserve this or that etc... etc...

Just all complaints and no action... 🙇🏼

I can usually tell instantly by looking at a Steemians profile if they are just lying or really doing the work to become successful on Steemit. 🙌🏼

It's not really about just writing great content (remember it's Social media)... it's take 10X more effort than that.

You see, you need to start doing more... people may ask "What else do I need to do"? 🤷🏼‍♂️

First off, there are many things you can do such as become an investor in Steem + Steem power, comment and interact in the community, upvote awesome people, talk about your personal life, supply tons of value, being very consistent, be interesting, and most important of all... talk about how you are making Steemit an awesome place to be on.

These are just small examples what a Steemian must do. ✅

For Example, I upvoted more than 30,000+ posts, did over 10,000+ comments, did over 5750+ replies, over 150+ blog posts (1- or 2 times a day) just to name a few in 6 months. 

All this can be looked up on Steemboard. 👨🏼‍🏫

Go take a look at your numbers, are they up to par to all the successful Steemains on here, if not... why not? So are your really Hustlin' (working harder) than most of the people on here?

Nobody really wants to hear the truth, but sometimes one must really take it as constructive criticism to become better than they were.

Hope this post doesn't piss you off but to motivate and inspire all of you to get better at what you are doing right now and if you really want it.... REALLY WANT IT... Got get it. 🤑

With that being said, Have an awesome week my friends! 💞

P.S. For those who are interested in following my daily activities that I do in very short form called "Micro Blogging" on Steemit... you can follow me there also: @charles-fuchs. 😀

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I could not say it better.
Hustling on steemit is no joke.
If your background has nothing to do with blogging, you have to reinvent the wheels.
I love steemit. It is what it is.
Keep on steemit


Steemit Love lol :)

A really nice and motivating post....nobody should get pissed off according to me....I really enjoyed reading , each and every words are true.


Let's go make it happen :)

hey, my account doesn't sucks! ahah kidding..
If you want something bad, put more effort, easy!


Hey now, 61 rating isn't all that bad! :)

I'm definitely hustlin.
I actually just posted about today being my 6 month anniversary on steemit.
Fuck I love this place.


We’re 6 month graduates of Steemit 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


Hey @jonny-clearwater , I'm gonna follow you, I havn't checked out any of your content yet but 100% upvote for the rockin beard brother!!!!

This is gonna be somewhat of a private question, I'm going to upvote my own post to throw it to the top. But I work about 11 hours a day as a structural engineer. I go to the gym anywhere from 2-5 times a week and do murderous cardio and sparring. Fitting in steemit is TOUGH. I write everything on evernote on the train ride from job site to job site, during lunch, on the train ride home. etc.

Where do you find the time? Cause I am EXHAUSTED. In fact its 830 PM right now and Im still at work. I just threw up a short article on my blog for my 30 day, 30 post challenge. Today was a bit of a beater cause I didnt get to write as much as I wanted. But staying focused and honest to a challenge was more important, so i cut the length down in favor for being concise.

this is HARD WORK.

Whats your schedule like to accomplish the number of comments and votes that you have done???


now its 1130PM, and im starting to write tomorrows post about engineering!


Get on streemian. It has auto posts. Schedule some out when you do have the time so they go up when you are busy.


I just go with the flow, you see we all have 24 hours a day. I run multiple sites and business also but the trick is doing them fast and quick, I can get things done faster than the average person. Maybe it was the skill I developed many years ago :)

Hey buddy great post. I've been on here since sometime around June or July of this year, far from as long as many people but I also think I've lasted longer than your average person. I put in work and am pretty consistant at having a presence on here, however at the same time if I honestly assess myself and my behavior on here I'm not as active as I probably need to be and don't put in as much time or grind as hard as I do on other platforms.

That said while I definately see my shortcommings I'm still a little disapointed with my progress on the site.

I think the biggest thing I need to work on is engaging with others and commenting on other people's stuff more so than just posting my own stuff but my one critique or complaint for lack of a better word is while there is some great content on here it's hard to find and a lot of stuff on the site doesn't interest me. On Youtube and Reddit I follow business and personal development related stuff as well as for more fun or entertainment type stuff documentaries and within those categories I don't find that many Steemians cover that stuff so thats kind of my biggest challenge.

That said, one other critique I have is commenting just for the sake of commenting. Here in this comment I actually read what you posted and am leaving at least what I feel is a thoughtful comment. When I look at hte other comments on this post it's vague ass shit like "oh that's so true" or "really interesting thanks for posting".

Coudl I advance more on Steemit if I randomly bullshitted comments on stuff I never read, sure I probably could but what's the point in that? It adds nothing to the conversation, it's not interacting with you and it would quite frankly be wasting my time so I think because I'm unwilling to game the sytem for lack of a better word to some extent my progress is going to be slow.


This is an awesome comment, totally know where you are coming from. Sometimes I comment and 90% never comment back lol.... Short from comments are good on here also as there is so many responses. Keep it up man, mad respect :)

Great post! Yes everyone does expect quick and fast growth and $$, not here...the grind has to be constant. I realize the minute I take a break someone with more energy leads the way. For me being able to fullfill one of my bucket list goals (start a blog) drives me to stay active here; being able to connect and read others post and stories is just a huge plus! I truly enjoy your post because it sparks more motivation. Thank you :)
Best wishes and tons of success to you. - @splendorhub


What frustrates me is all the comment shitposting. This post has pretty good comments and for example yours is thoughtful but I was looking at other people's posts earlyier and out of 20 comments literally every single one was things like "awesome post" , "this post was very helpful to me" , just complete bullshit. If I wanted to be a human robot I could game the system like that too but it's just not worth it to me and because of that I think I'm goign to have slower growth.

Not saying I couldn't be doing more to grow on here I absolutely have plenty of room for improvement but I think to some extent it's a game here.


@rulesforrebels I totally understand and get the frustration. This is a learning curb for a lot of us. But people who expect to grow here with minimal effort and human robot comments will get the same results. I'm loving it here and really enjoy reading post. A lot of great people here. Again, there's always room for improvement. Best wishes! Steem on :))


Yeah I seen tons of crappy comments, I tend to ignore them and just focus on my posts and comment on others. Just look at FB, people doing emojis lol

This is a huge reality check. I know I can be doing more. I used to go on Steemit to test the waters and to write as a hobby. But not anymore. Time to take this seriously and provide value to the Steemit community. Let's goooooo!


How far can your willpower take you :D
on my way to second month and steemit is awesome!
Keep the steemfire going :D

Charles @stackin you never disappoint. I need to hustle harder. I have no excuses. It is people like you that inspire me to engage with others. I have to go find my wallet now so I can get some more STEEM !!!


There's always room for improvement! and when in doubt look in the mirror; there you'll find your motivation. Steem on :)


Thanks boss, Its hard for me to keep up with all the comments these days but I'm doing my best lol

I took your advice and upvoted an awesome person.....you. 😁


I feel awesome now 😂

Tell em how it is! They want the trophy but they don't want to put in the work. Stackin' isn't for everyone!


Keep on Stackin, always :)

Hello @stackin

Steemit is a social media and we need to socialize, but many of us have forgetten this including me sometime. Thanks for reminding us.


Yeah that's my biggest area of improvmenet would be to interact with more people and comment more as opposed to just posting my own stuff


Yes good idea. I have seen several post that talks about the importance of commenting and how it will attract to you followers.


I totally agree, Its hard for me to keep up these days but I'm doing my best :)


Hello @stackin,

Yah. But i think you have done your best and it is paying off. People are following you now regardless off whether you comment on their post or not. Like me for example. I think it something you have to focus on when you are new to this platform.

Yes i love this post. Hard work is so important and many people say they dont have enough time but bill gates had 24 hours in a day just like every single one of us. Its how you use your time . People can wake up early to get extra 1 to 2 hours everyday. Once again nice post @stackin

wow love that! sounds about right! I'm new to steemit and still learning everything

Great post,.,.,.,.,.,.,
wow this is really cool,,,,,,,,,
I have to go find my wallet now so I can get some more STEEM.......////////

I'm hustling and I won't be outworked. Check the post total in 5 months 😎


I will be checking :)

I'd say it's more about working smart, not working hard.


Do Both :)

Useful info @stackin.

Very good and truthful post. Thanks for reminding us what "hustle" really means!

All of true words here.

So true, however what mskes people blind to this?

A very great and informative post there 👌

Thanks for wrapping up some of my confusions.


Informative and useful details @stackin.

I feel like I have been hustlin pretty good but most likely need to 10x it here soon. I thought it was going to be hard to create content but seriously between steem and crypto alone there is a ton of news and information that be can relayed here.


Same here, I'm so many platforms and business that its hard but well worth it at the end :)

Thanks for such a nice and useful thought..you said the right things..all the time people are behind the likes and upvotes..so the people forget about the positive sides.. thanks for sharing @stackin

This is the 1st time I read your for man! Worth taking my time to read you got yourself a avid follower, I'm looking forward some informative article from you near future. 😊 Nice. @stackin LEGIT


Apppreshhhh bossman :)


Keep hustlin man! 😊

Great post. A good reality check for most of us. Thank you. Upvoted & resteemed.

thanks for reavel the truth.

I am only 5 months in but I am doing my best to hustle it. I love Steemit and though I have been super busy lately soon (hopefully in the next 2 weeks we move) my time will be freed up again. And more free time me more steemit time.


keep going :D


You got this, never quit :)

All very true... you definitely lead by example, thanks!

Inspiring in a drill sergeant sort of way. "Get up off your couch and get over to that pc and type til your fingers bleed maggot!" Also would have worked lol.

You are absolutely correct though, you have to post every day to get noticed. Happy 6 months!

Always motivated by your posts. And Hustling I must do.
Thank you @stackin
This is my son's motivational post for success if you have 2 min. time to check it out the video, it's great. https://steemit.com/dtube/@joordanzzz/8mukcsaq


I checked it out, Love the motivation. Just followed him :)


That is very cool and glad you enjoyed the motivation post.

hmmmmmm. Yeah I dunno I've found laziness to be highly effective??

Actually today is my 4 monthsary haha on steemit! I feel like I never stop learning and that's amazing because I hate the feeling of standing still. I had a teacher who said:

Who doesn't advance is going backwards.

He actually wrote a book and stuff, he is Anibal Basurto and his.book is Empresa inteligente, it could be translated something like Smart Enterprise, I think.

The point is that I've just felt like there's something new every day! and now with utopian.io my brain is working exponencially much more thinking what else I can contribute to this awesome community!

I feel very motivated to share what I can do with y'all!!!

It is really inspiring and to give it a thought trying to my best and hopefully will be doing better in the future!

Well said.. Many crib and leave. Many of them do no understand that this is not a fb, reddit. It is much more than that.


That is the truth, I got lots of followers on my other platforms but I do my best to keep up with everyone.

true words mate. People forget its the Social aspect that guarantees success.


I’ll be sure to reply every comment on here today 😂


dug yourself a slight hole there mate :) lol Its always good to know that you do read and generally respond if someone takes the time to write a comment. I try do the same. It provides validation of the readers effort.

They just don't know...

Wow, useful info. Thanks!

Yeah it is a lot of work but also some luck if you don't have what it takes to invest in advertisements. Eheheh well 00.33 and here I am leaving this comment and checking other people content.


You a funny dude lol :)

Thats a true word voted

i am hustling too hahah

Yep, my account sucks. Well I kind of knew that already, but after reading your 10,000+ comments, I have come to realize just how bad I am for the Steemit community. I don't upvote, comment or resteem remotely close to what you do...or much for that matter. While I won't surpass you, I will work even harder to make it better. I had always thought of Steemit as a place to just write what you like and make friends, but I had never thought about the "giving back" portion of it. I will do better, knowing now, just how I can. Thanks!! :)


Appreshh! Yeah I was a newbie in the beginning and had to connect with the community as fast as I can, people called me insane and I told them thanks lol

Such wise words! Up until a few months, I wasn't really motivated by much of anything, but then I discovered Steemit. My creative spark, once again brightly lit by this terrific community. Thank you for an inspiring article.


All I know is that my writing skills improved drastically :)

Preach it Fuchster!!!

Not hustling/stackin as hard as you, but I'm definitely pretty dang close. Keep up the hard work man!

Thanks for the reality check! Personally, I don't typically hustle anymore. Actually, I don't even work. But on Steemit, when I contribute, I try to make it count (I think that is referred to as "Work smart, not hard." It's the best way to go through life. Then you retire and Steemit... like me!

My grind is unreal bruh! LOL


I believe it :)

It is always good to take the truth.

I always enjoy your kick in the butt posts to keep motivating everyone.

Hey!!!!!!!!!! This is @alokalodipu

I follow you.

Amazing post @stackin. After a month on steemit I realised steemit is not only all about producing quality contents. Its also about making friends and socializing.
I was surprised when my curation(comments) earned me more than my posts.
One plus factor for curation is that you develop this unique ability to understand other persons point of view and your critical analysis thinking starts getting horned.

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