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"I tend to do things my own way, that's what leaders do." ~ Charles Fuchs.


Yup, it's one of those days again to show all my friends on all the new things I'm currently doing. That's what Social Media is all about, sharing awesome things to the masses. 💁🏼‍♂️

Recently I've been experimenting with CBD oil for the last few weeks from the recommendations of all my "Hippy" online friends haha. 

So I did some research and found a high quality brand that sells 100% Pure Organic CBD oil called Pure Spectrum (there are so much bad quality ones online so be careful).

Don't worry, there is no or very little THC in these bad boys... just pure Organic Love. 🤣

The Pure Spectrum website quote sold me instantly. It simply stated... 

Pure Spectrum CBD uses supercritical cold CO2 extraction methods and states that the product is “organic, solvent-free, highly potent, fuller and more flavorful with the strongest efficacy available.”

Boom! In other words, It's high quality shit!

From my research, there are so many health benefits that can come from CDB Oil... such as pain relief, anxiety, depression, acne and heart disease.

Are these facts real or fiction? Who Knows... but all I can say that I do feel better after using it for a few weeks.

What can I say, we are all just guinea pigs these days for our future generation to come. I feel like a lab rat! 😂

Do you use CDB Oil? If so, do you guys think it's good for you or is it just all a scam and we are getting ripped off for our hard earned money? Only time will tell ....

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

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Those are helpful as it organic and comes from cannabis species, i know some steemians who still engage with cannabis and this type of organic product.

I did a couple of posts on my CBD Organic Vape oil that I put in with my Vape Juice. The one thing that it has helped me out with, a little personal but hey we all do it, is going #2 in the bathroom and ever since I have been using CBD it has calmed my colon down and I can eat whatever i want and not have to go to the bathroom right after. I've dealt with that for 5+ years and now I can eat Taco Bell, a big fat azz Carne Asada Burrito and I'm good all day.... Truly a blessing for me, among the other things that it helps....... Good post man......


Haha, nothing’s wrong with getting little personal 😂. Yeah, CBD Oil is awesome in my book. It’s a blessing so far for some. 💯


i follow you so plz give me back follow

I haven't used CDB oil before, but if you feel better after using it for weeks, that means that the health benefit of CDB oil is true from your research. I need your discord channel link, I will love to participate in STACKIN steem contests. Thanks


It's some good stuff... I currently don't have a discord channel. I might have to make one soon! 😉


Alright, I will be anticipating

I Smoked some Good Afghan Hash back in the 80's. I have not had any of the recent CBD offerings in smokable or edible form................@stackin

I actually give my dog CBD oil on a regular basis. It is high quality stuff from a company called VETCBD. MY little guy has epilepsy and as a result gets about 10 - 15 seizures a year. Since I have had him on the oil now for a couple years he only gets around 2 seizures a year. The stuff has worked miracles for my little buddy.

I use the Charlottes Web CBD Oil. I have chronic pain and numbness due to disc degeneration. The oil has been a godsend. I use a high dose twice per day, it is expensive, but CW gives a nice discount if you buy 4 bottles per order.

I don't use CBD oil, but reading through, it's like it's recommendable. I don't know if I would get the exact product in my area (Pure Spectrum). Well, nice one thanks for sharing @stackin

good info,great evoloution.keep it up and reach your goal.

I was wondering when they'd mix CBD with vaping! It's way better than that pharmaceutical poison 💀👎

you are great. nice idea.nice job. your job is heard work.i want to know details of cbc oil.

I heard that CDB is good stuff. I didn't think of vaping it though. I am glad you feel better using it.

MMM would not know if it is a scam or not because I have not tried, you should tell us that it was using XD