Blogging for A Cause: Baby David Survives Initial Surgery

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Indeed. God is good.

After four long hours of waiting, our baby David's initial operation was a success! :)

He is now at the neonatal ICU to recover.

We know that this will be a long and challenging journey, but our faith will never be shaken.


Thank you everyone for all the heart felt prayers that you offered .



#charity #FundVoting

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Can we get more people vote for this please! Stay strong!


Sending you healing love and light!

thanks @mazi

Thank you so much for posting. It would wonderful if everyone could also support this post to save this little girl:

Great. He will be in our thoughts. Wishing him a quick recovery! Keep us posted:)

Thank you for all the help you extended sir...

Godbless You and your Family. Sending my Love to the baby. :)


Blessings to you and your family.


I will pray for baby David. I upvoted your post. He is a cutie too! :)

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an upvote.. hope my upvote will be worth something for the poor child...

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