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Let's get a little personal Today, most people keep wondering where does Charles Fuchs do all his "Steemit" Hustle and Grind most of the time. 🤣

A little about me before I get started, I've been an Entrepreneur for around 20 years (don't knock me cause I look like I'm in my mid 20's haha)... and I always believed in myself to make things happen instead of letting them happen to me. 👨🏼‍💻

My work environment is very important to me... I always surrounded myself for many years with things that motivate and inspire me to become better everyday. 💁🏼‍♂️

So here is where "STACKIN" does all his "STEEMIT Action" at 🤣? So I decided to take some pictures of my home office where I make it happen. 🤩

*Please do not knock my "foldout tables" lol ... the reason why I have them is because I tend to move them around when shooting videos, doing live streams and meetings. lol

So there you have it, just some things about me that I rarely share with people but like I said in the past... I wanted to create more personal blog posts in 2018. 📆

The main message I wanted to get across is that you "Must" surround yourself with things that motivate and inspire you. Also you have to make your environment a fun place to hang out at so that you don't ever get bored.

Many will ask, where is the T.V.? I gave that up 8 years ago and since then, I rarely watch any television (who needs it when we got Netflix and busy with Crypto!) 🤣

Thanks for letting me share all of this with you and please do not make fun of the "BALL" 🎱 above that I'm currently sitting on while writing this blog (my back hurt at times) HAHAHA

Enjoy Your Weekend Steemians and "KEEP ON STACKIN"! 💞

For those who are interested in following my "Daily Activities" that I do in very "short form". Follow me here: @charles-fuchs. 

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Nice office you got there!

I see you take good care of the beautiful film posters!


You got too, they are all originals 🤣😅

Great setup... I like to do the same. Be surrounded with things that inspire me. Everything is here for a reason otherwise it gets chucked out.


Yeah, every 6 months I find things that I don't use and out the window... except for my books :)

@stackin Very nice office! Positivity all around and positive affirmations !! Mine looks just like yours...minus the sq footage, the movie posters, the water dispenser, oh and the big tables. lol I'm glad you have the big workout ball, I need to get one. Good way to prep for the summer :D If you don't mind me suggestion, you need to add a plant. Thank you for sharing this. Steem on :D


People keep saying that I need some 🌴🌺🌱🌷💐🌸 and they are right... let me work on that! 😅🤣


I would suggest you add a white rhino plant or a sour diesel plant 😜

One Heck of an office man!Stack On...:)


Thanks @missiontothemoon! Just trying to be more like you :)

Charles @stackin Great Stuff as always and Yes the Personal Side is a good thing. A Big Step in anyones Life is to get the TV Programming Eliminated ASAP. So much time is wasted in front of the IDIOT BOX. I am looking forward to meeting you next time I am in Vegas.


So true, it took me years to reprogram myself from watching tv... not saying it’s wrong at all but minimize as much as possible and people go live life and case there dreams 😎


I used to Love watching Professional Sports and would spend countless hours of my life on Couch Potato uselessness. Now I don't know many of the Players NFL, MLB, NBA and I could really careless what happens to their implosion once people realize, if ever how much time is wasted on them.


Same here, was a big sports fan a decade ago... I do check news and updates on yahoo at times but that’s about it lol

Oh man, what a nice office! I love the Fightclub poster! In a couple of days maybe my paintings hangs there too :-D


What’s up boss, I might have to hang it up right next to my computer 🤣

Cool space, plenty of room for hard work! Keep stackin it smalls!


Thanks for reminding me to blast some notorious BIG right now 😬

"No negativity allowed here" - I love it :-)

I need to check out that 10X thingie, heard of it for the first time today. Btw, nice huge, roomy office, I'z yealous ;-)


Hope it motivates you 🤑... I bebwlive in everyone! Check out the 10x thingy lol... it’s a life changer 😀

The Stackin Office!



lol totally need the water cooler moments! I love the fact that you surround yourself with things that get you pumped up thats the way to live life 100% every day every moment since your only here once and time is short. Plus the all trusty white board. I'm thinking about painting one of my walls with whiteboard paint so the whole damn this I can draw on and plan out my madness for marketing domination :P


I was thinking the same about the paint white board, but my walls have bumps on them... that would be to much work to file it all down :)

My office is just my room lol. Nice place dude!


It’s iaight lol

What? No standing desk? ☺


I need to get me one lol

Your activities are so fun I want to be as successful as you are in the world of steemean

I wish to have an office like yours. Nice set up dude. I wish to read more of your personal blogs.


Thank you 😀

Excellent office and you are absolutely right that the environment that surrounds us and makes us motivated to action. You have many statements on the walls, this is the best motivation! Thank you @stackin


Thanks boss, everyday I need to get remindined haha

that's a nice fucking house.
Also, as far as I know those balls are very good to sit on, so I doubt anyone will make fun of you for that :)


Appressh, you just gave me an idea... I should do a house blog :)

Love it dude. You are 100% correct about making your environment inspiring. For me, that means as many plants as possible, my goals posted on the wall, and people around me that are super duper hyper inspiring!


Great Idea, I need some trees on the house! I live in the Las Vegas dessert and only have big ass palms trees outside 🌴🤣


Stack your house with houseplants!

wow, the office is superb, you've be an entrepreneur since you were 25,wow you've be a deep thinker, trying to create something unique for the future, thanks for putting down this piece. and your story also, i have learnt alot from this post, bless


Since I was 20, been 20 years of ups and downs... but it was total freedom. 😀

Damn, this is LIT AF!! Surrounding yourself with the right inspiration will certainly lead you on the right path, keep steeming @stackin!!!

Light, airy, inspiring. I like it!


Tons of open space to free my mind :)

Nice work space. I love your philosophy! Thanks For giving us a glimpse into your life.


Just a tad, Can't show everything haha

You have such a great office. I actually really like the positivity there. It's also great you also keep a swiss ball there. You can also work on your abs and core strength if you have free time.


Got to have that ball haha ... got to keep it positive, I get to much stress when looking at the dips on coinmarketcap.com every minute haha

I think you should name it ....HARD WORK aparttment

I think you a very positive man @stackin with 10x rule bracelet on your wrist and all the motivating poster you had there. It is inspiring btw, i’m inspi To do the same really. Nice office!


Thank You @cikxaijen! If I can do it, you can too :)

The "no negativity sign" does a lot of work! True man!

That seems like such an awesome place to be doing all your work! No wonder you are in such a good mood all the time! Really love the 8 Mile poster btw...


That 8 mile movie is inspirational, came from nothing and did what he had to do to make his dreams come true 😎

Very nice environment for work

This looks awesome buddy!

So this the place where you think: How I make more money today?

Very nice haha


Perfect question, the answer is yes 😂🤣

All the tools for success at hand. Next up; The MacBook Pro!


Tools for success :)

its pretty good and well decorated office, where you can easily work and feel you are the BOSS!


Let’s get to boss status 😀

Now i see the reason why @stackin is blossom everytime. Everthing about your environment is filled with what motivates and strengthen.

I lovethis

you "Must" surround yourself with things that motivate and inspire you. Also you have to make your environment a fun place to hang out at so that you don't ever get bored

I look forward to seeing more coming


People keep saying that I need more plants haha

Nice office and it looks fun there and cute :) no negative vibes. Great idea to have encouriging words surrounds you. I think I should put also positive words in my room. And I have also gym ball, good way to relax our body. Thanks for sharing photos of your personal office. I enjoy reading your post :)


You are awesome @saskia, I’m bouncing on the as I write this 😅

Millionaire Booklet is a GREAT BOOK! I love Grant Cardone! He is a legend in my book! Do you have any suggestions on some of his other books that have some new information?!


He’s is a boss for sure! So many good books out there these days. Try war of art by Stephen Pressfield!


Hell ya! Thanks for the book suggestion! I will get it ASAP!

This is brilliant! I bought a bunch of posters from StartUpVitamins a few years ago and have them up on my walls...But you've got a lot of Grant Cardone stuff I see....Might have to go and spend some money with him later this weekend....That 10X poster is everything!


Grant sure does love that money lol

Sick office. I absolutely agree that a good office space is key for productivity - personally I like to keep my office small and compact, I always end up getting distracted in big rooms!

Keep up the great posts and have a great weekend.


Yeah, my office is huge but not cluttered... the open space can be filled with couches or tables but I'm like na, to distracting :)


yeah I agree! I love all of the books and pictures, some great reads there too.

I'm working full time in ICO consultancy, online courses to do with cryptocurrencies and now I am committing a large portion of my work week to Steemit (DTube too in a few weeks!).

I would love to chat more about a few ideas I have and a new blog series that I am announcing tomorrow. My Discord and steemit handles are both @lukebrn if you want to chat!

Damn nice office and am seeing so much of @grantcardone hehehe


Straight up Motivation hahaha

isn´t it all about motivation and nothing but that? I totally believe in what you are doing here trying to make this community a better place to be on. You motivate the people surrounding and following you - just outstanding what you are doing. deep respect

motivational and inspirational write up to all the people who want to be successful in life like this author. Spread always the good vibes and positivity.


Hmmm right

Hmmm right keep posting

Nice Office! I have just a small room and a pc

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damn, i really like your room/office ahahha

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

love this i woud read the post later now i am out but just wann tell you that i mam here ...


Thats good my friend ♡♡♡♥♥

hahahah ... love the sign with "NO NEGATIVITY allowed here" ... just a blast :)

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Wow that's some goal :D
Only positivity allowed great post

You have such a great office.
Upvoted and resteemed sir

OFFICE Goals right there wow bro you ruling the steemit :)

The "Ball" is actually a great piece of equipment as it helps keep your core engaged a lot better than sitting in a chair does. Stackin success and keeping it on a healthy level!

what a great place to work from there interesting place only coffee is missing lol

Looks like the perfect place for you to hang out! A great place to get motivated each day. 💕

Wow Stackin, this is super doper cooler than anything I have come across here on steemit. Such a nice AP where you make it happen lol. Really nice, wish to get there someday..

i can see success all over with this one

Nice photo my friend, thanks for sharing. Good luck for 2018!

Amazing space . . . Love that it's mostly space . . . And the ball, it's good for you 😁😁😁

Live your office setup. It gave me some ideas how to improve mine

I like a lot your workspace mate, great job ! Keep on stacking :))

Your post is good and gorgeous and the pictures are amazing and beautiful

Fcuk! I love this post. Inspirational to it's core. Thank you

nice setup man. I move countries every 2-3 months so my office changes everywhere I go. It'll be nice once my girl and I settle some place and I can create something similar.

One thing I want is at least 1 full white board wall. That's one thing I buy 90% of the places we live.