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Did you ever wanted to change the look of your profile? Well guess what, now you can (Kinda) 🤣

Today, steemit had a pretty good update. Starting right now, can change your Profile Banner to your liking. Many people wanted this for a while so that they express themselves a little differently than others. 

This took me a few minutes to do... You know how I do it, I like to keep my profile very clean and tight. So I just placed a few of my "Social Media" links up and plastered it with my favorite Colors, Royal Blue / Black.

What do you guys think, too basic? ... but I like it 😀

You can change it pretty easy also... All you have to do is find an image you like and go to "Settings", right under your "Profile Settings". Then find the box that says "Cover Image URL" and paste your link. 🖥

I save all my photos on imgur.com which is free to use. If you want to edit your photo's, I would use a free site called Canva. I used the 1920X300 dimension and it seemed to work just fine. 👨🏼‍💻

So, let's see your banners... Copy/Paste your profile banners in the comments and I will be "Upvoting" most of them, I want to see how creative my Steemains are. 😆

Alrighty guys, I'm going to get back on that grind. 😎

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A quick mention would be sweet my man. Wonder how you got those dimensions. : )

Mention? ... I got them from @ausbitbank comment area lol

Looking tight, with everyone's new images... it makes me want to redo mine lol

Oh Wow, time to put the love of my life to work! Resteemed
Shared to Steemit social also.

You the Man @hilarski! It better have some crypto logos on them lol

SICKNESS more graphic control :D

I was doing that for an hour 😂

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Thank you. Here is my banner). And the color of the letters can be change?

Roman Skvortsov

Тне АuТНоЯ. РНоТо. АЯТ. dЯАwing. МusiС .vidЕО.

By thare possibility to change the font and formatting of the text?

Nice new feature!

Loooookin good right there 🙌🏼

Thank you sir, Sir Charles! 😁

Unfortunately I'm not very creative 😩

😂... looks good me man! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Hahahahaha You are a great guy :D

Anything bitcoin always wins haha

Brooo, I'm Liking it.... but now I can't see the words on your profile lol.

I did this on mine, I shaded the middle of mine so the words can pop :)

Yea, good call. I've got some more editing to do. Fun change though.

PS. I made a 1 minute Steemit commercial. It's catching on youtube and hopefully it will convert a bunch of new Steemians amidst all the youtube censoring drama. I'm pretty excited about it.

Cheers man.

This is so cool!

Thank you @kubbyelizabeth. I appreciate it. Cheers to you. Have a great day.

Well hiya friend ;) I beat you to the punch ;) When I updated my @Busy.org account it got transfered over when the update happened! Check it out though, it's pretty cool! Thanks for posting about this, of course I noticed when I signed on and saw my picture glaring back at me across the entire top part of my profile =D

Hey @heart-to-heart... well thanks for telling me, sheshhhh haha

Great Freedom picture, scroll it up a little... it chopped your head off lol

You can use canva to do it :)

Lookin' slick sir, you're once again ahead of the curve :D

Mr. @overkillcoin, your the creative guy and I didn't see you do one yet, highly disappointed lol jk... looking forward what you come up with 😎💯

Hhahaha, I'm also the scatter-brained ADHD spaz with a lot on his plate, but your info is inspiring!

We have so much in common 😂

I'm finally getting focused though, it's like I'm just starting out for the first time! XD

Thank you for informative post on how to add a cover to our profiles. I also appreciate the info on hosting and editing sites.
Here is my cover photo.

My family use to live in Montana... great picture 🙌🏼

Oh wow that is so cool. Where in Montana? Thanks!

Billings... it's awesome in their summer but when winter arrives, I'm out 😂

Really goob job!
Vote n resteem

대단히 감사합니다 :)

Basic, clean and most importantly its black!

Keeping it clean... :)

looking good

Appppresh @flipstar, looking forward what yours going to be 😀

I have to decide myself first :-)

Yes I dig it! @mrviquez looks badass as well! I gotta get mine right! :D

Comn' :) ... @mrviquez one looks tight, I might redo mine later lol

Mine's of my favourite little spot here in Ireland ... its a tiny little church on the tiniest little island imaginable !!! =] think fairytale-esque <3

I'm liking it... but it looks like an episode of the myst :) lol

lol!!! U rascal!!..

I have yet to watch that TV show, but I have seen the movie.. & I guess it does .... has that spooky vibe !

I had so much trouble figuring this out about 3 hours 😊 but I made it and I thought it looked pretty good.. Lol
20170816_020319.png what do you think?

3 hours? 😧... but you know what, it looks good! Bringing your own swag on steemit 😎

Thank you so much 😊 means a lot.. Lol
Yeah 3 frustrating hours but consistently pays of. Have a great day friend and thanks

Yep, that's a cool feature... added a header of the view from the beach at the end of our street. Thanks for the update!

Thanks @denmarkguy, wondering what new things steemit is going to come up with next 😎💯

Finally wait is over. Good to see new update, Thanks for sharing the post.

Really dig this one!

Thanka mate, appreciated, lets get in touch

I know right? :)

That is a good looking clear picture!

thanks mate, you made my day saying that.

Did one!

I can dig this... it gave me a new idea :)

Thanks for sharing!

Nice, now my page looks pretty cool, thank you @stackin


Looks pretty good, I have been seeing tons of awesome ones :)


Here is mine. Used one of my sunset photos.

Personal pictures always brings that extra value 💯

Wow yours is beautiful

Here's mine @stakin and BTY love yours it is so you!!!! Right to the point.

Looks very peaceful 🌴💖

You can't every complain about the sun, the life of everything 🌞😎

Digging yours bro.


This is mine!

Banner looks so relaxing! Haha... good job man!

cover 1.jpg
I like it for now :) Just need some more adjustments in color and information. I hope you like it, artworks i did the artworks too

Dude, that looks awesome!

Thanks, it's a bit flat but it does the work for now, no need to say that i'm too lazy to do another one :D
One day, when i create better stuff i will redo it maybe.
Oooh and check out my art if you like to :)

Hehe, here is mine!

You know what, not to bad. Way better than the stock one :)

Nice Idea, this is my banner - a pic I took of my town.
city sunset.jpg

Looking gooooood man! I may have to revamp mine :)

Thanks man! It looks to me like you need to tuck it in a little at the sides. At least on my screen it cuts off the text on the left and right sides. Though I think the dark background is perfect, it means I can read what it says under your name :)

Really? I had no complaints so far... hmmm what browser are you using :)

I'm using google chrome but it could just be my laptop. I'm on a 13" macbook pro (2010). So your banner is probably fine :) It's not you.. it's me :D

Darn it, I may have to readjust it lol


Lookin good there, relaxing 😬😀

It is pretty cool new addition and a way to add a personal touch to your profile.
Mine didn't turn out too well since I didn't have the right dimensions but I'll fix that soon.

I'm really liking yours, it's clear and readable! 😎

Great update. Thank-you!

No problem, trying to get all these updates asap for my peeps 💪🏼💯

My man, optimal view for the banner is: width: 1920px; height: 300px; Hope this helps 😎

That's what I used and it working ok I think 😬

Wow, cool! Kind of feel like I am going into Stackin' land... Guess I have to look into this. The blue default banner is pretty dull.

Yeah, anything is better than the default one 😀

Here's a public domain image I found on Pixabay and used. Love Earth shots and the cosmic beauty of nature.

That's reallly high quality! One of the best so far 🙌🏼

Very nice new feature. Here is my background:
enter image description here

You know that royal blue look is awesome 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


I used to be a neuroscientist, so some neurons are my background banner:)
Update: It lags 1 sec before it uploads on my page. Lol:)

Mannnn, that's looks good! Mine lags for a second too, mush be too high quality 😂

good post! tip!

Thanks Bossman, much appreciated 😎💯

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Thank you for sharing !!!
Useful information 😲

Thanks you very much @a-Alice 😊

Here's a tip!

I love tips, I'm from Vegas haha

Like the color a lot man, also the combination is perfect. I always dress like that lol

That black and blue swag haha

yep i see this new thing yesterday, but when i tried it didn't work, and as you can see on my profile , i cant see the image but just white.

nevermind, it works :D

Yo have to use the .gif link :)

Super awesome banner dude. Basic is good. At least people will look at it.

Check out mine if you want to.

Took a look, it can be better lol ... I'm still working on mine :)

Great changes on steemit now it look more colourful

Totally, Now we can have our own little swag if we wanted too :)

oh yeahhhhhh !!


Put my best friend during a sunset walk on the beach of my hometown of Acapulco on it, thanks for the heads up about banners!

I haven't been to acapulco for like 10 years, makes me want to go now :)

Great picture boss.

Anarchapulco is coming up, you should check it out, a lot has changed over the past 10 years!

I gotta rock that Louie....

Rockin that Supreme... I never can see myself buying a $500 shirt haha .... but its awesome :)

Thanks for something new to try @stackin!!! Resteemed to get the word out even more.

I will have to work on my banner. I'm really glad they made that update.

It probably will have water, mountain or trees in it :)

That is a very nice banner.
Full 100% and resteemed :-)

You guys are the best, like usual :)

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This took me by surprise today. I had updated by banner on Busy.org a few weeks ago. Today the same banner appeared on Steemit as well. Very unexpected, but nice! Think I'll play with mine a little bit and get more creative later.

I didn't know busy.org had it 😔... I'm glad we can tweak small things like this on steemit 😀

this feature is amazing, i love this right sidebar with your other social networks :)
i just hope not many will upload nsfw pictures

Thanks Bossman, I think a few will put some nsfw pics up 😧🤣

Where do you find these updates? Nice job. I believe shortly we shall see a lot of changes to profiles

I seen couple of people had a different banner and I just searched for it and couple people posted about it 😬

Ooh this is neat! I might try this when I have a little time, time has been a commodity lately haha
Happy Monday friend!

I hear ya, I had to many things to do today so i knocked it out in 10 minutes haha

Looks great haha Happy Monday to you! Did my banner thanks to you. :)

I just seen it, very artistic :)

Gona try it :)

Give it a shot, just takes a few minutes :)

pretty slick had not idea going to be setting mine up tonight!

I'm thinking it's going to be some crypto pics 😬🙌🏼

that look so elegant.
I might mess with the cover photos. I am not kind of idea fill person. 😂😂😂

I just like to keep it simple lol ... any picture will do :)

I think yours is you, but I'm guessing you can step it up a notch or two. However mine is lovely and you might want to go check it out. :-D

Your right, I'll mess with it tonight for a few more minutes 🤣😀

Very pleased with this

Not toooo shabby 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Very cool! How do you get all those little icons to show up?

I already had a copy of it but anyone can make there own using canva :)

Stiackin, it is clear to me that I am technically challenged. Been trying load a picture of my self a few times. The normal copy and paste is a bust. Will try what you suggest..upvote and resteemed.

Try doing your profile picture first and use the website imgur.com :)