Hi DTube - Charisma on Command

Hi DTube! I'm Charlie and I run a YouTube channel called Charisma on Command. Just wanted to make this short video to introduce myself (and see what the upload process is like haha). I'll share some of my more standard style of content tomorrow :-)

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Welcome! I think you will love it here on Steemit! May I suggest you change one of your tags to introduceyourself ? Many more Steemians will see this I guarentee it :)


Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'll do that now. And if you have a good recommendation for channel/article to learn some of these basics, I'd love to check it out


Please let me know if you have any specific questions !


Muchas gracias! I'll dig into this tonight and think up lots of questions ;-)

Unfortunately I get an "error while submitting to the blockchain" when I try to change the tags. I blew my intro chance haha


Its okay. You can do a 2nd video and use the tag, not against the rules :)


yeah, I would also suggest using tags that are already being used by the Steemit community. Tags work a bit differently on here, like, its not youtube with SEO based tags, tags are literally categories steemians use to find good and valuable content!:)


Great suggestions I"ll also do that

Woah, I love your Youtube channel! Great to see you on DTube!

Welcome to steemit!


We are excited to see you join us here! Steemit is a remarkable platform that is built to reward users for creating quality content. It's a logic called proof of brain.

As for TechChat, think of us as DJs that create tech content instead of music. We create content by looking for the most shocking, interesting, and exciting breakthroughs in the tech space. Basically - we do all the research so you don't have to.

We hope to hear your opinion on TechChat's content! We always love to hear from our community.

Happy Steeming


Build to reward users for "quality content" is not really the case at the this point. But I like your Optimism! ;)

What's up bossman! Great to see you here! Been following you for a very long time, you got my support and I just followed ya.

This is going to be awesome!


Keep it going dude

good post keep it up

well well. sounds like that guy on the bus was quite smart. ;) . welcome. this is gonna be even better than you imagine. cheers mate.


Just want to say "Thank you!" ☺

@charismaon I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I'm so excited to have you here Charlie! I'm a HUGE fan, I binge-watch your channel on YouTube and I especially love all the game of thrones ones and the other video essays/Character breakdowns. You've been a huge inspiration for me in my life and on my own channel. I'm glad to have a chance to tell you that on a platform where you'll probably see it! Welcome to DTube man! I'm a little new here myself, but let me know if there's anything I can help you with!

Welcome to the Steemit Community ✌️

Thumbs up if you literally watch all his videos on Youtube and now that he's here on Dtube, puts an explainable warm feeling in your tummy

It is always good to see big and established Youtubers coming in and joining. And it is good to see them coming with an original video to start with. That is amazing. I hope to see some more and I hope that very soon You can start creating original content just for the community in here. I think You should check @davidpakman that is also a great Youtuber that have been embracing more and more the community in here! Be very welcome.

nice! I think you will love it here on steemit. So I have checked your youtube channel and its very entertaining like the video "How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument - Jordan Peterson". So I would love to see you here and keep up the great work!

Have seen you alot on Youtube, really quality content. We need more of that here on Dtube! Your content will be appreciated for sure!
Learned some great stuff from you guys.

Have a good day!

Hey Charlie,
good to have you on steemit and dtube! 😉 👍
Looking forward for your videos!
Cu Chris aka smallstepschange 🐾

Glad to see you are now on Dtube Charlie. It's funny cause I was literally binge watching your videos on YouTube before I saw this :)

Hi Charismaon, welcome on Steemit! Happy to follow you as well as your Youtube channel.

good post tnx for.sharing dear...

Great video bro keep up the good work you just got one more follower good luck on your journey

hey @charismaon and welcome to Steemit!!!

It's a nice place where amazing people come together and share their creativity!!
I'm sure you will love it!!


Welcome there Charlie @charismaon. You're getting off to a great start. I look forward to seeing more of you and your videos. Quality stuff from what I see :)

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I am so happy to see you here!
I love your videos on youtube and i hope you will upload more on steemit soon : )


good man moving into dtube

Nice to see you over here.

Such a great post! Welcome to Steemit!!

Love your videos..

You should checkout this video which explains how Steemit works.

I found it super helpful

Hey! Welcome to Steemit! I happen across your videos on Youtube sometimes, it's good to see you on here. Personally I like dTube and Steemit much more than Youtube and other blogging sites. I think you'll do really well here!

Hi @charismaon,

Welcome to steemit! I've watching you on youtube! I will follow you here.

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Woaaah. I've been a huge fan since you started your channel when you had about 8k views at most. Can't wait to see what you have in stored for us here.

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Welcome Mr. Charisma, it's great to have you! I'm sure your love it here...

I am so glad you're here!!! And look at that cash you've already made. Looking forward to all sorts of good content from you as youtube has been burying your videos for me lately :(

I really missed watching your vids - so very informative and enlightening. Oh, and wonderfully uplifting!

@charismaon do you have a coinbase account? If not, I suggest setting one up so you can transfer steem to Eth and withdraw Eth to your bank account :)


Good write up more success for you

wow I always watch your videos on youtube, welcome to the new world!

Welcome to DTube!

Welcome to DTube and Steemit community... you'll gonna love it here!

I enjoy the videos you have on youtube bro! they are always fun and informative :)

Welcome to steemit. I am one of your subscribers and watch your videos on youtube. :)

Welcome welcome @charismaon!

Looking forward to seeing your content on my timeline as time goes on... I think you'll like it here the community is unbelievably awesome- nothing against youtube, I have clients who run their shows there and are "family friendly" enough not to have a problem with the crackdowns as of late- BUT as you said, all your eggs are much safer in a decentralized basket

Followed and upvoted!

Hi buzzfeedvideo here from youtube just converted to steemit I have followed you and upvoted, give me a follow back if you like our youtube content, thanks.

Welcome mate, have seen a few of your vids on youtube. 👍

Great channel! Nice to see you on Dtube : )

I'm subscribed to your channel for so long. Love your videos, helped me out a lot in life. Great content

Love the name!


welcome! can't wait for your videos here!

welcome! to the steem room!

Can you embed the videos?

Welcome to steemit!!
glad to have you here stay stunned...
You can follow my blog @hrishikeshmatre

Yes!! 100 % match with my thinking about you tube well come I also join few days ago

Aww..u went a hundred on that man....Welcome oh board

hey big fan. Following you for a while now on YouTube. Great to see you here.

I really like it, I am including a video fan and your post:)


I guess ....now you will be thinking that why i didnt knew this platform earlier...believe me that you are among the earliest members.....so enjooy....it is not going anywhere......but yes everyone keeps thinking to himself, should i have been knowing this platform long time ago...i wud have been a 🐋 by now........😜

@charismaon even if you don't understand it quite yet. You will learn it along it the way. Hopefully with alot other things, because there is alot of education on this platform which i love. Hope you love it aswell! @Bartcardi

OMG, Charlie I am following you for years. You coming to DTube and Steemit is a good sign of the success of this place. Belive me, you will not regret it. I made a fortune here with NO money and NO followers. You already have a shitload of people enjoying your stuff. Oh yeah by the way: You can say SHIT and FUCK as much as you like here. Not sure if that fits to your charisma profile but you canbecause Steem is freedom. Pure freedom!

Welcome to Steemit @charismaon! I know you'll also have huge following on this platform count me in, and you will absolutely enjoy Steemit and DTube! :)

WOW! Im so excited, I always loved your vids on youtube and I can't wait to see what value you are going to bring to Steemit!! So excited to see a lot of my favorite youtubers coming to this new platform. Can't wait for the future!

Welcome to steemit! hope you like it!
Follow me @JuanDVG

Welcome charismaon! It's good to see you here on steemit.I just follow and upvote you. Please support me back and feel free to check out my introduction post.

hello Charlie 🙂 nice to meet you.
welcome to steemit family.
I've watching your youtube video:)

Welcome to DTube!

Welcome to DTube. Please don't just re-upload your youtube content onto here.

Make exclusive DTube content, it's growing faster than ever.


Welcome ! we look forward :D

I love your personality, you seem so real! I am also such a newbie here, and trying to figure it all out. Everyone here on Steemit/Dtube have been SO friendly and supportive so far :) So hopefully you don't have to pack up your bags at all :)

Hey Charlie! Welcome aboard to this amazing adventure on this incredible platform! We have a strong community of @dtubedaily we do almost every week a virtual meet up to brainstorm ideas, and help each other go forward. Check us out and if you are interested I could invite you to our Discord chat.

Great success!

how is the upload process? I haven't done a vid on Dtube yet.

Welcome Charlie! I'm a steemit newbie too!

Hi! I've been watching you on YouTube a couple of years ago! Glad you are coming gere too!

Love your YouTube channel. I hope you will share with us the same helpful advice here on steemit regularly.

I love your reasons for joining here. Youtube is a great beast but I totally agree about not putting all your eggs in one basket. Especially if it's concerning your livelihood.
I'm only new here too, but I lurked about for months. I Only just made my own intro post too.....

On a personal note i've watched your Will Smith and Jaden video a bunch of times, now everytime I see Will Smith in public I see his skills....but he doesn't make me cringe like most celebrities.
Anyways, welcome!

nice to see you on steemit charlie. love your work on youtube, i´m a big fan!

So glad you made a steemit page! I dig your stuff!

Hey I'm Kyle, and I write about cannabis and other fun shit for people extremely bored out of their mind.! But welcome to the family CTU logo.jpg

halo kawan, senang melihat karyamu disini.

Welcome man! i follow your videos on youtube! they are awesome! glad to se you here!

Awesome! I am in the process of doing the same! can you share your journey for more people like me? Also any tips? Thanks! Enjoy!!

Welcome on Steemit !

Woah it's so cool to see you on Steemit! I have watched a lot of your videos and they helped me a lot.
You always have some amazing tips and advice to share and I'm sure people on Steemit will find your content very interesting :)
Of course, you will love it here as well, I have no doubt about it.