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I love the fruit part but I cannot support teaching those kids how to hurt chickens and kill our planet. Animal agriculture is the number one reason for climate change and a ton of other environmental issues! the resources it takes to crate one pound of meat could have 30 people eat a huge meal of rice and veggies , it is not sustainable and it is frankly the wrong thing to tech in this day and age ...


Everybody had a different opinion and circumstances in which they live. Besides, chickens are not only good for meat, they lay eggs. This is a third world country we are talking about and you can just not expect a place where illiteracy is reality to just jump on board and catch up with everyone else. I am sure they will get there but it is unreasonable to expect people to drop what they know just like that and just change.

That being said, I respect your views and agree with them partly. For each their own.
Kind regards!

sigh it is not an opinion it is the findings of the UN-climate report and may other - it is called science. Also you did get the part where the resources would feed about 180 people more (average chicken 6 pounds ) . I am also not faulting them I am faulting an organization that has access to the knowledge and could teach them to fed them selves sustainably and far better . i have lived and worked in several third world countries of course you cannot expect people to change over night but teaching them how to do it better and the reasons why old practices might be less efficient goes a long way . Fact- we have about 5 years to drastically change world wide or we are in very deep trouble ...i would recommend reading the UN findings and doing some research of your own ... I am not trying to be disrespectful i just cannot understand the lack of foresight...

You just live in your comfort zone of choosing evetyday what you can eat and what you don't eat. Those people are not even close to make any choose by themself. I feel you have a leck of understanding their situation. And to compare there little chicken farm with anything that is related to global warming is just nonsense.

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right because you know so much about me and where i have worked and been SMH keep on assuming . As is you are wrong any farm big or small aggravates the problem as a whole. And again with their means it is hard for them to do different but the organisation here has funding and means to teach them how to better their situation with more sustainable options , it has been done ! i have friends who do it in africa and south america ..i have done it in the past so please tell me again how i do not know what i am talking about ...

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who accept other opinions and try to RESPECTFULLY educate or talk to others and those who act like everybody who has different views are complete idiots. The second ones are consequently also often surprised by how little people want to engage in conversation with them. Quite frankly they only waste your time and that is why I just move on in these cases(saves your nerves). Because I have no wish to argue even though I would not mind having a civilized discussion where both parties have respect for each other and can learn from one another.

Thank you for dropping by and being a nice human being, caring about the subject and all. I wanted you to know that I noticed your comment and appreciate it. Thank you! :)

Hi @lindahas you nailed that conversion perfectly. Yes it is more important to share knowledge and experience and wave things out in order to come to a good conclusion. There is no perfect view or opinion and therefore we all should be open minded and willing to change our perspective. I was just shocked how this guy is trying to do something good but is completly lost in different issues with data from the UN ( I don't even trust those data). How in the world do you really wanna fight global warming (if that is really man made) by forcing small farms to raise animals differently??? That really makes no sense and if it does it would be a terrible challenge for everybody involved. Thanks for your lovely comment I really appreciated as well!!!

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Yes, the UN is the last source I will trust as well! I do not know if you are big on TV shows but Altered Carbon is a great show that might interest you (in connection with UN, kind of).

Making food and growing it, either it is meat or produce is crucial. I mean, we can only survive with food and too many kids these days are uneducated about where their chicken wings come from. Plus, keeping birds gives you so much more than just meat. You do not have to keep them in inhumane circumstances and it is more likely that we will choose to change our ways if we actually know how the birds live and are killed.

I eat meat. And I like it. I grew up on a farm and I know that animals actually get killed. I would be able to kill a chicken if it was a requirement to actually eat meat. I also agree that we are too wasteful with our food and big companies make way too much and keep their animals in horrible circumstances. But technology, evolution, and advancement are things that cannot just happen overnight and small farms are what actually deals with the animals in better ways. There is no excess of meat that gets thrown out.

I doubt it is on any child's agenda to change the meat industry. And the kids of today will be the adults of tomorrow. If they know nothing about how those businesses are run they will not want to improve them. You have to know things to want and change them.

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