5th Phase Of POHI Project: Distribution of Books, Writing Materials, Snacks and uniforms to over 100 school children

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And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do same. - Marianne Williamson

There's a reason why I like the above quote so much. It redefines humanity, the content gives essence not just to life, but the purpose of living. I got this quote from the popular movie, Akeelah and the Bee many years ago and since then it has become a part of my life.
From L-R; @lordjames, @ungest, @ucathy, @empato365, @angiebrown, @joshuaetim, @annieben, @deandaniel and @jeline

On thursday, may 31st myself and a group of friends, mostly from the Steemjet community (delegates/members) went out on a charity project to see how to give back to the community through providing educational support to school children.
upon our arrival at the school

This phase was an exceptional one as it involved delegates/members from the Steemjet community who volunteered on their own to be part of the POHI project as well as sponsor it.
This was also more of partnership with Steemjet
to reach people in rural areas and create awareness about Steemit, blockchain and cryptocurrency, as the Steemjet vision centers around global stem adoption.
@deandaniel sharing exercise books to pupils

And we cannot attain global adoption for steem if we cannot reach out to people in the rural areas, streets and synagogues. And people in the forgotten corners of the world who has never read or heard about the words, Steemit and blockchain. It is true that people who truly need help do not have access to the internet.
a cross-section of school pupils

Those who volunteered and came along with me for this mission were; @lordjames, @jeline, @deandaniel, @empato365, @ungest, @annieben, @ucathy, @angiebrown and my offline friend Ifiokabasi, who suspended his work, plans and everything to drive us to and fro the school.

The project was a successful one, we were able to distribute exercise books to pupils covering three (3) classes, primary 4, 5 and 6 of Government Primary School, Ikot Ese. A public school located in a remote area of Southern Nigeria.
@lordjames with the school uniform materials and other items

We were also able to present brand new school uniforms to school children who didn't have for sewing. We selected 2 pupils from the senior class and 5 from the younger classes; primary 1, 2 and 3 who really needed help with sewing of new school uniforms.
addressing the pupils and teachers

I spoke to the pupils and teachers and made them understood that this wasn't a government program or government sponsored project but a Steemit powered project sponsored by young Steemians and other members of the Steemit community who cares about philanthropic and charity projects.
@lordjames explaining internet and blockchain in simple terms

@lordjames had to scribble those words on the board for the pupils for more emphasis

I introduced blockchain technology to the teachers and pupils, and later @lordjames took it further to explain in simple terms what internet and blockchain technology is to the pupils and teachers and what can be achieved with it.

@annieben addressing the pupils and teachers

Afterwards, @annieben spoke to the teachers and pupils, and made them understood that one doesn't need to become a government official or person or be in government before he/she can lend help. She also emphasized on the importance of not waiting for the government to fix everything. She encouraged the pupils to work harder and take their studies seriously so they can become the change they wish to see in the society as well as attain financial independence someday.
@empato365 presenting gifts to the teachers via the head teacher

The teachers were not left out as @empato365 presented the head teacher of the school with drinks and snacks as our gift and refreshments for the teachers.

The pupils also had enough to drink and eat as we shared drinks and snacks to pupils in all the classes. We also shared biros and pencils to them.
@deandaniel with head teacher

@deandaniel presented money to the head teacher and told him that it was meant for the sewing of school uniforms for the selected pupils.

We also spent quality time interacting with the kids, asking them questions about what they wish to become when they grow up. We had beautiful answers from them; some said they want to become doctors, some engineers, some bankers, some lawyers, we also had a potential male nurse and so on.
@ungest having fun with the kids

@annieben shaking hands with a future whale

The kids laughed when I told them that the books, biros and pencils given to them is not meant for writing of debtors' names or names of noise makers but to write their school work, their dreams, achievements, poems, songs and do their drawings.
interacting with the kids

My friend @lordjames would say...

We cannot save the world, but we can always start from our immediate community.

We may not be able to save the world at once, but we will always try to see what we can do to help our immediate world. We'll see how we can help a child have access to books and writing materials, we'll see how we can help a child change a torn uniform or sandals.

Even if I do not have enough, I am doing what I need to do. I want to know what I can do for someone.


The children and teachers were so happy about our coming and donations. The head teacher gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the entire school and after that, we were done and left.

Whenever I see kids without school sandals, I feel privileged to have worn shoes to school. -@joshuaetim


It was really difficult to leave, even after we were done. We were becoming fond of the children, likewise the kids with us. I enjoyed every single moment with them, talking and playing with them. Letting them to know that all of their dreams are valid and real and not merely illusions.
@jeline sharing writing materials to the kids

@ucathy looking all happy as she shares pencils to school children

@deandaniel and one of the kids

with the kids

I am extremely grateful to the Steemjet delegates/volunteers who donated to make this project become more successful. We got a total of 51 SBDS from their donations.
@deandaniel - 15 SBD
@lordjames - 10 SBD
@empato365 - 10 SBD
@ungest - 6 SBD
@jeline - 5 SBD
@annieben - 5 SBD

I am also grateful to @mitneb who has been a long standing supporter of this project. She is the first person who donated to this project from inception, she gave 50 Steem to this course and has always assured us of her support. Thank you @mitneb.

I am personally grateful to @ejemai and @dimimp for the 500 and 1250 SP delegations respectively. Thank you, I'm grateful.

Special thanks to @sircork and @surfyogi everyone else who supports and promotes projects like this, and who keep inspiring young people to become better, thank you.
@ungest gave us all the shots

About POHI (Products Of Help Initiative)

POHI is a steem powered project that focuses on providing educational support to school children and students in the rural parts of Nigeria. It's a project I started with @lordjames in Northern Nigeria, and so far we've covered a few schools in Northern and Southern Nigeria.
I'm currently working on launching it here in the Western part of Nigeria where I am currently.

We are opened to support, donations, partnership, suggestions, volunteers and advice.
Thank you for your time.


We are indeed impressed with your courage to stand up for these children. More power to your elbow @joshuaetim.
@we-care sent you $3 sbd as our way of supporting you for the project.
We would to hear from prior the next phase of the project.
Together we can shine as light and be a blessing to our sphere of contact.

Thank you for the donation, I appreciate.

Good one guys. Giving back to the society is one way to make a loud noise about steemit.
Global adoption is still the goal

Yeah, giving back to the community is a beautiful thing, it connects us with humanity. Thank you for your kind words.

I was happy doing this...thank you for making this happen.

Thank you dear for your donation, support, time and availability. It was nice having you in the team to put smiles on the faces of those kids

I could say it's an honour to help the world one child at a time.

There couldn't have been a better honour. Thank you for always being there for the kids

@joshuaetim, I really enjoyed reading this article, and seeing these pictures! And your team of caring people is growing! I celebrate with you all the good things you were able to do, and the positive impact you are having in the lives of the kids and the teachers. I pray God's blessing on your continued work with POHI!

I remember your words when I started this project, you wished that I find favor with people concerning it. And so far, your words have come to be. Thank you so much @mitneb for everything, for your continuous support and encouragement. I appreciate

this Is a kind act.
God bless you all real good.

Amen. Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate

You're welcome bro

Wow this is dope. This what steemit is all about, reaching out to tye world. I so love this

Yeah, thank you brother

This is powerful sir... God's grace to you and the team.. Helping the less privileged is one thing I know that would never go unrewarded. God will reward your efforts.

Amen. Little by little, we'll keep putting smiles on the faces of little school kids. Thank you for your kind words

Nice way to extend an helping hand

Yeah, thank you bro

We cannot save the world, but we can always start from our immediate community.

This quote is strong. When you reflect on it. you would know its more than just a word. We all are shouting change but we should ask ourselves what we have changed about our immediate environment. We are the ones to make a brighter day.

kudos to your guys. More blessings

Yeah, you're right when it comes to the change mantra. There's another fallacious "change statement" we hold and it goes thus....

Change begins with you.

In real sense, change is supposed to begin with oneself

This is heart warming I must say..
Am happy seeing this, because helping humanity should be one of our primary goal in life.

More grace to y'all I must say, may God bless you all abundantly.

But please were did this took place?? I wish I was there.

Thank you for your kind words, it took place at Akwa Ibom, Southern Nigeria. The next one will take place in Ibadan, Western Nigeria, I'll do well to inform you before then.

okay bro, I would be glad and preciate.

I can see clearly, the future is bright, keep the flag flying, kudos to you guys.

Thank you bro

Bro.. Tell me, why the good things you and the steemjet community won't be blessed. You guys don't need for the children and teachers to say you guys are blessed.

Just that act @joshuaetim, is a blessing that can't be denied. I can imagine the joy, and happiness that has lighted up in there hearts and on there faces respectively.

And there is so much joy that settles deep in one's heart when giving is a part of them. @Steemjet and members of these prestigious platform. The sky isn't our limit.

Absolutely, the joy is unexplainable. Thank you for your kind words

This is highly commendable.. Thank you for touching the lives of these young minds in your way.. God bless you and your team

Amen. Thank you for your kind words

My heart melted reading through this....
This is what I love to do
Helping out with the little I can
What part of the west are you coming to?
I'd really love to be a part of this project.... If it's in Lagos though.
This post just made me see what a golden heart you have....
Wow.... You are amazing
Keep up the good work.
I'm really happy for you

Thank you so much dear, it will be in Ibadan. But you can join us from Lagos since it's not far from Ibadan. I'll keep you posted on developments if you're interested in this.

It will be beautiful to have you touch the lives of these young ones with your presence. Little by little, once said the thoughtful boy.
I'm in Ibadan

So inspiring, you remain a leader.

Waoh, this is very impressive and I must say it's people of your caliber that our society need. All of you did a very great work and you guys can't go unrewarded.

Thank you so much for your kind words. This was a huge encouragement coming from you

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