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Yesterday, I decided to have a huge calorie meal at McDonald's ( don't be jealous peeps 🤣). Yeah, Yeah I know it's unhealthy but gotta live sometimes, right? 🤣

So what did I get? Two Big Macs, Two Large Fries, 20 Chicken Nuggets, and Three Apple Pies! A whopping 4,000 Calorie Meal in one sitting. 🤷‍♂️

When I woke up Today... All that Fat, Protein, Carbs and Salt gave me some huge pump action. I guess all that nasty food filled me up with tons of glycogen. 😬

Well, guess what? Now It's time to go hit the gym and use up all this "McDonalds Fuel" from yesterday to power up my workout.

Anyways, I've set up some new goals for August. Instead of focusing on weight loss, I'm going to lose body fat instead.

My goal in the next 4 weeks will be at 10% Body Fat. I don't think I need to lose any weight anymore, I'm 150 LBS at 5'10 for god sake LOL.

This should be easy to do as I never half ass shit like most average people do, always making tons of excuses why they can't. 😳

Just keeping people updated, now I gotta go lift some weights! 🏋

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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i gotta get on that, gotta post a few more food pics but I no longer work anymore so no more caf food

If you no longer work, then get money to get those stuff done

You got this! 😎

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I've been working a way to gain weight while losing fat. Basically I do similar to your meal after a workout (two big macs, lol beast) - then I cut carbs completely on non workout days, and throw a 24 hour fast in once a week. The hard part is actually eating enough to build muscle in such a small eating window. Will see how it works out for me.

Smile, it will surely work out for you bro

You can’t go wrong with the Big Macs! 😂 . I’ve been on that warrior 20/4 fasting for about a year and it got me skinny. I was doing the 18/6 for about 6 years but liking the 20/4 much better. I’m 10x more focused and never hungry anymore. 😅

The only bad thing about intermittent fasting is that I don’t sleep anymore, I get like 5 hours a night for years 😱😹

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Yup ! :)
Burn the body FAT ! 💙 ♬♩

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you're so free in your diet:)
all sportsmen whom I know are so crazy about their body and nutrition that they even eat at definite time, counting every minute! It looks...hmm...strange at least;) but they are sure it's the onlt way to be in correct weight and bodyform.
I like your style more;)
btw, I need your advice please. I strted to do some exercises some days ago, to strengthen muscles using dumbbells. I was said if I do everything right, I must feel oain in muscles after training. It was so afterthe 1st time. But then pain went away. What does it mean? Not enough weight of dumbbells? It should be more and more every time?

I wouldn’t any advice from me haha. I only workout twice a week for fun and do intermittent fasting for like 7 years haha

As for soreness, I don’t really experience that much anymore. It’s usually from lactic buildup in the body. Maybe it’s probably I drink like 1 gallon of water a day to flush it out but who knows! Haha

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I can’t believe you ate all that from McDonald’s. My stomach turns just thinking about. Doesn’t it gross you out to know what their nuggets and meat is made it of?

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Ate every single bit of it, all the processed chicken guts 😂😂😂

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Hi my friend @stackin !
Of course you must enjoy McDonald's food !!!
I am not afraid of your health...You are looking like a "war machine" man...!!!
By the way, you have o message from me on messenger...keep an eye on it !

Which messenger? I do t really check them but will look for it 😀

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This one...I hope to use it...


I have been trying for some time now but at this age it gets more difficult everyday!

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Well i will also advice you dont stop, with time you will see the result of what you put in to. Consistence matters too

We some old farts lol... that’s means we got to put in twice the work 😂

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Pump it up! Keep doing your thing!! 💪🏋️‍♂️🏅

Good advice ooo. Smile

I try ☺️

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What bodyfat Charles? JK, I know how hard it is, even though we might be in perfectly shape when compared to others we always want to add something or lose something that most people don't even realize we have or need...

Yeahhh, I just like to have goals and never become comfortable lol

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Waoh, to have that much energy is something, why eat that much to still burn it away at the gym.
Looks like a dead end to me.

Why not just focused on eating healthy and little exercise to keep the bones active.

I practice intermittent fasting but I’m human like everyone else, it’s ok to indulge at bad food at times 😀

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Your veins on arms🔥 you're working hard
keep it up💪🏻

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The girls hate them lol

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Is there any other way to lose fat other than hitting gym and avoiding junk food🤔 I need them

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Intermittent fasting lol

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