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My goal is to raise funds to help kids in São Tomé, a country governed by poverty. If you want to know more about my project, please read


Sorry to start the post with CAPS. Some people only care about money and don't even read past the headlines, but their resteem is useful for the purpose I'm now explaining:

1. A contest to solve two problems!

I'm a bit concerned about the payouts. This is not really a not, and not what I expected... I get a lot of support to you guys but unfortunately our voting power is so small! These posts don't reach the whales...

We'll only be able to do that if we resteem this post like hell. Make it go viral. And how can you accomplish that? That's right, with a contest!

So here's what I'll do: using the Steem Power I inevitably get from these posts, I'll make a lottery for SBI shares! For each 1 SP the post gives, 1 SBI share will be released.

Which means this week we'll be giving away 2 SBI shares (because of last posts's SP).

How do you win? Just resteem this post. No other rules. Just resteem.

2. Last week's payout

So, things weren't great with the last post's payout. The rewards were 0.902 SBD, 0.020 STEEM and 0.383 STEEM POWER.

Last week I forgot to thank @tmarisco that donated 1 very useful SBD!

This means our balance is now:
@sisou account - 3.577 SBD; 0.041 STEEM; 1.712 SP
@zpedro account - 1.091 SP

We're also partnering with IncinBot, that will send us 50% of the subscription fee (0.6) for its high-ROI upvote&share service! Check them out here! Thank you @cryptowithincin for this.

You'll say this is now much. And that's true, it's not much. But I really hope this new contest thing will help.


São Tomé e Príncipe


Roça Água Izé

The main tourist attractions in São Tomé are essentially the paradisiac beaches. Thing is, I'm not very fond of beaches. I'm much more attracted to the culture, history, and social aspects of the country.

As much as I read, Roça Água Izé is a clear example of how the history shaped the society, with this plantation ("Roça") that slowly shaped a city around.


The warehouse is now a cocoa museum, telling the history of the plantation owned by João Maria de Sousa Almeida. It became one of the biggest agriculture units of the country. There's not much hierarchy in the city. The administration building doesn't have a central or prominant position, standing side by side with the workshops, the carpentries, the warehouses and the people's houses. There are two hospitals, located uptown.

Most buildings are dated between 1910 and 1920, although the second hospital was built in 1928 and has become one of the most interesting buildings to visit.


I chose to present this plantation, but there are many many more, each with it's own history and culture. I invite you to buy this book with these beautiful pictures and descriptions of the many Roças in São Tomé!

That's it for today! Please if you have any questions regarding this project, read this post
I remind the addresses for donations in crypto:

Bitcoin (BTC): 16PPGv5WipSvQgqmqaZEe8iCMAavzt5bZL
Ethereum (ETH): 0xb37E3A39ad64C8E772090E50C09d88f8761c1567
Litecoin (LTC): LLBsMBMWkrCygHmJssqwbvNsoKaZPuUREM
ZCash (ZEC): t1VbM7k6VngGbu953nzZWuTTgRo2G1oBRAT



Love the idea m8. Unfortunately just starting something with very little steem/sbd to donate but I wish you the best of luck with the funding

You're great @cryptowithincin :) Unfortunately few whales are so willing to help as you do! Last post had 75 kind upvoters, and so little rewards...

Haha not much of a whale 🐳! But looking towards atleast a 10 cent upvote in the near the idea, and keep it up!

Hey, we are doing a fundraiser towards this event with our bot. If you send .6 steem to this account you will receive an upvote of $.06-.07 and .3 steem will go towards this cause!

Always resteemed yer posts when it involved charity. But now I have more contingent reasons to do so, anyways still going to donate through other ways but within the medium of Steemit. Hopefully more traffic comes yer way!

You've been a huge help! Through upvotes, treeplanter, comments, resteems... Thank you man :) I don't know you personally but you have a big heart!

D'aww, thanks. Anything for the betterment of projects like these.

@johndoer123, @newbiegames - could you wonderful folk please help share this one around?

This is a very Noble cause. I have resteemed, and will be using my @newbieresteemday powers to resteem it there.☺ Thank you @sparkesy43 for calling my attention to this. And thank you @zpedro for doing your part to change the world. I love you, dear friend, for doing this.

You're very welcome. I had a feeling this would appeal to you.

That’s a noble cause. I gave you my 100% upvote (which isn’t a whole lot, but better than nothing) and I’ll send you a little donation for the cause.

I’ll be back with @newbiegames to resteem also.
(Thanks, @sparkesy43 for the heads up)

Thank you so much @simplymike! It is a noble cause yes, I'm happy to donate some of my time and steem to raise these funds :)

Unfortunately this depends a lot on the price of STEEM. I'll make the withdrawal on the first week of July... I hope the market turns bullish until then.

Thank you!

That’s me and you both :0)

Happy to make people aware of a good cause - especially those with big hearts

You just planted 0.22 tree(s)!

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Hello @zpedro, to benefit your charity, I think you really need to look into @dustsweeper. You have had a lot of comment you make get voted on, and the vote value does not rise above the dust vote level. What that means is all those votes you received are burned up. You get no payout from them, and your voters do not get the opportunity to receive a curation reward. A 1 SBD investment in your self will lift 71 of those dust level votes out of the ashes, giving you a reward, and more importantly, a curation reward to those that gave you a vote. I urge you to take a look at their latest post and give it a try, you will not be sorry.

Resteemed, wish you the best in this worthy endeavor. :-)

The info about the plantation is quite interesting. I also enjoy learning about the cultural aspects of different countries and regions. I read your original post. It is very good of you to try and help. I hope you were successful in gathering the supplies for donations, and I wish you well in your endeavor!

Thank you paradigm42! Its difficult to see how much we'll be able to gather so I'm shaping our contribution according to how much we can gather.

For now our best chance is to buy local craftsmanship and offer locally, so we can help both the kids and the economy :)

It definitely makes a lot of sense to purchase as much as you can from the local people and help stimulate their economy at the same time as helping the kids. That will help the kids living there in the long run as well! I look forward to reading more updates on your project. :)

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@lovebug #lovebug how awesome is this post? Resteeming now also :) What an amazing project!

Resteemed buddy
hope you keep on doing whats right towards the charity goals!

Done resteeming

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great job man !

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A good cause. Resteemed and upvoted.