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(I got some mad photo skills, look at this damn selfie!) Totally Kidding! I just woke up so I'm lookin' pretty cranky from a ruff night. 🤣

I just realized that it's currently less than $100 USD to become a "Minnow" on the Steem Blockchain. YES, That's It! 💁‍♂️

So what the hell is a Minnow? It's when a user has at least 500 Steem Power.

In my opinion, every user should be at least a "Minnow" by now... even all the new people that just joined. 🤑

Why? Because it shows that you're at least putting in some effort and showing people that you're not here just to freeload.

You think I'm going to upvote your content if you're not even invested in the platform? Give me a break, that's not going to happen. LOL

I'm already hearing all the excuses: I rather earn it, then buy it... I don't have the money... What if it goes down some more... blah blah blah.

It's all the same thing, it's just a damn excuse. 🙄

I'm not asking for much but if you don't have at least 500 Steem ($100) right now, you got more problems than I realized.

You shouldn't even be on Steem or even in crypto space at all! You should get off the internet and find a way to make some money than wasting all your time online.

Once again, don't get all "BUTT HURT" from the Truth on what I wrote. If some of you got "Triggered", maybe it's because you know I'm right.

I'm Just Sayin' 😎

Hope you guys don't get too pissy, you can even downvote my ass and I'll just take it on the "Chin" like a true champ.

So get some of your fiat "paper" out and start buying some Steem at least. Believe me, in a day or two... you will not even notice that $100 being gone but at least you can now say that you're an investor on the Steem Blockchain .

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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You don't have to worry about me since I am way past that 😂🤣. I did it through both investing as well as content creation. And I am here to stay!! Got goals, man! Hehe. It's an amazing time to invest in Steem & so worth it. 😑✨💞

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Im about a fifth of the way there and getting closer every day. Won't be much longer.

I was going to get mad if you wasn’t a minnow already jk 😋😂

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🤣🤣😂😂😂 Uh oh...I would've ended up with your version of the Pixie Stomp 🤣🤣🙌

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I've been on Steemit for two years, posting almost daily. I bought about 700 Steem at a price average of around $0.80. Still here, posting away. Still a minnow.

I believe that people who buy now will be initially dissapointed because I don't think we've reached the bottom yet. But in the long run, they are going to be very happy. Someday, sooner than we think, Steem will break $1.00. There. I said it. Yes, I think it will eventually happen, it's just a matter of time.

I'm not a financial advisor and I'm not a prophet, these are just my opinions.

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I think you are right that some people are going to be disappointed for at least a little bit. I have some numbers in my mind that if we hit those price points where I'm going to say screw it and probably end up at a power level I haven't been at before. The temptation becomes too great if the price gets low enough.

Personally I feel like the less powerful accounts are really going to get the wind knocked out of them when this next hard fork takes effect at the end of the month. They already felt like they had no influence but it will get way worse with the new curve. Then I feel it will slide for a few more months as more people power down.....etc. Then will be the opportunity to potentially get in a better position on here. It is a risky move in my opinion but if the timing is decent it could be a solid ride. Who knows though.

My hope is that with 50% curation, people will be more inspired to offer upvotes, especially for lower powered posts... but it's in the curator's best financial interest to vote on higher earning posts. I suppose good curators will look at the quality of content, rather than the kickback.

Yeah it is an issue. The thing is we had 50/50 before and what happened was the bigger stake holders basically just put people creating content mills on auto votes.

So if someone paraphrased Popular Mechanics articles or CoinDesk articles twice a day consistently and never said anything polarizing or anything then those people just got put on auto votes.

The price imploded because people that came could see that it was weird here and all the content looked like cookie cutter regurgitated stuff.

Also with the curve it will make people even with 10,000 SP essentially peasants. It won't feel good for people because they will feel like they worked so hard to get to that point and then to basically see that there vote won't be worth anything will be devastating.

Might as well be in btc til the halving and months before that, people going to put it all back into shitcoins 😭😅

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I could see that happening in some respects but as BTC gets higher people just really have a physiological issue with not being able to buy an entire BTC. Most people can't afford that.

Also the fact that the Bitcoin dominance is that high is absurd considering how slow they are progressing the tech compared to other projects.

Personally I still feel like history will repeat itself and we will see a greater percentage gain from the strong altcoin projects than we see with Bitcoin.

The fact that the Twitter CEO is saying that Bitcoin is going to be the world currency.....etc I just don't feel that way because the lack of cohesion between the developers and the miners that we have seen throughout time.

It is still going to blow our minds on price for sure but some of this other stuff will surge and all this grinding away is going to be worth it .

Honestly taking a slight break and fucking off in Cali for a couple months was good for me because now I'm jumping in and just getting my mind blown on some of the opportunities around here.

We are getting 2nd and 3rd chances to stack stuff up at prices we haven't seen in years. I made a video in 2017 about how Digibyte was ready to surge and that was at 0.012 and right now it is lower than that.

One thing that impressed me about Digibyte is when Coinbase was asking what coin they should add on Medium and the Digibyte army was coming in just as strong as STEEM and we have a platform where we were able to coordinate the effort better in a lot of respects. I just wish Litecoin, Digibyte, Nano....etc could add code that would allow a person to have human readable names associated with addresses like EOS, STEEM.....etc. Having human readable wallet addresses in my mind is a must.

Dude it is crazy to think about but it has been over a year since I jumped on the EOS mainnet and registered over 30 usernames that were rock solid wallet names. I think when we go parabolic I should be able to get some decent money out of a few of them because these developers want a contract account that makes sense for what their trying to build. Not some convoluted name that will get confusing. Only time will tell.

BRO, you wrote me a book haha. I'm thinking a whole set of new different companies, tokens and platforms will arrive in 2020 that will sucker in more people than the older projects.

I'm thinking of just becoming a bitcoin maximalist like Tone Vays lol

You are certainly right about more companies and scammers who won't complete anything coming in next year.

My scouting report on Tone Vays is that he has good YouTube thumbnails ..... nothing else valuable to report. LOL

Dude is still bearish lol

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It is funny to me how people listen to a guy like him but somehow I'm a nobody.

316 views when I told everyone I was very very sure the bottom for Bitcoin was in on March 6th?

At least you’re a minnow, I’ve seen tons of accounts on steem for more than 2 years and they have under 500... WTF haha

Yeah, the alts are getting destroyed all around right now. 2020 may be the year 😎

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With the STEEM price so low, it's like a crypto Black Friday sale. Now's a great time to load up!


Time to back up the Hummer and load up 😂


This nigga lookin jacked

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I’m just skinny and it gives the illusion of being jacked 😂😂😂

Looking jacked, ripped, and tan my man!
Even though I have been upset about a lot of the things going on with STEEM you can bet a crypto savage like me has a price in my head where even I won't be able to resist the temptation of powering up!

I'm very close to buying some other coins though for the time being. We are getting some 2nd and 3rd chances to solidify our Bitty Rich futures!

It’s all about the iPhone filters 🤣

That .10 Steem would be place I think tons of people will step in if it ever reaches there.

What other coins you have on your radar? 🤑

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Yeah I feel like 0.10 STEEM is going to make some big dogs lick their chops and try to level up. As much as I don't want to chase the carrot it would be really hard not to go for it at those levels. 0.05 STEEM and I would really go pretty solid into it but I worry that even someone who doesn't have 500,000 SP wouldn't be able to earn back fast enough. If you get the SP high enough you kind of have a Money Printing Machine and if you can print faster than any price erosion or faster than other INvestments like BTC, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, EOS can go then it would be pretty interesting.

So I have been doing a lot of research and asking a lot of questions about SCORUM. It is at $0.01 and they sold the ICO for $1 / coin. But if I went over there and committed 1 BTC than I could own 1/30th of the entire supply. But there are a lot of positives and negatives to doing that. The power down over there is 12 months which is a big worry for me among other things.

More reasonable investments that I'm eying is stacking more ZCash. It is getting low. Also Digibyte. I'm also looking to Increase my TRON holdings and looking to to take a bigger position in Cardano even though I don't think they will ever come up with anything. It will be mainly fluff with Cardano but there will be some fan boys.

What about you?

Funny thing, I'm watching Richard Heart talking to a digibyte guy right now on YouTube. lol

All these damn coins are at it's lows to BTC value... but it seems like all these tokens don't do shit... I'll hit ya up on instagram this week and pick your brain :)

You miss being a Minnow!💪🤣🐟

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I think I became a minnow in the first 3 days when I got on Steem 2 years ago :-p

Stackin's on a rampage 😁💪🏋️‍♂️🔥 i'd buy another stack of Steem if i could!! Maybe it will be 4 cents when the big bucks roll in an we'll both load up n u will be in a better mood!

Did you say .04 cents? I would get me a huge bag 😂

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Anyone offended by this should get off Steem and sell any crypto they have.

Best comment of the day lol

Triggered! 😁😁
But you are absolutely right. Time to get invested.

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It’s only $100 for 500 Steem 🤑

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Very true. Unfortunately I invested my $100+ before that was all it took to become a minnow. I should probably just double down. How much is it to become a dolphin?

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It’s 500 Steem Power total, that’s means you only really need 40 steem which is like $8 to become a minnow but 5000 to be a dolphin

True lol

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Much better than the $2k when I started! Hmmm, $5k to Orca... something to think about!

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I know, right? 50k Steem sounds badass 🤑

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Hi @stakin, what is better as a fresh !BEER after a ruff night. ;-)

Yes, Steem price is quite low at the moment and I think to invest as well into some more steem for the upcomming time.

do you know about the crowdsale from @beerlover?

I’ll take a look 🤑

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Minnow Minnow where have you been ;p


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Already thinking of swapping some of my BTC for Steem.

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Hmmm I don’t know about that one, BTC is king 🤑

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Almost a double minnow now, another $100 worth of BTC will make me a triple! Though my full vote may still be dust.

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You think I'm going to upvote your content if you're not even invested in the platform? Give me a break, that's not going to happen. LOL

Yes! I think you 'should' upvote my content despite I'm not so invested in the platform. Specially now after my recent epic move publishing my first post on Dporn.

I'm already hearing all the excuses: I rather earn it, then buy it... I don't have the money... What if it goes down some more... blah blah blah.

I have no excuses anymore. Yeah! I rather earn it!! Being now the new stallion of the steem blockchain. I'm confident that I won't need investing any of my own hard earned fiat money on steem.

It's all the same thing, it's just a damn excuse.

Come on @stackin. Go ahead and select your best damn sexy selfie to publish it on Dporn. I challenge you to snatch my throne as the biggest Porn Star in the region. Yeah! you can drink as much Zevia and eat as much 'protein bars' as you want before this match. I grant you that advantage!! };)

Let's see if you'll just take it on the "Chin" one more time like a true champ. :)

..everything s possible in these days in the crypto- and blogger-scene...but everybody at its own gusto...up...

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Attitude like this is the reason Steem is falling like a rock, no wonder people call Steem a joke. Posts like these contribute A LOT towards that status.

People like you just keep bitchin’ in life. How’s that for attitude 🤣

By bitchin you mean being a realistic, who actually uses brains?

Do you understand the reason why I made the comment in the first place? You're making our investment into this platform worth less by your logic of "You're required to invest into Steem before getting upvote from me" attitude. People avoid this place like a plague just because content quality here doesn't really matter at all and your post drives people who can see through the bullshit away.

But hey, you keep doing you, just saying your posts might have a negative effect a far larger than a positive one. Sorry for raining down on your sunshine

You’re funny! You must not understand crypto then, keep thinking that way... it won’t accomplish anything. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Keep on preaching

Keep on complaining, it’s working out great for ya 😂

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Minnow Minnow where have you been ;p

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