FEEDING PROGRAM for the kids of Mt. Nangalid, Datu Salumay, Baguio District

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It's been a while since I last posted here and I apologize for being hiatius. It's just that, last week, was a busy week for our team to prepare and re-plan our supposed to be Holy Week trip to Arakan Valley, where, we are supposed to give medical kits and used educational books. We are unable to pursue our mission to Arakan Valley for some safety issues raised days prior to our actual departure. Hence, we re-routed our planned hiking activity to a community in the hinterlands of Baguio District.


Last March 28, 2018 at around 20:00H, our party composed of 12 departed Davao City hitting the dark roads leading us to Mt. Nangalid, Brgy. Datu Salumay, Baguio District. It is a long and winding 4 hours of butt numbing journey, moving up to the mountainous terrain of BuDa (Bukidnon - Davao Highway).

We reached our campsite past 12:00AM of March 29, 2018.


We spent our 1st day at Datu Salumay trekking the rugged trails of the forested Mt. Nangalid (I will do a separate post regarding the whole adventure). Moving forward, on our 2nd day, the most important day of our 4 day Holy Week Special, we prepared Arroz caldo for the whole community of Sitio Nangalid. After having our breakfast, we wasted no time and started preparing all the ingredients of our dish for our feeding program.


At around 2PM. A total of 3 big pots full of Arroz caldo(Rice broth) was prepared. We then started to visit the houses of the locals informing them about the food we prepared. as minutes passed by, many kids went to our home shelter and have their bowls filled with rice broth. Some parents also brought Tupperware with them and offered the food to their family members. while majority of them brought their share at their homes, many of the kids just decided to eat their share near our shelter then later on asked for another set. It was a very successful activity considering the fact that we only informed them on the spot.


photo from LUMOC GC


photo from LUMOC GC


photo from LUMOC GC

Of course this would not be possible without the help of the generous souls who up-voted my previous post and to those sponsors who shared some of their blessings even though I only posted it on social media last minute. For that, in behalf of the (Lu)lu (Mo)untaineering (C)lub [LUMOC], I would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO SUPPORTED AND WILL KEEP SUPPORTING OUR CAUSE. This would not be possible without your kind hearts. You are the very reason why these kids are happy. KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU!!


I would also like to say THANK YOU to ma'am @luvabi for the educational books I received yesterday(April 3, 2018). These books will be turned over to the Mini-Library of Happy Forest Kids "Panayangan" shelter this coming May 2018. It is the same shelter you can see in the video I attached to this post.



And for those who are also willing and is interested to help, we have an invitation for you! This coming 3rd week of May, we will once again come back to Sitio Nangalid, Brgy. Datu Salumay, Baguio District for the annual Brigada sa Eskwela program. Instead of the locals, we (LUMOC), together with different mountaineering clubs in Mindanao will be the one to do the Brigada Eskwela Program.

In this event, we will paint the newly built 4 classroom building of Nangalid Elementary School. We will give School Supplies to all the pupils and students of the said school. We will do a clean up drive to the surrounding area of the school and of course, a feeding program to all of the locals and tribes in this small but peace loving community of Nangalid.

So, as early as now, I would like to get your support in this very wonderful cause. I will post a more detailed information about this planned activity once the final agenda has been approved by the participating Clubs and tribal leaders of the area.


The newly constructed 4 classroom building can be seen from the background

I am still accepting educational books donation. The books you will donate will be displayed and will be readily accessible at the Panayangan Shelter's mini library. This library is open and free to all who are interested to read the books and who wants to learn.

I am @lakawero and once again, in behalf of the LUMOC family, I would like to say thank you so much for all the support we received from this very generous community. ROCK ON!


All Images used in this post are mine unless otherwise stated.

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Thanks to @bobiecayao for mentoring me and also to #steemph family.

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Thank you so much sir @dynamicrypto :)

nice bro


Thank you sir :)

@lakawero a very meaning project to help the Philippines' Baguio District community.
However, for long-term sustainability, it will be great if we can help to set up Steemit activity in the community. Over time, that will generate great asset to support the community
Nevertheless, this project is a good start
Keep up the good work


It will be in the near future sir since the area has little to no network signal. They have no access to internet. I am hoping that internet connection will be able to penetrate in this far flung community of Nangalid in due time.


great plan... sometimes internet connection in the rural area take years to build.
With the technology to day, we don't need to be there to do something.
As long as a group of steemit delegated their effort long term will certainly
meeting the objective.
I am helping a wife's ex-colleague who is a Filipino to start steemit. I try to convince her to get her church members to join force too.
Is there anyway I can conenct her with you or your community?
YOu can DM me if you want to discuss more details


Sure sir no problem. Let's talk about it on discord.


my discord id is DigitalMind#6757


I've added you sir @digitalmind

Upvoted, very nice initiative, I hope you well in it.

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Thank you so much po ma'am @dandalion for the feature. :)

Great work! Inspiring this gave me goose bumps and good feelings this evening in Las Vegas! Great work!!!


Thank you sir. Credits to all the generous people who helped and donated. This will not be possible without them :)

Great cause! Resteemed, upvoted & following!


Thank you so much sir @dynamicrypto we will continue to have this kind of activities. :)

nice one. so proud of your achievements and activities and selfless efforts to the less fortunate individual and community.


We are now taking traveling into a more meaningful one hehe


well said bro. a travel with a positive purpose.

You and your team have big hearts! 💗
Salute to you and your team!
May God bless you more so you can help more less fortunate people.🙏

Salute to @luvabi and all the sponsors!!😇
You guys are the bestest!!! ☝


Thank you so much po @maylyn09 there will be more like this to come. Yes ma'am @luvabi is the best. :)

Well done @lakawero.


Thank you so much.


Keep up the good work.

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Awesome work. Keep going. I hope you get all the support you need.


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