#QuaidsARMY Never Forget

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Army of Green Men has been a part of some pretty amazing photographs.  With over 6,000 images we are proud and humbled to be able to share this one.

Army of Green Men raises awareness for individuals in need of attention through the creation of images from around the world involving toy Army men.

#QuaidsARMY is our first Army.  Designed to raise awareness for Quaid Mobus who became a quadriplegic the night before his sisters wedding in an ATV accident.  Quaid needs lifelong medical attention.  It is our humble goal to raise funds through the monetization of images - to raise funds that will allow us to purchase an off road wheel chair to #GetQuaidBackIntoTheWoods   #SpinalCordInjuryAwarenessProject

<a href='https://postimg.org/image/tbozgoa4d/' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt='IMG_6592'/><br /><a target='_blank' href='https://postimage.org/'>image hosting no register</a><br /><br />


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