A wild coin appears! Help the Homeless Coin - Fair launch!

in charity •  22 days ago

A wild coin appears!

There is a new coin launching on July 1st 12 pm EST
Help the Homeless Coin or HTH

What separates us from all the other coins out there at the moment. We have a basic model, use fund to give people the 3 basics;
Food, Shelter, Clothing.
Giving straight to charities with people on the ground getting stuff done and sheltering those who have lost the ability or means to shelter themselves.

Here's the technical stuff:
This coin is based on the x16r algorithm with;

  • no master nodes - no pre-mine - no presale - no pos - Cryptobridge application paid upfront

We will Launch the coin 1st of July at 12 pm EST

Website: https://hthcoin.world/
Explorer: https://explorer.hthcoin.world/
Github: https://github.com/HTHcoin

For more info, you can join our discord here: https://discord.gg/eUKyUbB

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It's a nice cause, it's a social necessity, a social responsibility and a very great inspiration. but you know how people feel about new names on charity things AND how do they think about ICO and Coins etc

So the very important issue is not how to show the importance of the cause and the facts behind it, it's important how to prove the honesty and trustworthy. which will not hand over white paper and technical issues, but through precise and wise acts of promotion.

I wish you luck and look forward to read more about it.

P.S.: this may not be the best time to start such thing, due to bleeding BTC and ALTCOINS


I instantly fell in love with this #FairChance coin myself when I was invited in. I found lot of familiar faces, which made me sure of the seriousness here. Not only a great cause, but also a great caring community growing around it.
It is no exit scam coin;

  • no master nodes
  • no pre-mine
  • no presale
  • no pos
  • CryptoBridge listing paid upfront by the founders

Please come by the discord or look into https://twitter.com/hashtag/FairChance and https://twitter.com/HTHCoin. We need help to spread the word too ;)

This coin is started by miners, and the bleeding price only affect those who need to sell I think.

To answer your other reply, the picture is from the website, and is not mine.


Thank you I will check it out

anyway, the image is a masterpiece, may I have the source?