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Good Morning Great Steemians.

Last week, we made known our plans to help Students have great value for education by giving them tokens to study with.

Today, we bring you update on the designs for the proposed outreach.

First off, the book cover design has commenced and we hope to add images and logos of our various sponsors to it as a proof of steemit stake.

Here is the main exercise book design;



And here Is the proposed design for our polo;


We are still calling on all Steemians to help us make this project a reality by doing the needful.

As initially provided, the entire project would cost about 92 STEEM /110 SBD (With the Current Market Value).
We are already expecting 13 SBD from post payouts,

and we still need roughly 97 SBD to carry out this project successfully.

You can help us make this event a success by;

  • Donating STEEM/SBD to @backtoschool with EAC as Memo.

  • Upvoting and Resteeming this post for more visibility.

  • You can also make a post about this and send in donations from curation.

All gestures towards making this project a success would be highly appreciated.

We have successfully affiliated with Blogger's HeavenCryptolites, to donate the exercise books to the children in FCT Abuja and our Moderator there, @iconelly, is currently making preparations towards the success of the event.
At Backtoschool, We believe that Steemit is meant to be the most popular Social Network in the world,

Hence, we have decided to also embark on Massive Steemit Awareness and Recruitment Programmes and Seminars in major Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions in the Country, starting from the First State on the list- Abia State.



STEEMIT MOUAU MEETUP is an event geared at promoting Steem and introducing Steemit to the students of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike. Just like @dimimp, we believe in making Steem the most used and accepted Cryptocurrency in the world.

The Event will span for 3 days and we will maximize efforts to reach out to as many students as we can, promoting Steem and illustrating several benefits of being in the Steemit network as opposed to other social media networks.

We plan to register at least 1,000 students within this period and give them the needed trainings to effectively utilize the Steem blockchain.

We hope to touch the lives of virtually all students, by teaching them the Modus operandi of Steemit and showing them how to become better versions of themselves through it.

We believe that;

Everyone has something to offer.

We hereby call on all Steemians to help spread the word of Steemit to the people of Nigeria through sponsoring this project and broadcasting the good news of Steemit.

Written by @IamChijamz for Backtoschool Team, and edited by @acheever

We are a Community aimed at helping Students on the Steem blockchain Pay their school fees from Steemit platform.

Help us reachout, Join our curation trail using this link;


This is indeed a great step taken by @backtoschool. But my observation is on the book cover, don't you think it'll be proper if either @backtoschool logo or @steemit logo is printed somewhere on the book cover page?
It'll help them know the minds or purpose behind the project.

Anyone can give free bought books in a school. But specific people give customized books in school

The cover presented looks common, like it was bought from one store or something: DQmeiXHedG4vuRfu4fyTYo7vUyMBzd1KRRwuam7EmATicM7.jpg

I'm open to corrections tho.

Your Steem Blockchain Poet @aauthespian1

You are right. Noted..we will see what we can do about it..thank u

Thanks for the feedback @aauthespian1

You made some valid points. We appreciate your suggestions, we would make the additions before sending to the printer..

Thanks @aauthespian, we will surely make the necessary corrections...

Good observation sir, It will be amended properly thanks.

This is a great project and I support such activities that bring education to less fortunate kids is an advocacy that I care for.

Lovely designs.... Steem on!

Wow.. This is a great project, backtoschool to the moon 🚀🚀

It shall be well with the originators of this group, their dreams will forever be grt and their blessings immesurable