Account separation !!! Charity project, Food donation in Venezuela.

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Hello dear bearers of hope!

Hope is that expectation that makes you trust and tells you that everything will be fine even if a difficult situation or a family misfortune hits you.

hope venezuela.png

This positive expectation in difficult situations is something that weakens easily, in the Venezuelan context one of the clearest evidence of the loss of hope can be seen in the millions of Venezuelans who have left their homeland in search of such hope in other lands.

The reason for my publication

This publication is addressed to all those friends who have witnessed the birth of this program that brings food to some families in Venezuela, who have shown solidarity and have supported this initiative in some way.

Hope Venezuela, is an initiative that I undertook next to some leaders in my city, specifically Uracoa, Monagas, Venezuela and that you have followed through my official account @fucho80, the purpose of this publication is to inform you about the separation of these accounts, I announce the creation of the @hope.venezuela which will be used exclusively for this charity program.

What is the purpose of this account?

This account will be used to:

  1. Post program updates.
  2. Provide program information.
  3. Promote collaborators (Bearers of hope).
  4. Receive contributions for food purchases.
  5. Support other charity projects.

Call of attention.

I make a special call to all those people who feel the pain of others, who stand in solidarity with the need of other people to support this initiative that although it is still young, it is yielding many fruits, bringing joy and hope to families in Venezuela.

If you want to join this initiative you can do it in different ways, following the @hope.venezuela account, delegating steem power, voting for each publication made or sending your contribution on steem to the @hope.venezuela account, you can also do it through other cryptocurrencies to the addresses that I provide below.


ETH: 0xC5bC511d852Be63Bc7d46e3cD9AbE57f18F12Bc6

LTC: LbncEfubydyJvJZcfCP1k587PjZibxWyg6

DOGE: DChQwidZGK2pZFgUNpqwnqnNUoc235qFwp

In this link you can read the most recent update of the program published in @fucho80, you can read it to find out what we are doing in the middle of a crisis situation: Project Hope, extension and repercussions in Venezuela (Food Donation) / Update

Join, become a bearer of hope, make a difference and bring joy to a home in need!

Bearers of hope!


Hi @hope.venezuela.

Thank you for the good work. I want to add you to my steem auto so you can be supported with Nobel coins. However, the system has failed. I can't explain that . Do you have a curation trail?

Hi @ireneblessing, thanks for the support.

I can't explain that. Do you have a curation trail?

I don't think I'm on any curation trail, this is a recently created account, something happens, I must join tru trail.

Hi @hope.venezuela.

I think I will support you manually for the time being. Just kindly use the Nobel tag for your charity projects.. Also, @achimmertens will be able to find your post with that tag.

I hope these are not all people like @hiroyamagishi.

He sent me this message:

The 1% upvote is just a greetings from us. What do I suggest is to visit our post but the real rewards are not coming from us but from Heaven. May God bless you.

I hope the people can live on air. This Christian does not like to share and spreads his scam everywhere. I guess his Christmas gift.

Good luck and a bit extra to this A coin A too. 💕

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Hi @wakeupkitty, thanks for participating and supporting this initiative.

What we intend to do is help people who need food, medicine and other things in their homes. This initiative arose in our environment with the contribution of collaborators in our churches, then I want to share with or that I received on the platform I brought it here.

Now, it is very difficult with the situation we have in Venezuela to do this type of work, considering that we ourselves are fighting in the midst of this crisis.

That is why we ask for the support of people like you who live in the steem chain to be part of an initiative that is helping people with real needs

That is why I appreciate the help you can give us so that this does not stop but can grow and reach more people.

Thanks friend!

@hope.venezuela I will see what more I can do to receive some help for you and put this under the attention. Good luck.

Let's hope a big fish has some heart. ❤️

Hi @wakeupkitty.

@hope.venezuela I will see what more I can do to receive some help for you and put this under the attention. Good luck

Thanks once again, all the support we can add is welcome, this translates into help for one more family.

Let's hope a big fish has some heart. ❤️

We hope so, I have faith that this will happen at any time and everyone will witness what we are doing.

We need to have more bearers of hope.

@hope.venezuela I keep my fingers crossed for you. Acew Steem most here can miss. Happy day. ❤️

Welcome hope.venezuela!
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Thank you so much for your interest!

Welcome to steemit @hope.venezuela.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Hi @tuanis, thanks for the support and information.

Hello friend @joeyarnoldvn, this is an initiative that seeks to help people in need of food in Venezuela.

You should know that this was not born on this platform, we are working with people who help us here in Venezuela sharing what they have to help others.

For us it is very difficult to carry out this work in the middle of the situation that the country has, because of that we request the support of people who are willing to contribute something to help us in this work, I am trying to share what I receive on this platform , but the more support we add the more people we reach.

Thanks for your time and you can also be a bearer of hope.

Another great initiative!

Thanks friend @crypto.piotr.

We just try to contribute something that can help these people who are in need.

Thanks for the support!

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