Sun Thursday Contest - Earn for yourself and charity

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Winner gets 50% liquid SBD - other 50 % go to Charity

Guys - a different Sun Thursday for Charity Weekly. You see a GIF with some Sun photos (forgive the quality) from different Cities. The GIF includes 9 photos from different cities around the world. The first that guesses 5 cities correct will receive 50% of the liquid SBD payout from this post while the other 50% will be donated to this charity @charityproject that aims to buy Computers for a school in Tirol, Brasil that are really in need for new Equipment. Tirol in Brasil has been found 1859 from Austrian Immigrants.

Good luck and feel free to support this posts to maximise your potential reward and your support for a charity.


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I can't even guess a single one ;)
a big thumbs up for an amazing idea...

Na das teile ich doch gerne :-)

Klasse Danke!!!

hmmmm, not easy. Berlin, Munich, London, maybe Rom and Vienna. WIll check this later again

Berlin, Munich, London is clear for me.

The other one could be Hannover, my old hometown and CeBIT location

Now the last one..... Maybe google can help... Let's see

What's about one of my beloved US city San Diego. Was there a few time and need to go there again...

Searching took a while, and it is Friday!

You won by mentioning 5 of the cities Berlin, London, Munich, Hanover and San Diego - in addition we had Varna , Istanbul and Worms. The post generated 13.266 liquid SBD and you will receive 50% of this today - the other 50% will go to @charityproject

Whooot, luckily I visited all that cities and worms as well. Never been to varna

Ich teile es natürlich auch :-)


Lieben Dank

Hello @uwelang

We at @adsactly find your ongoing charity projects very motivational. Every community needs to adopt the sense of selflessly helping others to develop itself and prosper.

We also appreciate everything you are doing for the Steemit community in general.

Please accept this small token of our gratitude and be welcomed to our ranks here: ADSactly

Your post was upvoted by Keyholder North, rewarding you with 7$
Keep up your awesome work!

Cheers for the nice words and the vote! I am already in your discord since a while. Appreciated

Great work Sir Uwe! Do you think this post should also go into #social investment? And can you please also invite #ADSactly to #social development?

Thanks Sir - think that would fit there, yes. @ADSactly is an own community but maybe they see the tag and join somehow.

ADSactly has asked me to join them Sir Uwe? Do you think I should?

I would recommend it, you can show your project and find charity supporters.

Thank you Sir Uwe! I joined and ended up in the top 6 of their competition! I don't care if I win, but you are right. It gives me a good opportunity to get the @papilloncharity name out there!

Hängt ab jetzt auch an meiner Wand, lieber Uwe :)

Klasse, danke - gerne mitmachen :-) - Tippen, 5 Städtenamen?

Great idea and on the extremely unlikely case that I guess 5 of the countries don't give my anything give it all to papillon

Tunisia, Germany , Lebanon, Poland and Turkey

Hi mate - thanks a lot, however I search for cities not countries :-)

OOps my mistake must have been still half asleep on the train, Hmm let me ponder this

München, Berlin, London, Sofia, Madrid ?

Drei stimmen schon - versuch mal weiter :-)

München , Berlin, London, Wien, Ankara

Nein, noch immer nicht - ab morgen gebe ich Tips

schade. Vielleicht läufts besser mit einem Tips.

hmmm pretty hard one i guess ;p

london madrid istanbul berlin stockholm

3 davon sind richtig

no clue on the cities. But thanks for putting the challenge list together. Resteemed. Maybe one of my followers is smarter than me :)

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The images are beautiful but I really can't guess them.

Thank you so much!!

hard one, I wil guess the third city as Stockholm. others i can;t guess. but i i will support 100% for your charity work

great idea
Thank you for sharing!

Great one!!

Great post like it!

There are Greece, Spain and Germany. And the lake can be anywhere :)

Hmmm - I asked for City not Country :-)

Great pics series!

Good contest and good luck to all the winners , amazing that half is going out in charity I love the idea! Keep it up.
Would love to participate pity I don't have a clue which cities they can be . Next time maybe

nice work man!!

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Here are my guesses: MONTREAL, BERLIN, DUBLIN, LONDON, BOSTON, VIENNA, SYDNEY, PARIS, ZURICH. I have just mentioned 9 guesses, but I don't know if I was supposed to mention only 5

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