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"If one wants success in their lives, the first step is to start believing in yourself" ~ Charles Fuchs.


If you have been an Investor for a long time, you probably have already seen and heard about the picture posted above. 📈 📉 📊

It's called the "Wall Street Cheat Sheet: Psychology of a Market Cycle".

Regardless of which "Market" that you are invested in (real estate, stocks, bonds, precious metals, commodities etc... etc...)  the market tends to mimic this trend.

Looking back on what I posted on Facebook on November 28, 2017... I already knew that we was in the "thrill" and "euphoria" phase. Check it out:

Many thought I was crazy to say that getting out of "Bitcoin" around $11,000 was a bad idea because most people tend to "follow the herd" ideology. 🐑 🐑 🐑

People in general hate being "left out" from the majority... It's simple human psychology, people just want to "fit in" with others.

Everyone was saying during December 2017 "100k Bitcoin in 2018!"

By looking at the charts above, I'm thinking that we are in currently in the "Capitulation" and "Anger Phase". The reason why I'm stating this is because I don't see that many people in the "Depression" mode yet.

However, I can be totally wrong. Maybe we are currently in the "Depression" stage depending on the person situation of how much he or she lost. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Looking at the sentiment and charts on the overall 'Crypto Markets", some seem to still be bullish right now and I don't see a lot of people depressed yet. 

I'm probably being very biased here because I took lots of profits during December through March and many people didn't. 🙇🏼‍♂️

I wouldn't even be worried at all if the "Crypto Markets" tank another 50% from here... every single person situation is different. 

So what are you thoughts? Can we go lower from here before the next run up? Maybe, who knows... If I knew, I would have Millions of Dollars Already! 🤣

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

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Its hightime to buy some steem nowadays while its dipping and soon it will rise again... hopefully.


Having Steem is always good! If Steem goes down from here, no biggie... more to get cheaper :)


How much did you make already? I'm still tryna make some cool bucks from this whole crypto thang!

be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful

This is the time to be greedy because the next wave will be extremely massive.



Yes it will. Although not everything will go up and stay up. Only invest what you can afford to lose - but yep I would be buying now definitely.


Yea, that's a reminder. We should only invest what we can afford to loose Thanks 👍


Good observation but the financial crises really pushed the gold and precious metals up in 2008. They will use ETF to control the markets. Time will tell 😎

The ETF could trigger another bullrun otherwise I think we will see lower lows until mayor news like china opening the flood gates again


All I know is that this crypto market is nuts 😂😂

My only mistake was buying steem at 3 dollars, but I can hold it for years, still never lost any money because you only lose when you sell


I don't think its a mistake at all, it's a good price. You can buy more now and bring the cost down :) ... wait til it hits over $10 next year 😎


The more you own the more you make anyway

@stackin bro this is right time to invest ???? in crypto


It's good time to get small positions in my opinion but the question is, do you believe in the project and won't get mad if it drops another 50% and willing to hold it :)


It is absolutely the best time to invest in crypto! Prices are way down but the institutional money is moving in. They are the ones creating much of the FUD, to lower prices so they can buy up cheaply.

I'm pretty bullish about the market. I think when it will bull market again it will blow harder than before. It can become couple trillions in capitalization. Not an advice of investing but I'm personally in!

Also if you interested in the Crypto currency news reviews here is our latest review of the day

And we collected most interesting news form the past week as well as future important events on the next week.

I think that the market has already bottomed and unless we get a major SEC or DOJ ruling on ICOs and the alleged fraud the price will sustain above that $5,700 level. We are right where we were about 9-10 months ago and that is fine. I firmly believe now is the time to hop back in, but not by going "all-in", rather dollar cost average your positions going forward.


Dollar cost averaging is key 😎

I still like STEEM no matter what the Crypto Markets are doing..........I like the Fact that I can even delegate STEEM to others to make more STEEM. Have a nice Sunday Charles @stackin


Speaking the truth man! So far EOS is my 2nd Fav :)

Wait... i'm confused as fuark "Everyone was saying during December 2018 "100k Bitcoin in 2019!"" are you from the future? december 2018 xD? we are still in july 2018, is it because we are in different timezones xD? Maybe you are counting years in chinese years, been there done that ahah

I think the market is stable now, it will slowly SLOWLY go up, it will probably take some time to see a new all-time high, but this is just my opinion, it's not financial advise...


I just corrected it, it was suppose to say 2017 lol. I had a split second mental breakdown haha

Try setting your graph to weekly, and you'll quickly find out that 5k is simply the first thing you notice, but steps deeper are definitely possible.

I wouldn't personally try to catch Bitcoin at 5k, but rather wait see further develop. 1500-5000$ should be the bottom. Where exactly, we'll see soon enough.

And further, if you go to weekly, and if you look at the Gox bubble, you see that the process of moving from bear to bull market, is not as quick as you might have thought in your own little version of it all.

You make it seem, that it's just a 1-3 month process, when really, we could be looking at a continuation of a bear market, for at least 6 more months.

I think if it is possible that the values of the currency market continue to fall to who knows what point, then when they go back up is when we should prepare for change, purchases and win of those investments we made


Let’s have a moon shot 😀

@stackin Its hightime to get some steem these days while its plunging and soon it will rise once more... ideally.

I am just accumulating more and more steem these days.


I’m so focused in 2018, let’s get our stacks up 🙌🏼

that spike just now clearly shows something interesting might come soon ;) Let the FOMO begin


Oh no, not fomo again 😂🤣

Well!! Hie.. I'm a newbie.
Here is the link to my post. Upvote if you like the content. thanks!


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Maybe the bull run is around the corner? hmmm :)

Perseverance with faith, we continue to grow in this magnificent world of cryptocurrencies and will continue as this represents the future ..

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