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RE: Sun Thursday Contest - Earn for yourself and charity

in #charityweekly5 years ago

Hello @uwelang

We at @adsactly find your ongoing charity projects very motivational. Every community needs to adopt the sense of selflessly helping others to develop itself and prosper.

We also appreciate everything you are doing for the Steemit community in general.

Please accept this small token of our gratitude and be welcomed to our ranks here: ADSactly

Your post was upvoted by Keyholder North, rewarding you with 7$
Keep up your awesome work!


Cheers for the nice words and the vote! I am already in your discord since a while. Appreciated

Great work Sir Uwe! Do you think this post should also go into #social investment? And can you please also invite #ADSactly to #social development?

Thanks Sir - think that would fit there, yes. @ADSactly is an own community but maybe they see the tag and join somehow.

ADSactly has asked me to join them Sir Uwe? Do you think I should?

I would recommend it, you can show your project and find charity supporters.

Thank you Sir Uwe! I joined and ended up in the top 6 of their competition! I don't care if I win, but you are right. It gives me a good opportunity to get the @papilloncharity name out there!

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