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“Haters don't really hate you, they hate themselves; because you're someone they wish to become” ~ Charles

Yooo Steemians, just another quick blog once again by your boy Charles Fuchs. So today, I woke up and seen something that I was confused about, I was targeted and flagged over 1000+ times on my last two posts by bots. 😳

You see, when I started Steemit couple months ago... I read tons of posts by many people about being flagged by people or bots for reasons that can't be explained. 😒

People can dislike you for many reason. They may not like the way you look, the post you made, the comment you said, the color of your skin, your beliefs... heck, they will even hate your positivity and the success you've created for yourself by hustlin and grindin hard. 👨🏼‍💻

I've been 99% positive on Steemit and built a loyal following quickly, can people or individual hate on that? Totally, people can hate on people for weird reasons, even jealously.

Just remember, this is Social Media... you are going to get hate and people who will disagree or just don't like you for no reason at all. In life, people will always try to hold you down. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Why do I know this? I dealt with haters my entire life, the more followers you have... the more hate you will receive. Here is a video I did couple years ago... (The ending is fabulous 🤣)

At the end of the day, always embrace your "Haters" because that means you're doing something right. If you don't have some, go get some by accomplish huge goals... because "haters" don't like people being successful.

What is the saying? They first criticize you, then they hate you, then they keep watching you, and then all of a sudden... they start admiring you. 😜

Is flagging a problem? Some my say yes and some many say no, but Bot Flagging is a real issue that needs to get addressed in the near future by Steemit.

Get Positive, Stay Strong, and just keep on Steemin! 💞

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Bro :D How do you know they are flags? I agree, it's rather incredibly confusing, since on the outside, the post says '-800+', but then inside, it says 1200+..

But I don't see any minuses lol. On top of that, the rewards of the post are still $90+ haha! Also, where on earth does someone get over 1000 flagging bots :D

I really am laughing right now because this situation is so weird haha :D What can you do but laugh hey :P Bro, haters are awesome! I love em. Perfect for motivation, and getting you to prove the f*ckers wrong!

Get em! Talk soon.

"Bro :D How do you know they are flags?"

There are better ways to view all the details of the blockchain than just using steemit.com look at his account's steemd.com page during that timeframe and you can see all the flags as 'downvotes'.


Nice @contentjunkie for the win! good seeing you emerhge from discord to impart some wisdom to the minnows!
and to @enazwahsdarb anyone can create as many new accounts as they want and use them to downvote but mosyt bots dont mave much steempower as someone has to fill the bots upo with money for them to be useful

Gotta luv' them haters! The more haters, the more power.

All I know is that people who disagree with my philosophies pay more attention to me more then my closes people on steemit. Wonder why lol

I need some haters.

Alrighty, you can have some of mine :)

Full 100% support and resteems for my bro @stackin :-)
Love your professional attitude- I had a few flagers when I started out on steemit and so I stopped for a longer time - stupid beginner mistake ;-)

I'm still learning everyday... some people are just insane 🤣😎

Hehe. Fully agreed on that :-)

You're doing an awesome job and have been really supportive for beginners like me. So, keep it up bro and here is a message to the haters:

Message of the day right there 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

nice quote, will share this :-)

"You can't reach your full potential without haters". - Grant Cardone

I fully support you for whatever you're doing and demand Steemit management to take action against such people (bots).


You got that right! lol

Wow, you're really with him? Amazing!

A few times, you going to the 2018 10xcon next year, Grant have me a free ticket also lol

Haha, yes the end of the video was funny. Said with style dude! :0)

You find that funny haha :)

Dude i'm so sorry to hear your getting flagged bro smh

I don't understand, because all you do is post positive and uplifting content. The advice you gave me the other day to shoot for dolphin status by December has literally changed my mindset and focus!

Hopefully the abuse ends soon my dog. Contact Steem cleaners and see if they can help!

Yeah, no big deal @waphilip ... It may be because I commended some positive stuff to a whale's post, but a few of them are having whale wars right now. lol

Oh jeez, I think I can guess who you got involved with! Hopefully it dies down soon tho! didn't seem to affect your rep much so thats good!

It's still a bad look with 1000's of downvotes 😳🤣

Oh yeah, haters are very jealous of other people's success. But I agree that haters are a good thing because it brings attention to you. Lol the vid is cool. Fuck you and have a nice day 😂

The ending was my love to the haters 😎🤣

Hello Charles @stackin It is probably some dude named noganoo (which when translated means "I never win" = Life Loser.

He has been a scammer here on Steemit and at BernieSanders has literally destroyed him here on steemit....but then bernie got punished for being steemit's over zealous Watch Dawg. And so the saga continues....

Haterz gonn Hate... For whateva reason!

Keep doing your thing @stackin

Really? Crazy! I've been reading lots of the drama the last few weeks, never knew everyone was a target 😳. Thanks for the update!

I hate you dude! Smash that upvote button for me :) LOL

Here some love 🤣

Hey stackin! I think your content is great and you rock!

I think your blog rocks! :)

Thanks, stackin. You keep posting and rocking, ignore the haters :D

Hang in there fella, and keep on stackin'. 💪

Hate you too, my competitor on every Steemit contest :) LOL

Won't Stop, can't stop 😬💪🏼🙌🏼

Haters gon hate. Let's stack this steem, Young Flip!

The legion Martin Lawerence... :)

WELL SAID!!! I totally, fully, completely and utterly (I can't think of anything else to add) AGREE WITH YOU!!! I'll check your video later :):)

Apppreshhh, thanks for stopping by @therneau :)

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How bizarre. I don't understand why people do that. But then you have to feel sorry for them because they obviously live with so much anger..

No biggie, I just tell them keep on watchin lol

lol! good call :)

Excellent! Appreciate the post. And appreciate you!

Thanks @coolbower! 🙌🏼💪🏼💯

Charles, I'm going to be on of your haters for a day. Hahhaha, Just kidding man!

Awesome, Ill add ya to the list :)

Hey Charles just keep up your good work and keep doing what you doing cause you can never please all.. That is life, hate is bound to happen, it will be better you know that there are some group of people out there who don't like you or what you are doing than pretence.....Just be your self and never try impress all surely deep down in them they are admiring you.. 😂

You got a point here... Haters are inevitable, and actually necessary...

It looks like those bots must have been tiny minnows because they don't seem to have affected your payout.

Still its a bad move, 1000+ dislikes, who would want to or have the time to worry about what I do. I have no time for that. I'm to busy doing than paying attention to what others are doing :)

Good job.Just kept the love for the haters, because hate is a poison that can infect all.

I think people are confused when I said "Haters" ... The word is just means that people just focus on what other people are doing what they think are bad. In life, I'm to busy what other people are doing. :)

THIS IS LIFE! There will be always haters. This is part of life and every social media platform. Go your way!

Just moving forward :)

No sweat, it is part of the game. Once you start getting noticed, the jealous ones will show themselves.

I had tons of experience from facebook peeps haha

Full 100% and resteemed :-)

Man I told you that you were going to be something big on here! :) Best wishes to you!

You the man @saved4newlife :)

Stackin...keep on keepin' on!

My best line :)

This is why I just mind my own business. Avoiding all this whale war thing, and posting about steemit matters. And I'm happier. I've avoided looking at the trending page as well, now just looking at my followers' feed. 😈

I think that the best thing to do, keep on focusing and providing tons of value. If I want to see drama, I just watch CNN and Fox News lol

I smiled regards the ending :] :] :]

I really dont understand how you can be ever hated on here... i mean your positivity steam burns right off my home feed every time I see a post of yours :]

Im just happy its rubbing off you like water off a ducks back!!!!

The ending probably offended people :) ... I pay no mind, I just need to focus busting out value and some entertainment haha

😳 wowwww! Get some moooore hehehehe! Can't never be enough

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki page about Flag. Thanks and good luck again!

Wow, that's is awesome. More we get people aware of the issue, the better! Thanks! 💯

Great post. I'm new in Steemit, and I wondered about people flagging you "just because"

Yeah, people can do whatever they wants on here. I only flag spam, but why would I flag a person because I don't like there content? I don't have time for that. That just plain nuts lol

LOLzzz the ending... Worth another watch... funniest thing I've seen today.

Mannnn, I didn't get a MEME today. Darn lol

Took me a while lolz

LOL..Haters....Go out and getcha some lol. Great ending Charles...I'm gonna try that mellow approach the next time I tell someone 'Fuck You...but I still respect you!!!'

Harsh lol :)

You're one of the most consistent and engaging users here on Steemit! You deserve to do so well!

I do hope Steemit fixes this problem with bot spamming, but it's good to know these bots can't put you down however they try :)

Sooo kind! Yeah, lots of people been getting targeted lately. Let's rise to the top 😀

Onwards and upwards :)

People hate because they can't be like you , haters always gonna hate . But I like putting haters on the low to show them how much their hate is not affecting my ability to stack

Build a stack so high that they can't know it down 🤣💖

This is my first time looking at your post, and I gotta say I feel nothing but good vibes coming from you. I don't understand why so many bots would flag you. From the looks of it, you're doing your part in the steemit community. You're a great example to follow by in succeeding on steemit. Cheers, and let the haters hate.

That means a lot @raizel ... All we can do is keep movin forward and make steemit better than before :)

Not sure why you'd get flagged, you put out great stuff.

It's funny though cause you are right.

When people hate on you they are saying your name all over town. Essentially they are adding power to your brand lol. Bots don't talk I guess but it's similar i suppose. hadn't thought of bot haters lol


Keep stackin bro.

Even the bots are haters, funny haha ... It will get better down the road, the community is to strong on steemit to let that happen :)

I think you are right

Lol fuck the bots bro I also got flagged by Steem cleaners (for posting a referral code.. WTF man) and also smashdown kitty or something like that (for upvoting myself LOL) a big Thank You and Fuck You to the Haters 😄💯💻❤️🖕🏽

I can't believe these flag bots are still around. At least they haven't had a big effect on you but it could be huge on smaller creators as they are silenced when thousands of flags come in.
Hopefully we will be able to erase these bots one day.
However I agree that haters sometimes negate their negative effect on you as they normally grasp more attention.
I'm glad that this experience has left you positive @stackin despite the fact many would see it as negative

You the man Arckrai, remember... Keep grinding and I see you a dolphin by December :)

Just keep it up Fuchster, Haters=youaredoingsomethingright

That dude bossin it up :)

forget the haters my friend you're doing so good
am here a month ago and I take a look at some blogs for people joined this year and your blog is interesting. you deserve more attention and you'll capture it.
@stackin steeeeeeeeeeeeem on

I really appreciate your support... always be steemin :)

Well it's about time! I always count these moments as milestones. It's starts with your spam comments, your F4F, your DM/chats blowing up and finally flagging. In these moments it's what you do, how you react that people remember. As usual your staying positive:)

I'm taking the high road on this one... I'm just going to keep on steemin :)

Keeping doing you!

Happened to me too yesterday, I checked the guy on Steemd and all he literally do is flag people randomly lol

Seriously? That's just plain crazy. 😂

check the guy, he's a serial downvoter lol http://prntscr.com/gcu0rf

different guy

Yeah, I didn't said it's the same guy. Both are a-holes though LOL

well, youre certainly entitled to your opinion. Its a shame you don't think others are too.

@stackin - Sire, hates will hate, but you are a good guy Sire. You have my support Sire.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

amigo #resteemia at your service

'Haters don't really hate you, they hate themselves; because you're someone they wish to become' that's enough to blow their heads. be strong @stackin

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

Standing Strong :)

Bossman F the trolls... lolz...

Took the words right out of my mouth 🤣🙌🏼

Hey how bout you come and predict the winner of May/Mac, and WIN 5 SBD!

its on my blog, since I see you already upvoted it, take a chance!;)

Nice, Ill check it out tonight :)

I suppose gaming the system can be positive and negative (eg using bots for good or bad). Gotta wonder why some people go to all the trouble to set these bots they must be very unhappy with themselves. Poor blokes.

Good attitude as always stackin, keep it up.

I hope this doesn't become like youtube, bunch of trolls haha

Sometimes I think certain whales flag popular posters to keep money in the rewards pool...

You know what that means, I'm going to try to get higher now haha

I've loved watching you rise the ranks. Keep on keepin on!

FascistBook must have an army of bots apparently. You really made them angry, and that mean's you're kicking arse and taking names. Well done! haha

I made someone mad last night but it's all good, I won't stop bringin the action lol

This something that is bound to happen with a big list of followers.

Some posts may not fit into the ideologies of all of your followers.

At the very least you can have the satisfaction that they are still checking out your post which is a great new ::

Keep steem'in hard!

I fell like a celebrity haha :)

You sure are! Steemit is giving you live evidence XD

The haters will always be your stalkers.. be strong @stackin i know you can face it. Keep spread positive energy on steemit.. have nice day :)

Standing Strong :)

I know you will :)

Embrace haters like Mcgregor, I've firstly met such thing with flags here,

Can't wait for this weekend, McGregor 💪🏼💯

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I was the one who downvoted you. It isnt because i'm a 'hater'. I don't know you( although it appears that, coincidentally, we both live in Las Vegas). It would be irrational for me to have strong feelings about you one way or the other.

Initially, i doiwnvoted the two posts you made immediately before this one with my main account. This account is mostly powered down. I downvoted because i believe that posts like the two in question are harmful to the platform, and because the payout seemed out of porportion to the quality of the content. My vote is probably worth around a penny from this account.

Most of the steem power i have is in 7000 small accounts that i purchased last september as an investment. I normally do not use these for voting, because its a pain in the ass to run the script to vote with them all , and also because whether upvoting or downvoting, when i do it with that many accounts, people get the wrong impression. It was originally my intent to simply downvote you with my main account (and express my opinion about overrewarded content that is harmful to the platform)

After i downvoted you with my main account, you downvoted my most recent post. A post only being paid two dollars, where i actually spent like an hour writing a script for someone to find some posts for them.

To me, this is clearly retributive downvoting. You thought i was a guy with 30 steem power, and that you could bully me into abstaining from voting my conscience. If i had really been that guy, maybe you would have been successful. Allowing any user to try to intimidate voters in that manner, especially with delegated steem power, is, in my opinion, a dangerous precednet to set, and required a greater response.

one additional note -- although i use a script to have my accounts vote (because it would take an unreasonable amount of time to log in and out of the steemit web interface hundreds or thousands of times), there is no bot running them or automation of decision making of any kind. I looked at the content, looked at the situation, and manually ran my script to cast the votes in question. I stand by those votes.

edit to add: ill also be dving this post at full power when i get to the machine where i manage my accounts. mainly due to the ad hominem attacks and the misrepresentation of the situation , but also i dont believe posts complaining about being downvoted should be rewarded significantly.

Hahah the end of the video was great....haters will always be hating . You are doing great and there is not stoping you

1000 flags!!, I would live a 1000 upvotes!! I really don't need those haters!!

I can't see anyone flagging you, but then again you said that they were bots.
The machine flagged you and it may only be one hater that hired the hit man flag machine.

you're so right, haters hate the fact that others like you are doing better than them. I also believe they are very unhappy people, because happy people wouldn't do these things. So if anything, I feel sorry for them. Heck there are so many people who are doing way better than me, or you even. I don't envy them and I'm not jealous, envy and jealousy is an ugly disease. Sure I would love to be where some of them are, but I believe that most people like that got where they are by hard work amongst other things. So they deserve it and I feel happy for them. You're the bomb and that's what they can't stand.

tks for sharing this with us!! nice photo with the legend :-)

I needed to hear this. I been getting mad trolls lately on YouTube. I'm not even big I only got 1k subs but man the trolling has got me down. I actually haven't been on Yt in a couple weeks. Fuck it tho I'm back baby..hitting it tomm with a new vid. You're right, the bigger you get the more hate you'll get too. I'm doing something right and I won't let it phase me. Thx bud, keep grinding and going hard. 👊😎

I never pay attention to haters, they are just miserable people. ;) Cheers @stackin

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Hatters gonna hate! The more hatters you got the more and better you move. It is just envy. 100% upvoted. I added you to the steemvoter with 100, only for this.

Good on you for staying positive! I had a post at $32 when a whale decided to give it a flag and it emediately went to 0 and was even hidden. No message, comment etc.. :/

Excellent article

I hate you. I mean admire you. LOL I had a problem with some bots flagging my ish a while back too. Definitely needs to be done away with. A personal flag I can understand, but some are designed to flag specific keywords and such.

Oh really? Thank you for reminding me and I am going to save this post as proof. Some other steemian was complaining about my post having too much upvotes earnings that I invested in. Check out the comments on my post about the salad I made for dinner and the funniest meme I posted 4 days ago , he on one of those comments but just in case things go wrong your my witness

People will hate, I've been flagged and life goes on, as long as we trek on and stay on our hustle we are good⭐️💵🍾❤️ Hugs friend and a happy weekend to you!

Really surprised that someone like you getting flagged man! Anyone is at risk about these bots flagging, we really can't do nothing i suppose.
Great video man, and the last message was just too good! hahaha!
Keep rocking man, even flagged or not!

Ha yes. It's so exciting that we get to make money doing what we love because we have the internet. But with that also comes haters. I love what Brene Brown has to say about haters because her work is around vulnerability and intimacy. She did a Ted Talk some years ago that took on a life of it's own and she had no control over how many people were seeing it. And people said things like, "It's a good thing you embrace imperfection because of the way you look." "You need botox here and here and here." "You're ugly." "I feel bad for your kids." Anyway, this is the video I love of her on the Chase Jarvis show where a lot of it is about mean comments.

Haters=Jealous=ewww loll

jealousy has to be earned.

only pity is free

Fucking. Great. Video @Stackin!

Bots got guns jealousy! 💪🏽

charles needs hater, so please hate on charles, hey that's what he said, he'll still respect you in the morning

A friend of mine was flagged repeatedly as well last week. This gave birth to a new Crypto-Bottom Feeder: The Flag-it Crab™!

Colour version out tomorrow lolz...

you will prevail

i ned to go work out at the gym man


man i think the hurricane is like a VORTEX man theres like 3 of them! jose irma and Katia! all in a line, its pretty crazy, very much a lot of magical power here to harness!

Its collective concious theres a lot of peopel who are just constantly thinking about the huricane AND it proves allthe survival preppers right!

ANyay we should all be working harder to save up steem BEFORE steem app coems out!

we have a few months maybe even half a year for the next few hardforks but THEN steem is gonna fuckin DOMINAET dude steem will gop into the $100 range and up to $1000 and ys steem wil be all over CNBC and forbes and all that shit

we needMORE steem tho well ur good i need more tho!

its crazy i gotta post more like u do man! more steemit related topics because SOn it won't beas easy to make money ons steemit!

soon it will be ful of competition man

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No Idea, no wonder they are not successful :)