@steemaid - where does the money go?

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To put it simply 100% of donations go to the cause through @steemaid. To make it as transparent as possible we have outlined all possibilities regarding income and donations below.

Donations & Reward payouts

There will be 4 main income streams through Steemit.

  • Donations made with project name in memo - PROJECT specific
  • Donations made without project name in memo - POOL
  • Author rewards - POOL, unless a PROJECT specific post
  • Curation rewards - POOL

Note - SP will be the long term investment in STEEM. In the meantime it will add weight to amass curation rewards which will go into the Pool. When SP is eventually powered down it will be added to the Pool. In the case that @steemaid ceases, the money will be donated to a selected charity.

The Pool
what it is and how we’ll use it

The Pool consists of all funds which have not been allocated to a specific project, made up of liquid SBD, STEEM and potential STEEM (from powering down SP).
Generally, the Pool will split in the following ways, however situations may arise where that shifts and changes slightly.

  • 50% - Emergency funds - to send with or a team or direct to a trusted organisation on short notice.
  • 25% - Mobilisation fund - for expenses to mobilise a team in the future.
  • 25% - Project shortfall - To cover any funding shortfalls for any selected projects.

Extra info
important stuff

  • No person will be permitted to withdraw from the @steemaid account for personal gain.
  • Wages will not be paid or taken from the account. If this ever needs to change for whatever reason, then this will be made clear to donors and will change because it needs to!
  • In the case that a mission might arise, expenses for the team would be covered. Expenses would be limited to flights, accommodation and basic sustenance (food and water, not beer and caviar like some charities seem to think is acceptable) taken from the Pool.
  • Regular update posts on spend and balance will be made public.


How you can help

You can send STEEM or SBD directly to @steemaid either to a specific project or for the POOL.

The easiest way to donate - by upvoting our posts.
Add us to your auto voter to make an ongoing contribution.

We want to hear from you, tell us what you can do and how you can help.
In future there will be a website for signing up, for now please email.

People who to help with fundraising and come up with fresh new ideas.

Always open to ways in which @steemaid can progress and improve.

@steemaid - a charity powered by Steem


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